BREAKING: Detained West Africans refusing to leave, claiming they paid an ambassador for their stay in Antigua


REAL News— The “Air Peace passengers” who were detained by the Department of Immigration are refusing to leave Antigua and Barbuda today, claiming that they paid an ambassador for the right to remain here, reliable sources allege. 


Reportedly, between 12 and 17 West Africans (said to be  Ghananians and Nigerians) were held by the authorities after they arrived here on Saturday evening, August 5.

Sources told REAL News their documents were not in order, since some were suspected of carrying fake Cameroonian passports and others had no valid visa.

It was reported on Tuesday morning that it was not known how they had even been allowed to board the flight.



Now, however, the group allegedly is explaining that, in addition to their ticket fare, they all “paid” for their stay here.

They claim that each person paid US$1,000 to an Antigua and Barbuda ambassador, with the understanding that they would be allowed to remain in this country – and subsequently decide whether they would continue their journey or settle here among relatives.



The sources allege that the Immigration Chief is refusing to accede to the West African visitors’ request, and so the matter has been escalated to several Cabinet ministers – none of whom, reportedly, wants to touch it, fearing that the fallout from the Antigua Airways debacle could be repeated.

Since it is not known whether these persons were “officially landed,” it is not clear whether they have a legitimate right to claim the 90 days’ stay that is accorded to African visitors.



But, usually, passengers who are not admitted by Immigration are sent back to their port of departure on the next flight.

Meanwhile, other sources have confirmed to REAL News that a closed meeting among several Government ministers and ambassadors; selected local business people; and several potential Nigerian investors took place at a hotel yesterday.

Reportedly, investments in cryptocurrency and the tourism sector were part of their discussion.

One government worker tells our Newsroom that “regularized travel” between Nigeria and Antigua appears to be the Browne Administration’s stated objective; however, getting Nigerian money into the local banking system is the underlying plan.

“If anything ‘funny’ happens with the investors,” he explains, “the money is already here.  And like the Lazarenko account, it will become Government’s property,” he says.

There is still speculation that the Antigua Airways flight, last November 1 – as well as the three “copycat” flights that followed – brought cash into Antigua and Barbuda for laundering.







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    • Ganja God have you seen Daven Joseph, since, you installed him as the Ganja Prophet? Did you fire him from his post, or did he get involved with Air_Peace negotiations?
      Please, Ganja God the truth is sitting in the palm of your hands

  1. Next Level at its BEST





    This why Colin James, Melford Nicholas and Charles ‘Max’ Fernández hide themselves away from this Air Peace fiasco – and as the saying goes:


    Stubbornness soon mess-up Gassssston … 🥸

  3. This is ridiculous- money laundering and human trafficking- what is next in small island of Antigua! Send the people back, when your own people and economy is suffering, how can you participate in this nonsense! Antigua will become the laughing stock of the region and entire world….

    • Antigua is already the laughing stock of the world not only the region. Why you think the west are not keen on doing much collarboration with the African continent is because they are Doggy, Fraudulent, Trickery and Imposters. Can’t figure out why this Administration in keen on going to bed with these Jokers after what transpired a few months ago. Who is this Ambassador who could sell his country for a megre 1000. pieces of silver, find that person and get to the bottom of this new chapter and get these rogue people out of here and slam the doors on those imposters once and for all.

      • Correct @ Tyrone, the world has been laughing at our politics and politicians for years now, and since the General Election in January it has got worse.

        As an autochthonous Antiguan, I’m embarrassed, but thankfully I didn’t vote ❎ for this self-enriched ABLP government.

        Sadly Tyrone, Antigua & Barbuda have to put up with these clowns for another 4-5 years, and I dread to think what other PERTURBATIONS is going to happen during that time!

  4. See how much trouble those people are causing and they are not settle as you can only imagine .you all are putting this country in mayhem. Try to help them they are very on grateful can’t be trusted. Send them back and stop that nonessential thing those people are making us look very bad to the world. Now I see why.foolish .they got to go and go no

  5. Can we please just stop the nonsense? Send them back where they came from. What is the cabinet trying to figure out exactly?

    Stop allowing people to travel here without visas with the promise to issue a visa on arrival. That is the most backwards and asinine thing I have ever seen any government do. Let me clue y’all in. Visas should be issued before someone travels here. That way, no one can come here and stay because they lost their passport and can’t be identified.

    I’ve been saying from day one that the so-called Cameroonians were Nigerians trying to get to the US, because it is a common practice for them in the US and Canada. Nigeria borders Cameroon. It’s not difficult to figure out.

  6. How can illegals say they’re not leaving the country? This is unheard of behavior. They are not only untrustworthy but liars as well. Deport them now! They will soon try to overthrow the government next, so send them back immediately. These are not people to do business of any kind or harbor in the country.

  7. And you all voted for this government AGAIN! Now teck um, inna areyou nenen! Antigua is gone, gone, gone! When no Antiguan can get a US visa you all will know what’s up but by then “too late” will be the cry!

