Dixie finalises decision to close Antigua operations


Efforts to have Dixie reconsider its exit from Antigua and Barbuda have failed.

The call centre on Old Parham Road informed staff moments ago that the company will close on April 27th.

Staff is not required to work during that period. They have been on temporary layoff since last week.

The company told staff via a zoom meeting that they will be paid full severance and bonuses.

They will also be allowed to keep the computers they have been using for work.

Close to 200 people are employed there some of them for many years.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne said last week he asked the company to delay their exit given the harsh economic times.

The closure is said to be based on “regulatory issues.”

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  1. Another large employer closes its doors due to what??? I sincerely hope it wasn’t due to the exorbitant charges being laid against them?

  2. This is rough for the team members although pleased to read they will receive pay, severance & a computer – proper behaviour by an employer.

    Concerning is the reason ‘ regulatory issues’.
    Are these dictated by a foreign/global regulatory body?
    If so, is the company lacking or, more worrying, is Antigua not ‘compliant as a jurisdiction’ in this regulatory body opinion? Are Antigua’s infrastructure & security lacking?
    If it is that Antigua, for whatever reason, has contributed to Dixie Corp. Regulatory issues, one hopes the Minister of Trade will meet with relevant agencies in Antigua and find solutions for similar potential businesses going forwards.

  3. I work at a call center and regulatory purposes or issues is the excuse they tell u to use all the time when they don’t want u to know the full story. They basically doing what nco did run the company elsewhere where they do not have to take on too much expenses and pay a high salary to workers pay rent for a building that they do not even own in this hard economic times everyone is trying to keep their monies in their pockets and it down as much as possible.

  4. This is a shame.That another medium to large employer leaving Antigua.I did read that they employed about 200 Hundred personnel.Last week I called a company to enquire about something I bought.In my communications with that person.I took the time to ask her.Where her center is located.She responded Jamaica.What are they doing in Jamaica.That we are not doing in Antigua to keep businesses on Island.For one Antigua is a very expensive place to do business.I am speaking first hand,not hear say.I owned properties in Antigua.I had to go through a ring of fire to get approvals to do business there.Then again,I am a National.Could that be the real reason?

    • 1.cheaper labor but the language barrier is a problem. Calling Flow or Digicel I can’t begin to tell you how many times I had to end calls because their accent was too deep.

      • It’s easier to understand a Jamaican accent than it is an Antiguan accent because we are more used to Jamaican people and accents. Antiguans are not as familiar to most Westerners.

        But either way, it’s much easier to understand people in the Caribbean working in customer service than it is to understand Indian customer service agents.

  5. Business is about making a profit. If it’s no longer profitable to operate in Antigua, companies will leave. While I empathize with the workers I understand the position of the employer.

  6. A huge blow to the Antiguan economy. Their contribution to revenues in the telecommunication sector, employee payroll, government taxes inclusive of Medical Benefits, Social Security & Education Levy, building rental and expatriate housing rental and more. accounts for billions of dollars going way back to when I worked at one of the telecommunication companies way back in the 1990’s. Considered by many as a model employer, I knew of the great relationship that existed between Management and its employees. Not sure what would have brought about the decision to leave but its never gonna be easy to find good and renowned business such as Dixie.

  7. Because it’s a very expensive island. Utilities including internet and electricity are very expensive and very unreliable.

    Jamaica has much more infrastructure and development.

    • Jamaica…cheaper labour for sure but the crime rate and cost of living is a huge deterrent.

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