BREAKING: Government wipes off APUA and hospital debts owed by residents


CABINET NOTES: It is agreed that those APUA residential customers owing for electricity and water, who are in arrears before and up to December 31st 2021, will have their debts to APUA forgiven.

Customers who pay the current month’s obligation, benefiting from this amnesty, will be reconnected by November 1st 2022.

ii. Unpaid property taxes up to December 31st 2021 will also benefit from an amnesty program, provided they pay the current year’s tax.

iii. Residents and citizens with outstanding hospital bills, owed to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center, and in arrears for more than 180 days, will have their balance forgiven also, under the amnesty program rolled out by the Cabinet.

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  1. Weston said that is the ABLP STRATEGY: ” What have you done for me lately”. So government will wait until just before the election to play nice to people. Gaston and Weston, you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.
    The suffering and hardship, hardship and suffering because of labour pain.

    • Gaston and Weston Got fire under their Foot. The writing is on the Wall. ABLP is on their way out.Them Like Headless Chicken..CALL THE ELECTION NOW! GET RID AH DEM! This is 2022 Your old Tricks before election will not work this time around..

      • Why arevyou burying your head in the Antiguan sand @ Real Recognise Real?

        Surely you are intelligent enough to know that the current financial interventions by Gaston Browne and the ABLP government is not for the love of the citizens of Antigua, but a coercion to try an influence the General Election in their favour.

        I just can’t comprehend how the generational ABLP supporters don’t see this blatant stimulating and inducing tactic?


        No wonder the world continues to see us as a country of gullible fools when it comes to political matters. Embarrassing!

        • @Brixtonian – I don’t think we agree terribly often but this smacks of election year pandering. Who is going to pay for all this spending? Antigua isn’t like america, we just print more money, Antigua can’t so the debt burden falls on the shoulders of the taxpayer.

          BTW, Antiguans don’t look like fools politically, you look like a bunch of people that voted for the least stinky candidate. We’ve done that here in the states so often my nose is deformed from holding it shut while voting.

          • I hear you @ Scott, I spend a lot of time in the UK, as well as my beloved Antigua; and guess what the UK has also just done?

            Their economy lost out fiscally to the tune of £65 BILLION POUNDS (I don’t know what that translate to in US Dollars) in recent times due to a horrendous mini-budget, and like America printed more money – known as Quantative Easing – to steady the UK economy.


          • @Brixtonian – 65 bn GBP equals $72.5 bn US, chump change apparently to our overlords.

            Keep asking where this the funding for this wanton spending is coming from regardless of political affiliation, it only bites those who serve the rulers in the arse.

      • This is for Real recognize real.
        Just some of the achievements of the UPP
        Antigua , one of ten countries in the world poised to become rich ( Forbes Magazine June 2, 2014. tHIS WAS UNDER UPP.
        VCBird International Airport
        Sir Vivian Richards Stadium
        Ground Breaking for the Treasury
        Ground Braking for the ADOMS BUILDING ( THAT WAS UNDER BUDGET- see Observer May 12 2014.
        Street lighting ptoject
        Advanced Information Technology
        Free Community Access Centers
        Introduced Mobile IT buses
        The Gate PROGRAMME
        Mount St JOHN’S Medical Center
        Building clinics in Cedar Grove, Browne’s Ave and Grays Farm
        Ship with Eye Specialists

        National School Meals Programme
        National School uniform programme

        Bau Panel Project
        North Sound Housing Project
        Construct Antigua and Barbuda Iniative
        Business Development Mile ( FRIARS HILL ROAD- Village Walk, Caribbean Cinemas, Royal Palm)

        Hermitage Resort
        Non Such Bay
        Carlisle Bay
        Tamarind Heights

