BREAKING: Death of woman being treated as murder


Golden Grove woman’s Death Treated as a Homicide

The police are now treating the death of 40 years old Customs Officer Zorina Benjamin of Golden Grove as a homicide.

Benjamin was found motionless inside her home shortly after midday on Monday with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to her head.

A male suspect is currently in police custody assisting them further with their investigations.

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    • So Nigel. The guy who was shot in the leg. The lady found in the bushes a few weeks ago. And now this lady.

      Totally suspicious

  1. Why are things going so very wrong at Customs? It began with an Officer being shot in the legs,then Nigel Christian kidnapped and murdered,a lady was murdered in Clare Hall worked for Customs,now this lady worked for Customs.This animal known to all as Customs needs to be sanitized with Clorox and Dettol from its head downwards.

  2. Ok Customs again ? Alright the antennas 📡📡 JUST WENT UP . Seriously though may God be merciful Condolences to the family and through this hard time blessings


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