    • Well said @ Ikeda, unfortunately Antigua have too many ABLP acolytes and Gastonites like:

      From The Sideline; Fitzroy, NOMAD; Curious; GORD; tenman; JP; Dave Ray; GEL; Dunlopj; Eric (THE RED); Smh, and 100s of others that’ll continue to put Gaston Browne before country; and when the visa restrictions are implemented in December 2023 by the European Union and the United Kingdom, all the above usual suspects will give their support come what may.

      They are immune from the trials and tribulations of their fellow countrymen – and women -; they don’t care about low wages, no pensions and a spiralling out of control economy.

      The water and road infrastructures still need to be completed after 40 years of Birdism and Browneism. … 40 YEARS!!!

      I could go on, but you get my drift.

  8. Hey heyyy!! 🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣
    All the folks who didn’t see this coming are a bunch of LEMMINGS. Now let’s see how quickly the Antiguan no visa access to the UK is revoked. Tek wah aru get ! People who are greedy are never satisfied with what they have — it’s easy to trick these people with money. The Nigerian so called investors I’m betting are just bigger and better CROOKS that the detained ones.

  9. Pardon my ignorance, but don’t ambassadors, like the rest of us, have names?

    God knows, I wish better for my country.

  10. WELL LAWD!

  11. @ Charles W. Simon
    Among the many reasons why we are where are today, is that insiders are not prepared to take chances and give out information.
    I cannot recall any article that had critical inside information of national importance that was provided by sources to the media.
    This is one of a very few articles which states some of the information were obtained through a source. This is highly unusual. We should thank the author and applaud the source.
    I for one say bravo!! And may you the source smile knowing what you are doing for your country

    We need more Antiguans and Barbudans like you. Antigua and Barbuda would be a much better place, if there were more people like the source even if news article were sourced without attribution.

    In spite of the absence of names, it is far from the typical “news release” which is the primary the only news consumed on Antigua and Barbuda

    At this point, an independent investigation unlikely to happen; is the place to uncover names.

  12. Wait, ah so dumb arwe be? Is only me see that what is happening is exactly how Gaston plan it?
    Antiguans, wake up.
    The Nigerians did not dupe anybody. They are not doing anything that was not originally planned. Gaston knows exactly what he is doing and how this is going to end. I would like to give him the prize for the biggest, greatest con man in the world. Once again he has fooled Antiguan with the same plan executed the same way, No visas, no plans to go back, mystery in the belly of the plane, and we all saw this coming.
    The idea all along was for these people to stay here. Then move on. He is rubbing it in our faces. All the talk about investment, etc is just a load of hogwash. He is running the same racket just like before. And we all falling for it. In another place he would have been deposed and behind bars.
    We are a bunch of dumb, dotish, stupid set of people. Can’t you all see how Gaston is making fools of us all?
    Gaston is my Man of the Year.
    Who else could pull off this kind of con? In plain sight?
    He is able to fool people enough to have them believing and chatting foolishness. He is doing all his bad deeds right out in the open with permission from everybody.

  13. Who is the ambassador? Why don’t they call his name…if he get paid to facilitate their stay in Antigua….who is he?

  14. There is no diplomat involvement with this saga. I believe Olabanjo and Gaston are the mastermind along with Air Peace CEO who have orchestrated this play.

    Apart from Antigua, where else could fraudsters entered a country illegally and when caught say to the immigration services they are not leaving.

    Immigration Officers have the power to put cuffs on them and packed them out of Antigua. Gaston refused to act expeditiously with his migrants and now he his doing the same ting with the criminals that recently arrived in Antigua.

    Once again, Olabanjo and Gaston are involved in human trafficking; they are perpetually compromising the security of the region, as well as our tourists industry.

    Gaston’s Bridge building with Nigerians will ultimately be Antiua’s downfall. As Antiguans we should mobilise ourselves and take a firm stance against the mockery that Gaston and his Nigerians have reduced Antigua to.

    It is time we collectively send a firm message to him that enough is enough.
    We should take action against Brown et al who are prepared to sink us and rise up against this madness.

  15. I don’t have an issue with Africans coming to Antigua to live but why do we always attract the misfits of other countries. We get Chinese, Europeans and everyone else who don’t even love dark skin people but love making money off us.

    As for Africans, how come Gaston n others embrace them to come to Antigua and it’s there home away from home but as an Antiguan going to Africa we will never get the same embracement and appreciation. This is all a get rich scheme and everybody know Antiguan politicians love money and will throw their country down the toilet for money. Look how China will own the major infrastructure of Antigua and majority of Liat shares will be owned by Air Peace lol. If you all think hard times is upon us well just wait u neh see hard times yet.

  16. @ Dexter Pelle and charles W. Simon
    Who is the Ambassor to the Organization of African States?

    Who is the Ambassador whose father if from Nigeria and was sent here by a UN Agency to guide Lester bird?

