BREAKING: Hotels in Antigua impose vaccine mandate for staff


The position of the ABHTA on the matter of unvaccinated employees

The Antigua & Barbuda Hotel and Tourism Association is clear that the first legal obligation of its membership is to provide a safe place of work for all employees.

The Association supports its membership’s understanding that unvaccinated staff pose a higher and now unacceptable risk to other employees in so far as the contraction of Covid is concern.

While being vaccinated does not create an absolute bar to contracting the virus, the experience and science shows that it does significantly and materially reduce the chance of transmission.

Many of our staff have young children for whom no vaccine is available.

Having unvaccinated staff and workers poses a risk to other staffs and their families as well as customers and their families.

In this regard, we are of view that if we fail to act by implementing a reasonable policy, we could open ourselves up to significant liability.

Mr. Vernon A. Jeffers Snr, Chairman of the ABHTA stated that “In imposing this mandate, our membership is not aware that we are infringing on any persons right. We and our membership are not aware of the right not to be vaccinated. Nor are we aware of any law that can prevent us from imposing a restriction on those who may enter our premises. In fact, we are certain that as it is our premises, we have the right to insist who may enter and who may not. This right we may exercise so long as we do not discriminate by reason of political affiliation, religious conviction, and ethnicity or race. We are confident that we are not so discriminating. We are excluding those persons who pose an unacceptable risk to others if allowed on the premises; Those being unvaccinated persons. We believe this and have been assured it is our Constitutional right so to do.”

At this time, we and our membership have given adequate notice of this change affording all stakeholders the opportunity to consult with their preferred authority and to arrange compliance of or the exit of the affected employees from the employment relationship.

The Time is NOW to vanquish this evil called Covid or be vanquished as a people instead.


Hotels threatening to lay off unvaccinated workers, union threatens legal action


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  1. 👏 Bravo! Now let’s see more of this from other businesses on the island. I have a right to feel safe and want to have the opportunity to have a hospital bed should I get sick. 6 Covid deaths in 24 hours is no joke!!!

    • Hey you lodge man…how many times you get in the past of sodome in your disgusting existence??? Go china, their need a marionets as you like thinking their will be part of the 500 MM PEOPLE…not blackies will be accepted into this NEW ENTERPRISES

  2. WELL DONE, ABHTA! set the example for the Government who is afraid to mandate the vaccine. Employers, please follow this example.

  3. Mandating vaccination to stop the transmission of a virus when the vaccines in question does not have the ability to stop transmission of the virus, is pure stupidity.

    • Exactly. It has been proven that sober drivers can cause accidents too so why are they discriminating against drunk drivers? They just want to violate my rights to drive drunk!

      I need the freeDUMB fighters and Chaku wacku to defend my rights!

      After all, we all know you can’t fix stupid……

    • Elite Island Resort has mandated that anyone staying at any of their resorts must be vaccinated. They have 5 resorts in Antigua. Hopefully the other hotels on the island will follow.

  4. Tarl man. Is that a recent photo of CHESTER HUGHES??? Wow! The pandemic has been good to him. Fattened him up with oxtail,fry chicken and chow mein with veggie pork.

    The hotels and the union reps are in bed anyway. So if they say they will fight this decision, it’s one big sham. One lobster 🦞 meal and a couple glasses of rum punch and they are willing to sacrifice their members’ souls on the bribery altar.

  5. Finally! Somebody has finally shown some cohones and stood up to the anti-vaxxers and the anti-vax unions. Anti-vaxxers do not run this this country and do not dictate what happens in covid. Gaston, if you are not willing to follow this strong lead then step aside and let someone with cohones take over. 6 people have died in 2 days. We have no more time for consultation and explanation. It has been 18 months now and we need to end covid.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣Jtruth always a BEG MONEY and play crazy. That’s why he can’t keep off of Facebook- he needs to BEG MONEY from his followers. Then he spends it on travel and food

  6. So how come they have a right to do what they are doing and the affected has no right.

    I thought rights are subject to the rights of others.

    Once the hotel’s rights start to infringe on the right of others the whole must be considered. The right to work and not be discrimination against is also a right

  7. Why not impose Vaccine mandates on all Guests entering all Hotels in Antigua and Barbuda. Every visitor coming into Antigua and Barbuda should be fully Vaccinated. If not,they should not be able to come there. Those visitors come and walk around Antigua without their masks and unvaccinated. They bring the Virus with them and leave it there.The Authority(Gaston Browne) then blame those living there as spreaders of said Virus.

  8. Ah yes, more mandates. Antigua is certainly moving up in the world…. we’re now well on our way to joining the ranks of heavily vaxxed nations begging frantically for booster shots….

    Soon a hotel worker will have to quit the job just to stop being a mandated pin cushion…. getting booster jab after booster jab after booster jab while still catching the virus. Vaxxed till you vexed.

  9. Let us see what the outcry will be come month eleven. Those who think it took balls to stand up to “antivaxxers and unions” may very well be looking for their balls then. You people trust the C_C etc I promise you soon enough you will see the lie , but for some it will be 2 late and from how some aru a talk, it already 2 late. The only solution is God and not many pushing for that, but we will all see sooner or later.

    To force people against their will is witchcraft to the 10th power and the time of reckoning is soon. People walking like sheep going to be slaughtered to get a dig that promise only to keep them out of hospital. In the meantime scores of people who get the dig have died or contracted the ‘vid-19. WAIT! the worse part of the whole deal is I hear the makers of the v’cines cannot be held liable for any damages (lives lost or people maimed?) resulting from the use. But you know what? Wait and see, remember I told you that.

  10. Where there is devision it’s a devilish agenda, continue to put your trust in these wicked people in high places, when they say peace and safety destruction cometh. This experimental jab is the only way it’s a lie.

    The leaders love you so much if you don’t take the jab, you must starved to death, the more kill shot the more mutations of these virus.

    The vax believe they are supreme being because they have been genetically modified and upset with the natural.

    “In the last days man shall be lovers of themselves, blasphemers, creators of evil devices to decieve the people

  11. It’s funny how the union and the hotel association can mandate hotel staff take vaccine but the wont mandate people thrift are paid in one time. They wont mandate that we have a proper functional industrial court. They wont mandate for these companies to respect the labour commissioner.
    Since the unions state collecting money’s from workers on a weekly basis they stop fighting for the people!!!!
    They an mandate safe working conditions for staff!!!!
    There’s a million and one problem they can mandate for staff but the want to come mandate vaccine.

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