BREAKING: DPP to go on administrative leave, PM Browne announces

Anthony Armstrong

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has commented on a disciplinary committee decision against Anthony Armstrong.

Browne spoke on the Browne and Browne show moments ago:

Jamaica’s Disciplinary Committee – the General Legal Council (GLC) – has found Anthony Armstrong “guilty of professional misconduct”.

The committee found that Armstrong, who is an attorney-at-law by profession and currently serves as Antigua and Barbuda’s Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), acted contrary to the laws of Jamaica when he signed as a witness to a document for someone who was not physically present.

When contacted by local media, Armstrong said “I have no comments”.

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  1. Who’s going to hold this Dictator accountable for anything .
    All the self enrichment schemes and investigations that should have been brought forward but will never see the light of day .

    • You guys can curse until the cows come home, we are going to still VOTE for Gaston Browne and team labour , just a bunches of degrading losers you guys are.. LABOUR WE SAY, ALL THE WAYYY.

  2. There was a case similar to that in Antigua. Where a Lawyer signed a documents for a person that did not exist.For that person had died some time before.The user of that document was stop in London and sent back to Antigua.That person who signed that document by swearing he knew that person is now in Cabinet.

  3. Is this another passport form like Mr Cute one. Lawyer again. Anthony needs to be fired not send on leave…kick him out. Who will be DPP.

  4. @Wicked: We have many smart/bright legal minded persons in Antigua and Barbuda who could fill that spot of DPP this minute.There is not a need to go outside and find that person.

  5. I thought that was legal in Antigua worthy of being promoted to top levels. This is how you know the place is lawless and only for certain people. Keep in mind JA exposed the unethical behavior. They were probably watching and waiting

    • @Skyewill…I got the #RAMS🐏🐏🐏 in the SuperBowl…

      Da Deadly Dadli Connection!

      Just another #sideshow and commercial. The Movie starts on April 1st, 2099.

  6. This person should have been fired given the hard evidence he was involved with underhanded dealings.

    Integrity, honesty and transparency all starts from the top down. Anything less, is not acceptable. That person should be permanently removed from their position and never allowed in an official public position again. All leaders need to be held at the highest standards.

    For Antigua to flourish and rise to the best it can be, all the divisiveness needs to end and all corrupt officials need to be removed from office forthwith.

    We Antiguans need to come together as one and stand up against government overreach. It is not what officials and country can do for me but what we can do for our country. We all need to come together and make Antigua great. Time to fight for our freedoms. End this political financial suicide. The government works for the people.

    Go Canada.

    Let’s go Antigua. Let’s make our country great

  7. They need to. Give the man a break. We all make mistakes. Such things happen unbelievably often. Remember it was just a few days ago we were filled with compassion for the police officer? Let it continue.

    • Wa it an anomaly or pattern of behavior…. if it’s a pattern of behavior then the scale of justice vis a vis public opinion may want to treat him differently than the officer who may have done something silly in a one off situation..

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