BREAKING: House Speaker Now Accepts that Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon’s resignation was automatic

House Speaker Sir Gerald Watt

In an embarrassing turn of events for Antigua’s Speaker of the House Sir Gerald Watt, the experienced King’s Counsel has now admitted that he was wrong not the accept the resignation of former St. Mary’s South MP Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon.

Simon resigned earlier this month but the experienced KC embarked on a media campaign on ABS to convince the nation that Simon’s resignation was of no legal effect.

Now, weeks later, in a move sure to impact his credibility, the Speaker, an experienced lawyer, says he was wrong and that section 125 of the Antigua and Barbuda Constitution is applicable to resignation’s  from the House generally.

It is not clear what motivated the Speaker’s action. Attorney-at-law Harold Lovell warned the speaker that he was never required to comment on the resignation which came into effect when it was received by Watt.

Simon has maintained that his resignation was lawful under the relevant sections of the constitution and that he was not required to break ranks with his party in order to resign.

Simon has been campaigning in the constituency since his resignation.

There has been calls for the Speaker to resign.

Read the full letter from Sir Gerald below.


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    • @hmmmmmmmmmmm:That is all you could muster up from this story.Empty vessels makes the most noise.If you do not believed me.Kick two cans,one full and the other empty.See which one would make the most noise.

      • @Blac.. You do recall the point of his resignation was to stop the court case? It’s still happening hence all the foolish virgin has done, is to help us dig his grave

        • He did the correct thing. He resigned,and the Bye Election would be called. Your lazy arse Candidate would be getting a full body washing this time. Last time by 199 votes,this time by 300.She is as lazy as they come. She would be beaten into a pulp. The people of that Constituency unlike many others could not and cannot be bought. I have relatives in Bolans,Crabb’s Hill,Johnson’s Point and Urlings.I know that of which I speak.Call that damn Election now,Tenman Browne.

        • Tenman weather you and you ALP cult members like it or not, the resignation is officially and the clock is running for the bye election.
          I predict that this time samonster will lose by more than 190 votes.

      • You speaking from experience that you can make that statement, you a follow empty barrel long time

    • God will make Shuggy resignation confirmed to be true according to the county highest law under God laws. In Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

    • Something tells me that Gerald Watt and A.L.P. up to something.

      Mark my words.

      I listened to Gerald Watt on radio the other day and when Gaston was saying something Gerald reply was “you giving out information”.

      I understood from that exchange that some scheming might be afoot.

      Let us hear the gastonites who swore Gerald Watt was right. What fools they are.

      Having said that I am keeping aware of the trickery to come from that cabal.

    • I am waiting patiently for your legal opinion Sir Gerald to see what constitutional crises of major proportions will ensue if section 125 of the Constitution is not repealed. That section is pellucidly clear as the late Sir Lester would tell you. Have there been any constitutional crises or the slightest problem in the other Caribbean or Commonwealth Constitutions with the same provision as our section 125. I see you are trying to get yourself out of a deep embarrassing hole but all your useless rhetoric and verbosity will not get you out.

      • @ Charles Tabor


        Gerald is simply embarrassed!

  1. Only Lawyers in Antigua and Barbuda could interpret,analyze and understand the Constitution.We the non Lawyers are too small brained to do so.So Gerry Watt,how does it feel to eat your words.Could you please tell me how Crow tastes.Let your words be soft and sweet just in case you have to EAT them.I did tell you in the past.Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.I do hope you now realized that not all of us are brains less.Like those on that Radio Station you were on a few weeks ago.Are you going back on that same Station and apologize?For your nasty and abrasive utterances with Gasman Browne.I for one would not be holding my breath.NASTINESS!!

  2. @ Hmmmmm
    A shame all a ar you shame including the dunce Speaker, PM, tenmen, sidelines and all the other righteous minions, because you all know everything and is never wrong.

    Seek solace

    • “We have destroyed 2 tanks, fighter planes, 2 helicopters and their shovels. We have driven them back.” “We have them surrounded in their tanks.” “We made them drink poison last night and Saddam Hussein’s soldiers and his great forces gave the Americans a lesson which will not be forgotten by history”

      @Omni… you are sounding like Baghdad Bob . Giving up ground (resigning in fear of a court decision), yet claiming victory. Let me remind you that the ABLP, though the UPP predicted different results, won the last election. Your political lost his head. No matter the results of this drama, the ABLP remains government. Lets see if this fact is not important to St. Mary’s South. Try keeping the weeping of gnashing of teeth to yourself, as this unravels

