BREAKING: Harold Lovell retires as Political Leader, but will remain with the UPP as an advisor

UPP Party Leader, Harold Lovell

Political Leader Harold Lovell has advised the Leadership of the United Progressive Party (UPP) of his retirement from the position, effective January 20, following the General Election of January 18. He is succeeded by Deputy Political Leader Jamale Pringle.


While the team he captained captured six (6) seats at the polls, Lovell missed out – by six votes – on retaking the City East seat that had sent him to the House of Representatives in 2004 and 2009.


Although he is retiring as Political Leader, Lovell will remain active with the Party, mainly in the role of advisor to the Executive and the incoming Parliamentarians.


“It’s a new day; a new era,” Lovell says, “and the team deserves a fresh start. The UPP is in a very strong position now, the best since 2009, and this is a good time for me to step down. I know that Brother Pringle is more than capable of leading the Party and he enjoys my committed support,” the outgoing leader adds.


Lovell was elected Political Leader at the Party’s 2015 Convention and has been the force behind the rebuilding of the UPP since it lost office in 2014.


During his ten years in Government, he distinguished himself as the Minister of Tourism in his first term; and, as Minister of Finance & the Economy, in his second term, his was the steady hand that successfully steered the country through the Global Financial Crisis.


His service to the Party and the country will be celebrated later this year at the UPP Convention. In the meantime, on behalf of the Executive and Membership of the United Progressive Party, the Leadership puts on record its sincere love, deep appreciation and great respect for this statesman, intellectual and patriot: Harold Lovell.

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  1. “his was the steady hand that successfully steered the country through the Global Financial Crisis” The writer of this article did not live in Antigua at the time. For that I forgive them.

    • I agree with you N because me remember it to well. Me remember government workers and pensioners getting paid late every month pensioners sleeping on social security steps for them money and eating noodles and cause she what could be afforeded and them boom IMF was here.

  2. Antigua don’t deserve a man like Harold Lovell, let them continue to choose barabas and his gang.

    I can see him as a future governor General or president if we become a republic after getting rid the vipers.

  3. While some might say that Harold Lovell failed, he actually did quite well. Think of it. As leader, he was able to rally his party together and place them in a good position for the next general election. To go from 1 seat last election to 6 seats this election is something to celebrate. A loss is a loss yes, but Lovell lost by just 6 votes. That’s not necessarily his fault, that was the fault of those who decided to stay home and not vote, even though they wanted to see a change. I’m sure many are now regretting not going out to vote, because really and truly, had he won, UPP might have been in power today if the 2 independent persons who won were willing to team up with UPP. So he did well. However, “almost” doesn’t count at the end of the day still.

    As the song says, “If you don’t vote, shut your mouth”. A feeling of the need for a change do not win elections, rather, going out to exercise your rights and vote win elections.

    Success to ABLP for this new term. We are all looking forward to seeing great things done.

    • Six for Nine Marking TIME..
      GASTON Nine is 666 inclined
      Lovell SIX CROSS & NORTH dat.Dat..
      GREAT IS HE Browne Machinery
      Impoverishment Globally
      Making of a RADICAL..
      In His Instrumentals…
      Captain Out ALL Out.
      Take Dat ” Mouth of De South.
      Make Believe Implants

    • It’s HAROLD LOVELL’S FAULT he lost. This type of mentality of blaming voters is the EXACT reason he presided over the party losing yet again. People may “feel the need for a change” but the UPP may not be the change they want so the UPP needed to revamp.
      While we can talk about the UPP now having 6 seats, a Prime Minister having 3 terms has not happened since the days of VC Bird. So it still speaks volumes that people nuh lub UPP.

  4. What a travesty….Harold Lovell resigned and he just hand over the leadership of the party to Pringle. The challenge by Richard Lewis didn’t go down well with him…so the disrespect continues.
    All saint East & St Luke is safe seat for the UPP…so there is nothing special about Pringle being a lone opposition during 2018-2023. Been appointed leader of the opposition was by default…but been named deputy political and given political leader is saying to Richard dare you challenged Harold Lovell for leadership of the party. Its an unforgiven sin to challenge you.
    The people are watching and they will remember your spitefullness. Rural West is watching.

