BREAKING: Haitian President Jovenel Moïse assassinated during armed attack at home


Haitian President Jovenel Moïse has been assassinated in his home Wednesday, interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph announced.

Moïse was killed about 1 a.m. local time by a group of assailants, Joseph said in statement.

The first lady was injured in the attack, the statement said.

The attackers were described as Spanish-speaking.

The assassin reportedly posed as a DEA agent.

Prime Minister Joseph has  urged all Haitians to stay calm.

Moïse was the 42nd president of Haiti.

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  1. Nothing is wrong with Haiti. The African-Haitian culture is one of the richest if not the richest in the Caribbean. The indigenous people of this region had a deep spiritual connection with Haiti. Saturn wants to keep it destabilized.

    • Hati is not the problem. Black people are the problem. Itsb2021 and we still can’t govern ourselves…

    • @Alkebulan

      Africans are not indigenous to Haiti. The same as with all the surrounding islands. Know your history.

  2. This country always in turmoil with some drama, calamity, adversity and evil acts. Nobody wants peace?

    All that voodoo that they choose to hold on to isnt doing them any good.

  3. The power of darkness rules over this world but all this will soon come to its end.
    May the mercies of God our Creator be upon us all.

  4. They were Spanish speaking we will see where this lead if anything..A friend of mine from Haiti told me that too many times Santa Domingo has shown their dislike ,contempt and less than attitude towards Haitians . He mentioned since the islands are connected many dislike Haitians because they say they come across the border and take their jobs plus subtle racism .
    Àntigua has shown open arms and acceptance even when they take jobs to those that do not accept our black brothers and sisters just as openly .

    • The islands are not connected. It is one big Island known to many as Hispaniola. It is divided with Haiti and Dominican Republic also known as Santo Domingo. Are they saying that the attackers spoke Spanish. I do believed there are bi-lingual Haitians. Are they trying to start a cross border war with Santo Domingo. By insinuating that those that killed the President of Haiti spoke Spanish. Just asking,not accusing. The level of corruption in Haiti is unimaginable. That country received billions of $$ over the years. There is nothing to show for those monies. Those of riches live in the hills. While the poor and poorest live in the bottom squalor.

      • Wanna bee the comments speaks and stands for itself . Don’t need a history lesson from you .Didn’t think I needed to throw the whole book in the comments I’m quite versed.

  5. Something is wrong with the leaders taking advantage of the people in Haiti and citizens response in a violent manner to remove them, if greedy and wicked leaders continue to enrich themselves and poverty increases that will be the outcome in any country

  6. Sadly, Haiti was always a crisis in waiting and I am not convinced that Caricom and the wider international community ever cared enough to help to sure up and stabilize the government there. In recent times, as soon as you wink, you get kidnapped and the known kidnappers often get off once some sizable ransom is paid. Caricom has been paying lip service to Haiti for years. It’s time for Caricom to step up, step in and set up an interim Government in order to stabilize things and bring some semblance of normalcy back to the island. As neighbours, instability and bloodshed in Haiti is our concern. When our neighbour’s house is on fire, we must take precaution and WET ours. I am calling on Caricoms Chairman, PM Gaston Browne of Antigua, to reach out to President Biden and seek US help with troops as had happened in 1974 in the Grenada revolution when Dame Eugenia Charles of Dominica asked the then US President Reagan for help. This situation in Haiti is very bad for the region.

    • The ELECTORATE will “assassinate” whomever they want to in the next general election. That is how we do it in Antigua and Barbuda.

    • @Karine James: I would not want to see anything physically happens to Gaston Browne. I am awaiting that day. When he is being led away to Prison in ankle chains and bracelets.

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