      • @ tenman

        Yours is an illegitimate GOVERNMENT. Your esteemed PM admitted stealing the election by transferring voters to other constituencies to enable his other colleagues to win their seat.
        You should be embarrassed to say the ABLP won the election when you very well know deep down inside that all you guys do from time immemorial IS TO STEAL ELECTIONS- never once has the ABLP won a fair election, you guys come up with all sort of scams to circumvent the will of the people, e.g buying voters cards, transferring voters to other constituencies etc. etc. JUST AS YOU WERE HOPING TO DO FOR THE SECOND TIME IN ST MARYS SOUTH.
        No UPP supporter should be disheartened over the last election because the party actually WON. I wonder how you guys, including the PM, the Speaker and GG sleep at night, however a DAY OF JUDGMENT IS COMING WHEN ALL WILL BE REVEALED.

  3. Egg in your face Mr. “Know it all” that should teach you are lesson when u allow arrogance to blind your judgment. U claim no one understands or can interpret the constitution like you…. now look at you now u pumpus fool! Come off your high horse and be humble!

  4. When I lived in Antigua way me barn.We as a people were very proud of our Country.We were never arse kissers.So where the heck did we go wrong with kissing arses? No Politician in Antigua has ever given me anything.I for one would not take gifts from any Politicians anywhere.If you were to shake the hands of a Politician.You better count your fingers after,for some could be missing.

    • You speaking from experience that you can make that statement, you a follow empty barrel long time

  5. You made yourself a fool and then trying to justified your foolishness, GIVE ME A BREAK SIR JERRY. Go back on Point FM with the great puppeteer and his fellow goons with your spineless apology.
    Tenman , waiting to hear from you.

  6. Why is this embarrassing and to whom? John Maxwell once said A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them. Sir Gerald Watt didn’t behave ignorant and say ” ah fu me decision” like the former UPP leader. He continued to research and once he realized her erred, he retracted his decision. That’s what great men and women do. They offer an apology and move on. Thank you Sir Gerald.
    You are indeed a great man and an even better Kings Counsel.

    • @ Coming Down

      Sir Gerald HAD NO CHOICE but to apologise- this was not a natural apology- this was forced after the rallying cry from all and sundry in the state, in the region and internationally.
      His reputation was at stake and hence the only reason to apologise.
      There was no voluntary apology and HENCE IT WAS NOT GENUINE.
      You seem to be the only one ‘buying’ it.
      I can understand however, because YOU DO NOT LIVE HERE- you are only ‘Coming Down’, useless IDIOT

    • @ coming down. u are as dunce as they come! If u have 1 slight inch of unbiased u would be able to interpret how Jerry was insinuating how lawyers and others cannot read the constitution like him! Nothing is wrong in admitting when wrong but he shouldn’t get a free pass for his arrogant pumpus ways!! He was to caught up in the hype on point fm with the kiss assers and showing off that his word is the final word that he failed to do a proper research. U coming down need to educate yourself and stop making yourself sound so stupid all the time with these statements.

  7. “You have filed an application before the High courts…One has to wonder if you and your lawyers are not confident in the court deciding in your favor” (somewhat of a paraphrase)

    Drama ahead. What the foolish virgin will soon learn is he has limited his options. A wise player hedges their bets, Mr. Simon risks it all.

    • Come on @ tenman, it takes the bigger person to admit they were wrong – people might respect you more!

      YOU CAN DO IT … 😅😅😅

      Hehe hehe have some pie boss 🥧

      Sorry about the gloating my fellow Antiguans, but this REVELATION sweet mi so till

    • The application before the high court was not filed by Mr Kelvin Simon……COME ON. Why would he challenge his own victory at the polls. You and Sir Jerry hve your nose so far up THE TOP DAWY ass that you smelling shit and saying it’s perfumed

  8. And there you have it in black and white!

    Of course it was correct for the Honourable Kelvin Shuggy Simon to have the right to resign. Any rational and right minded person knew that!

    Where’s tenman, Sidey, POPS, PETE, Dave Ray, GEL, ERIC (THE RED), Smh, Hmmmmmmmmm 😂 and the rest of the ABLP acolytes and Gastonites?




    • …@ GORD, JP and Curious, come out come out wherever you dey.

      Your mate sir Gerald Watt must now step down and hand in his resignation – JUST LIKE SHUGGY 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Nothing here surprises me really and most people if not all, knew the Speakers original stance was flawed, baseless and without merit. No one can doubt me that there was an element of politics in all of this with the Speaker trying to pander to and appease the Government. So disgraceful!