    Who is the Ambassador whose sister is an attorney and is a CIP agent?

    Gaston knows he is King. Thats the reason why his kids are Prince and Princess.
    Thats why he does these wild and crazy things.
    The system of Government that Antigua and Barbuda has enables Gaston Brown to function like a King.
    Kings don’t break laws.. They are the law.
    If he was not King we would have a State Media that would challege him each and every day.
    If he was not a king we would have an robust independant media that does not have to walk a tight rope.

    We would have “Whstleblower Protection Laws” that protects informers. Patriotic Antiguan and barbudans would be willing and prepared to provide names with out recrimination for the laws would be there to protect them.

    What regulations and policies needs to be put in place to reduce King Brown’s power and authority; and prevent this in the future?
    The King appoints each and every individual (weak minded sycophants) who has the role and the authority to call for an Inquiry.
    The King does not want an Inquiry, and no one has the backbone to initiate an Inquiry. If the King go along with an Inquiry; it will be a farce and cover up..

    In the words of Tony Benn a former UK Chanchellor of The Exchequer
    “These people” The Crown stole the land and property off the poor, surrounded themselves with weak minded sycophants for protection gave themselves titles and have been weilding power ever since.


  17. What’s so sad is that Antiguans are so passive and easily tricked that, they will chat so much disgust over radio, behind computers and over phone about the issues and the wrong the government is doing but when the politicians are in their presence they grin n show their teeth and tek the hush hush money and material things. That’s why these politicians know they can do ignorance n nothing is done about it. Gaston and others who are involved in this get rich scheme know what they are doing and they know how Antiguans are. Today this is a hot topic and tomorrow something else will take it’s place and Antiguans will be like well obedient slaves and go along with the program. These Africans are very competitive and many of them will do every hustle in the book to make a living and many of them will be living better than Antiguans in Antigua as time come. Many of the politicians will give them land while Antiguans whose land applications in CHAPA are sitting collecting dust over period of years lol

  18. “From rags to riches” huh?

    Well now you’ll know how GB got so rich, 🤣😂 by running these types of rackets for years.

    I told you’ll this was another “slight of hand” another “wolf in sheep clothing” deal by this Administration.

    I just continue to smdh.

    The Alpha Nero yacht was supposed to have been another get rich scheme as well, that money would have disappeared just like all the other rackets that this administration engaged in.

    Why you’ll think that the AG didn’t want to do an inquiry, and none will come from this one as well?
    Well folks, this is classic organized crime happening right in front you’ll faces. The AG is also in their pockets, so not a damn thing will be investigated by them.

    You know what will happen here, let me educate you’ll.
    Don’t be surprised when the FBI or the CIA scooped in and you hear about this person or that person are being looked into, that’s what’s going to happen here.

    They are already in Antigua and paying keen attention to all this corruptions.
    I told this Government to stay away from Nigerian businesses men, 90% of them got their money from numerous scams perpetrated on public.

    But birds of a feather flock together!!!

  19. This is just another political move because these Africans will get citizenship in Antigua and soon when election time come around or future elections they will vote for ABLP. So maybe ABLP may loose the following election but the one after that they will take because they will have new citizens voting for them lol this is a well devised plan.

  20. Why are we berating our visitors? They did nothing wrong. They have paid what was requested and it’s only fair that the other side held its end of the bargain. The problem for them though, is that Antigua/ Barbuda isn’t owned by those who made the promises. Gaston is trying to legitimize what happened last year but is only making a greater mess. A few of our visitors left Hodges Bay Club at around 10 o’clock last night for Jolly Beach Hotel to meet the Ambassador; whomsoever that was. It has been said that UPP hate the Africans but we see why the are loved and embraced by the ALP; they are easy to fleece because of their desperation. How ever long it takes, judgement is certain.

  21. The best and most entertaing the Antigua people will get out of this is an investigation led by Dr. Dave Ray as Chairman; acommpanied by: From The Sideline; Fitzroy, NOMAD; Curious; GORD; tenman; JP; Dave Ray; GEL; Dunlopj; Eric (THE RED); Smh, and a few others yet to be determined.
    The Public Square through which they wil conduct this investigation will be on Antigua News Now who has been very generous in the past in allowing these individuals and others the freedom to express themselves.
    Please allow these esteem individuals the time to get over Carnival fatigue, as well as to remind us of UPPs mistakes, defficiencies etc. as they confer with Pointe Radio for their talking points

  22. This alert call is for TENMAN, your boss the HALF IDIOT GASTON THE CLOWN, wants to know how come you have not come to his defense. He always boast you will defend him at all times. Tenman please don’t disappoint the boss, mind he don’t take back one of the paychecks.

  23. This one needs the calypso king of Antigua and Barbuda Young Destroyer and his family to take the Africans in, come on Labourites love your brothers and sisters from Africa. Why your black Prine Minister want to send them home? The Labourites needs to come forward and love our Africans.

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