    God’s speed

    • I concur, I have nothing against the young man Pringle but, he doesn’t have the range for such a position. Too much egos with these men and they can’t even put it aside for the betterment of the party. SMDH!

  5. Now if the three old relics in ALP would follow suit we would be making some real progress. Why is a man 80+ years over 50 years in politics. Time to retire Grandpa give some one else a chance

  6. To demonise , to tarnish, to break down is easy than to build up, people believes the negative than the positive. He was a great finance minister that has performed and was discredited during a crisis. We tend to have selective understanding and forgiveness because of party loyalty not based on truth. IMF loan he is branded by which was one loan during a crisis, where as the other has numerous loans. 1 loan is greater than 10 loans in some people mind

  7. Well well well. Finally, Melford retired him. Bye bye Lovell. Have a wonderful retirement. You are getting ten thousand dollars every month from the Treasury and then another couple of thousand from Social Security. So, you should be set for life.

    • With all the treating that took place in that constituency and Melford only won by 6 votes after winning by over 100 the last time, he should listen to the dawg speech and know he is one of the people he was talking about.

      • Chupz both patties engaged in treating so miss me with the bs can u plz explain why there were members and supporters of the blue party were at Dry Hill???

    • @From the Sideline
      Don’t all retired politician get the same pension? What is it with you and Harold’s pension? You sound envious. I guess for you only labour people should eat down Antigua.

  8. Although he again fell short (6 bloody votes), I still think he would have been a good PM. He has left the opposition in a much stronger position, and for that I’m thankful. The king is dead, long live the king…

  9. Richard Lewis did not challenge Harold Lovell for the leadership of the UPP.

    Harold Lovell offered it to him when he lost his seat, then changed his mind, except he did not worry to tell Lewis that he had changed his mind.

    Baldwin Spenser should have told him to tell Lewis he change his mind, so he too is guilty of setting up the young man. Since that time poor Lewis has been bearing the burden and the curse from the Haroldites in the party who did not even try to find out how things happen.
    Lewis worked hard and won the seat for the party. If the party is still trying to punish him by putting Capacita as the leader, then they would only be hurting themselves. Capacita cannot hold a candle to Lewis. They could continue doing foolishness and spoil their chance for good leadership.

    Waiting to hear that Lovell changed his mind about resigning again, for the third time.

    • @ Lovell resign again: Yes Lewis learned late what all his former friends know, you can’t trust his word. Melford and his team, did the public a service by cutting out this cancer

      • @Tenman
        You should tell the people why Lovell is a cancer. You sound bitter. Lovell has made a great sacrifice for Antigua. He has been beaten and jailed innocently while fighting for the people of Antigua. I personally want to thank lovell for his contributions to the development of Antigua. However, there is a time to move on and let a younger generation take over.
        There are a few in the Labour government that should go, including your leader. Take a good look at him. He doesn’t look well. And looks older than his years. Doubt he will be around next election.
        When you think about it though, maybe it is good that some of those older folks are still around as if we send them home, we will still have to pay their pensions and no money is in the treasury.

  10. I don’t think the Laborites will ever get it. Perhaps they are incapable of making reasonable comparisons and drawing logical conclusions. You keep referring to the UPP IMF loan as if it is some sort of curse, yet I am sure that many of you were beneficiaries of the proceeds. Gaston Brown has borrowed Antigua and Barbuda into unfathomable debts with over 100 loans and counting, yet you dare to speak of a single IMF loan, really belaboring a mute point. Folks, Antigua and Barbuda has been mismanaged financially that it will take nothing short of divine intervention to rescue us. There are difficult days ahead of us so we better be ready.

    • Well said @ Watching, remind the Labourites what’s in store for the coming years … we ready, but are they?


  11. He should have resign before the election then they would have win for sure. And it’s about time all them old people in politics resign as well and get some fresher blood in the part them.

  12. You Laborites should save your opinion for Gaston and your Labor Party.
    Stay out of UPP business

    • @Antigua the most corrupt country in the world – You UPPites should then stay out of ABLP biz. Hard right? You all even want to go in the PM garden (his personal life) . As far as corruption, look in your own household

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