  10. Sir Gerald was trying to buy some time for for his party ABLP. If he persisted then his reputation would be permanently damaged because he knows the court would never rule in his favor.

    He sacrificed his reputation for ABLP. What else are you wrong about Sir Gerald? How about the speaker moving a motion to suspend Asot….

    Sir Gerald need to hasten and fix the Asot Michael suspension saga and allow the parliament majority to suspend him before all confidence is lost in such simple straightforward cases.

  11. @Tenman
    Now you are faced with reality you want to get philosophical.
    All the regional courts ruled against the Derrick family getting a license to broadcast until they went to the Privy Council
    Once Observer Radio was on air what happened? The political winds changed.
    Gaston declared he already knew the outcome of this case, and had no reservations in making such a statement; for he was not referential the merits of the case, but the influence he has on the Courts of Law.
    Antiguans are not keen about the CCJ having had the historical experience with the Derricks case.
    Mr. Simon would prefer to risk his political future with the people of his constituency, rather than a Court with dubious rulings.
    Watts has been referencing bogus passages of the law throughout his career. For once a UPP attorney challenged him in detail and went as far as to ask him to resign.
    Antiguans and Barbudans need for UPP to step up as was done here.
    Don’t allow them to continue with their creative enrichment schemes. Challenge them in the data.

  12. @Tenman
    Now you are faced with reality you want to get philosophical All the regional courts ruled against the Derrick family getting a license to broadcast until they went to the Privy Council
    Once Observer Radio was on air what happened? The political winds changed.
    Gaston declared he already knew the outcome of the case, and had no reservations in making such a statement when Antiguans are not keen about the CCJ having had the historical experience with the Derricks case.

  13. Constitution overrides civil servants act and all other service acts in Antigua and Barbuda. Other than the Word of God, the constitution is highest law in the country after the God laws.

  14. @Brixton
    Where are they ? It’s Friday and they are stewing over a couple of pints.
    This was a simple matter; but the ABLP never plays fair.
    Gaston open his trap (mouth) about the outcome of the case.
    Shuggy said: Gaston you play (oware) worrie but I play chess.
    You really want to know where are they? I can tell you their next move.
    They are arranging a helicopter flight and will now go hat in hand to Barbuda. On return they will flood the constituency with illegal cash hoping for a win.

  15. Antigua News Room: come on! you must have a better photo of The Speaker.
    This photo makes him look like a deranged and lost old man.
    I know you did not intend to kick him when he is down; but this is an iconic image we can agree

  16. Sir Gerald must resign! His position is untenable. He has disgraced himself and embarrassed the country.

  17. @ Winston.. What’s the point of your long diatribe? The UPP afraid of court? Is this why you guys were so in love with kangaroo trails (justice square)? The BPM took the land matter to the PC and still lost. What assurance do you have that his resignation ends the court matter? Last I heard its still on for July hence it really does seem that all Simon has done is dig his own grave. Don’t blame us when we push him in

  18. Speaker of the house, you should be attach to lnow party, you musy be nuetral, and time and time agsin you’ve shown us the you are s Gadton man a hippocritical one sided man. My suggestion since you have so shamefully and blatantly try to push Shuggy out of parliament with your stupendous claims, i think you should you yourself now need to resign, after you have shamefully as speakerof the house made a fool of yourself.

  19. Tenman, please go and hide under a rock. Gerald Watts is an embarrassment and this proves it! He needs to apologize to Mr Simon for his derogatory statements! Gaston, your ship is sinking. Plenty of the comraids are distancing themselves from you! Take warning.

  20. Mr. Speaker of the House, you still have not apologized to Mr. Simon that you erred in your decision to reject his letter of resignation which you do not have the powers to do according to the Constitution. You merely just acknowledge that after careful study of Sections 125 (1) (b) and (2), of the Constitution, you came to the conclusion that his resignation is automatic and does not require acceptance by the Speaker. You went on to justify your actions by giving a long lecture comparing the Constitutions of the other OECS countries and the laws governing resignation from Parliament of the United Kingdom which does not have a Constitution and Canada. You never once said that you were sorry.

    However, you also went on to paint a false, scary picture of the Constitution stating that Section 125 (1) (b) and (2) if allowed to continue as is will create a Constitutional crisis such as removal of a sitting Government, dissolution of Parliament, and other parliamentary chaos.

    In your last paragraph of your letter that you will prepare and publish a legal opinion in respect of the above and distribute to the Executive, the Parliament, the media and the body politic for Public discussion and possibly reform of Section 125 of the Constitution. Mr. Speaker of the House, according to the Constitution in Section 47 (1), (2) and (3).