        Paid Back pay to Civil Servants
        Introduced the Dollar Barrel INITIATIVE
        Increased pensioners for seniors
        Passed the Millennium Naturalization Act
        $900 and less for work permit

        just some of the achievements of the UPP

      • What has the ABLP done for us you mean! Let me enlighten you since it seems that you have selective amnesia ……
        The UPP has introduced most, if not all of the social programs that the ABLP is trying to continue such as the school uniform programme, Petro Caribe, Vouchers for CMC, school meals etc.
        Let me tell you what the ABLP has done for us….
        I have heard that since Farmer Browne has his farm in Pares, the people of the community cannot get water like before…..Yet he has water coming from government pipes to his farm every single day. ( They have shut off valves on every street heading from north to south) He was the one who gave our lands away to Yida and Wisez with no benefit to Antigua….just supposedly to him since he was lining his pocket with 54000 dollars a month for his house in Jolly Harbour while we the taxpayers have to provide and pay for infrastructure to that supposed economic zone. Are the paying us taxes ? Nope. The ABLP, led by the dictator on the 8th of August 2021 tear gassed the citizens of this country for exercising their rights to protest against something they believe in. On the 20th of September 2021, the ABLP and the dictator mandated that ALL persons would have to take an experimental drug that kills or they would not be able to work or go to school. Do you even understand how many persons blood are on their hands? Have you not seen how many people that are healthy are just dropping dead?
        You obviously support and applaud dictatorship. God Almighty gives free will so NO MAN….NO GOVERNMENT CAN EVER MAKE ME TAKE ANYTHING I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE!!! It is persons like you who uphold the nonsense.
        Many persons lost their jobs, lives etc..And the mandates continue ….. cause there is no where hiring unless you take that poison!
        Do you honestly think that all persons in this land are daft? My family and I will NEVER FORGET what this ABLP DID TO US!!!
        Tell dem come….cause I waiting patiently for them to come in front of my house to ask for my vote.
        So yes arwe go continue to have nerves…..We do not sniff or drink the red koolaid that have aryu dey so deluded and dotish.
        The only real you may be is a REAL A$$.

        • Well said, jahknowstar, WELL SAID. I agree with you 100 per cent. The ABLP have us suffering for years and now that election is around the corner, they want to insult us!
          Go to hell, ABLP.
          We will not be insulted!

    • @ Gaston

      Your minions : just saying, 10 woman, the sideline guy etc claim that you are entrepreneurial and do not give hand outs because it encourages laziness- so what is this: NOT HANDOUTS TO BUY VOTES AND AN ELECTION?



  2. @ Gaston Browne aka From the Sideline. Jump high, jump low, arwe nar vote for you. You tek bread outta people mouth. Send them home to starve and beg like if you own them. Anyway, God nar sleep. He is still on the throne looking down and laughing because He knows your day will come.

  3. Why arrears from 2021? That’s 10 months ago. People disconnected for that long either dead or in poor house. Utter nonsense. That is not even a creative bribe. Is only enrichment Gaston creative with?

  4. Anybody know if government cleared their arrears with American Airlines yet? I need to mail my light bill to APUA from the Bronx.

  5. Let’s us wark up Antiguans Barbuans get de rid a Dem Red Kool aid a dem Dem na lub nobody but dem self

  6. This son of Mami_Wata and Papa_Elegba says,

    …once you teach the People, how to fish,
    they won’t have to come to you, with their hands out, begging for a dish or making a wish, to have their bills wiped off or diminished!
    #INDEPENDENCE is not about receiving #hand outs, bribes, enticements as election ploys.

    As, the saying goes, teach the People to fish, and they won’t have to come begging for a dish, or a wish!


  7. Ya’ll sound like a bunch of clowns. I swear I hate this retarded set of people called Antiguans. ABLP all the way. The caring government. Not just for ‘Antiguan born’, but for ALL law abiding residents.

  8. Law abiding citizen you didn’t just drink the koolaide but you drank the entire container that the koolaide was in. You, Gaston and his minions are the clowns because you think that Antiguans are still comatosed. Hell no, we are WOKE and will not be fooled this election cycle. The contributors here are spot on with there analysis of this wicked government. Bring the gifts on ABLP because it’s our tax dollars you spending carelessly as usual. Your end is very near because we voting HAROLD LOVELL AND UPP WHEN YOU CALL THE ELECTION! All your ministers are millionaires and we the people must wait for your crumbs. No way! We must end YOUR SELF ENRICHMENT SCHEME. ABLP IS THE MOST WICKED PARTY THAT EVER RULED THIS COUNTRY. GASTON BROWN YOU MUST GO!

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