BREAKING: July 4, 2023 declared public holiday in celebration of CARICOM’s 50th anniversary


The Cabinet has officially designated July 4, 2023 as a Public Holiday, commemorating the remarkable milestone of the 50th Anniversary of CARICOM.


Antigua and Barbuda Declares July 4th as Public Holiday to Celebrate CARICOM’s 50th Anniversary

Antigua and Barbuda– In a significant move that underlines the country’s commitment to regional integration, Antigua and Barbuda’s Cabinet has officially designated July 4th, 2023, as a public holiday to commemorate the 50th anniversary of CARICOM (Caribbean Community).

The decision comes after a period of deliberation and discussions among Cabinet members, with Prime Minister Gaston Browne initially expressing reservations about the proposal. However, recognizing the remarkable milestone and the importance of celebrating CARICOM’s achievements, the Prime Minister embraced the idea, setting aside his concerns regarding existing public holidays and potential impacts on productivity.

CARICOM, a regional integration movement comprising 15 member states, was established on July 4, 1973, with the goal of promoting economic cooperation, social development, and political unity among Caribbean nations. The 50th anniversary holds great significance as it reflects half a century of progress, collaboration, and shared aspirations.

While some CARICOM member states, such as St. Kitts and Nevis and Grenada, have already declared July 4th as a public holiday, Antigua and Barbuda’s official designation marks a milestone in the nation’s commitment to the regional integration movement.

Prime Minister Browne acknowledged the concerns about the abundance of public holidays and potential impact on productivity but emphasized the importance of recognizing and celebrating CARICOM’s achievements.

The designation of July 4th as a public holiday demonstrates the country’s dedication to fostering stronger regional ties and promoting the ideals of unity and cooperation within the Caribbean community.

The decision to declare July 4th as a public holiday in Antigua and Barbuda reflects the government’s recognition of the historic significance of CARICOM’s 50th anniversary.

It provides an opportunity for citizens to reflect on the achievements of the regional integration movement, as well as to celebrate the cultural diversity and shared heritage of the Caribbean.

As the designated public holiday approaches, plans for commemorative events, cultural activities, and educational programs are expected to unfold.

Antigua and Barbuda’s citizens, along with visitors to the island, will have the opportunity to engage in various festivities that highlight the progress made by CARICOM and its impact on the region.

With this announcement, Antigua and Barbuda joins other CARICOM member states in honoring the 50th anniversary of CARICOM, a milestone that reinforces the bonds of unity, cooperation, and development across the Caribbean region.

As the nation prepares for the commemorative celebrations on July 4th, the anticipation grows, and citizens are eager to mark this historic occasion, recognizing the invaluable contributions of CARICOM to the development and progress of Antigua and Barbuda, as well as the wider Caribbean community.

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  1. The correct decision. Our leaders must show more respect for the decisions of CARICOM. It is our supranational organization and should be respected.

  2. This is just a cosmetic recognition of Caricom, skin deep with no real substance. Ask the people to decide on a final appellant court and the CCJ come in a distance second everytime.. Ask the region to come together to address LIAT and the hundreds of workers who are suffering and nada, nothing,zipped, zero. I could go on and on. What exactly are we celebrating?

  3. I really hope that our Leaders have put a price tag to declaring a holiday. Cause now employers have to pay workers either extra 2 1/2 time for working on a Public Holliday or just pay workers for not working at all. Someone has to pay the bill. Total unproductivity should be measured in hard dollars. Roughly speaking if you have sixty thousand workers with an average daily rate of $400 per day the cost would be $2,400,000.00
    With the GPB being $5billion the economic activity per day of approximately $14 million per day may be lost in part.
    But I guess politicians need to satisfy the people.
    What I would like to see is a time when the Port and Custom will be open 24/7
    This is the main collection of taxes for the government and should not ever be closed.
    Companies should be encouraged to pay in ABST not just once a month, but weekly and perhaps daily if necessary. This will improve the government cash-flow.

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