    This suggests to me that if the Speaker of the House wishes to have the House alter or change any section of the Constitution by presenting an opinion or a bill to Parliament then he must first have a 2/3 majority of all the Members of the House which includes the Members of the Government, the UPP, BPM and Independent Candidate from St Peter. From the 17 elected Members of Parliament, there are 9 for the government, 6 for the UPP, 1 for the BPM and 1 for the Independent Candidate. From my calculations 2/3 of 17 is 11. This means that the 9 Members from the government side will need 2 votes from the Opposition or BPM or the Independent Candidate to make up the 2/3 majority according to the Constitution. This is hardly ever likely to happen. So Speaker of the House, wheel and come again! Bear in mind aso that not just having the 2/3 majority of the House but this must first happen before it reaches the Senate.

  21. It is also good common sense that each elected Member of Parliament must first meet with their constituents in a refendum, the bill for their approval or disapproval and take it to Parliament and vote accordingly.

  22. Will the grand puba run back to the ALP mouthpiece Berford on ABS to do the whole song and dance, like the first time when he got the letter?
    I wonder what light bulb went off in his head, or who advised him he was dead wrong, something any layman who is not a lawyer could have told him.

  23. I am no fan of ADC, Gisel Isaac but immediately after Sir Gerald made his stupid decision. She said that the resignation of a member does not need the approval of the speak. She continued that the speaker had injected himself into the equation instead of doing the right thing by just accepting the resignation and letting it be known to the house .
    Now If I am ever to have a case in the court in Antigua I will represent myself. A Sir/ King’s Counsel and our attorney general totally making a fool of themselves and us by e tu.

  24. This Old Goon took so much out of the rest of his life to understand what he read and in the process, convinced so many of the fools who follow the lawless ALP. How much did it cost us for the misinterpretation by the ‘distinguished ‘ lawyers in England? Leader Tenman and his followers were very eloquent on the subject to the extent that they were all plagiarizing the 18th candidate. They continue to be ridiculous by making an Ambassador At Large out of a Dunce. I feel truly ashamed for us.

  25. We all know they were just making a bag a noise just to distract voter’s from the real fiasco, namely the Antigua Airways “refugee” fiasco, but it did not work. One supporter of the current government even said that we don’t have money to pursue justice for the drowned Africans, but they did find money for court case with this baseless Shuggy Simon issue, didn’t they?

    Such hypocrites, they make me sick 🤢.

  26. Let us not be churlish. Give credit when it’s due. Sir Gerald now admits he was wrong in his interpretation of the relevant article and his admission is in public. Ask yourselves, how many politicians and people in high places have openly admitted their mistakes? I personally take my hat off to The Speaker for being big enough to admit his error. He has set an example to others. Will they follow in his footsteps? Not a chance in my opinion.

    • @ oversee

      Sir Gerald HAD NO CHOICE but to apologise- this was not a natural apology- this was forced after the rallying cry from all and sundry in the state, in the region and internationally.
      His reputation was at stake and hence the only reason to apologise.
      There was no voluntary apology and HENCE IT WAS NOT GENUINE.
      You seem to be the only one ‘buying’ it.
      I can understand however, because you too are a useless IDIOT

  27. @Tenman My points are:
    “the clown known as The Speaker has retreated.”
    “The regional courts have been known to buckle to influence” as exemplified by Gaston’s statement
    “It was Trevor and Frank who lost the case at the Privy Council, and they lost for they had no standings.
    Another unrelated point is that that airlink with the Nigerian performers is just another “Creative Enrichment Program”
    The West Africans don’t love your people. They treat them like shit when they encounter them.

  28. I don’t know how many of the readers heard Gaston Buyum said recently that ABLP is ready If Suggy was right. When I heard him saying that I said to myself something strange is happening hear. He is hereby admitting that Suggy could be right or that he is right. It ran across my mind that he knows something and is up to something.
    Now this is another angle I am looking at. With all that is going on- the court case is only a week away or Days away right. Now If Suggy win this case and have not resigned it will mean that he be automatically remain a parliamentarian. Since his resignation was as percthe speaker not accepted. However if he wins the court case and his resignation is accepted , then they will have to go back to the polls.
    What do you guys think ?

  29. Nigerians artist are coming! Last year they said west Africans are coming weeks before election. I smell corruption. You cannot be led by corrupt leaders and expect the game to be played fair. I moved people out of my constituency to other constenable to win the election. If we had lost this election all our corruption will come to surface

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