Breaking: D. Gisele Freed Of First Set Of Fraud, Corruption Charges


Former Executive Secretary of the Board of Education, D. Giselle Isaac was aquitted of charges of Corruption and Fraudulent Conversion in the High Court today.

Jurors were directed to return verdicts of not guilty on all three charges after Isaac’s attorney Dane Hamilton QC successfully argued there was no case to answer.

Isaac was being tried on charges alleging she was involved in underhand dealings while serving at the Board of Education.



  1. Are they going to appeal the decisions of the Jury.Good for you Giselle Isaac.Now set up a Go Fund Me Account for future Court cases.I would gladly send my contributions to it.In my opinion it is not about politics.It is about fair play and justice for all.I do not even know you,never met you.I have listened to you on the Radio and knew why they are afraid of you.Stay strong Lady.They would not and cannot break you.

      • I think you meant break! And this is so TYPICAL of my Antiguan brethren so full of hate for your fellow man that you wish her political career to end. WHY? what evidence of her alleged wrong doing do you have? I love my country but it’s people and their mentality that tire me out

        • Anybody have more hate than you UPP supporters and members? I am not the one wishing her career was over,it is over because the people of Antigua will not ever put them back in office. And not because of any alleged wrong doing i say this,but rather because of the horrible job they did in government.So very sorry you have a problem with me saying that.Let it sink in because it is only truth.UPP will not sit in the office of government ever again.Our mentality may tire you,but we are sensible enough to never make that mistake again.

        • Break ,Brake ,Bruck,whatever.That is not the issue here.maybe you should have been teaching the UPP while they were in office, how to run country.i do not need your help.

    • Won’t be surprised if the Browne government files more charges. They are not interested in justice but victimization. They are hell bent on wasting the taxpayer’s money to destroy their opponents.

    • Boss the headline reads “D. Gisele Freed Of First Set Of Fraud..”, so yes more to come and they better come good or those lawmen involved must be fired for wasting everyone’s time

      • That she would be exonerated was always clear as day. The others will be beaten even easier. This is what political victimisation looks like and also law enforcement willing to do the bidding of politicians.

    • Witch Hunt??? So many open wrong’s done under the UPP and they have all gone un-punished,and you have the nerve to be speaking about Witch Hunt..What the hell is wrong with you people…The good thing is ,i am satisfied that its over for the UPP,so the bleeding will never happen again..The electorate will make sure of that.That’s enough justice for me..

      • THIS COMMENT IS LAUGHABLE, you WORRY over some IMAGINARY yes IMAGINARY (because most of it was PLANTED by our EMBARRASSMENT OF A LEADER) wrongdoings of the UPPER yet half of the likes of you in the country REFUSE to see the WICKEDNESS, BLATANT TIEFINGNESS, MISUSE OF SCARCE RESOURCES AND LORD FATHER THE OBVIOUS fast acquisition of wealth by the ABLP. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ARE YOU DUMB? ARE YOU BLIND? OMG MAN the same people you all running behind are the same people that have you all POOR, LIVING PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK AND A WALK BEHIND DEM A BEG. YOU JUST DRIVE DOWN BY THE PM’s complex he has down point on a Saturday and she the LONG LINE OF PEOPLE WAITING ON THE HANDS OUT. YOU SICKEN ME

      • You mean, ABLP will use all means necessary! If you think spending was crazy last time, wait until next time.

  2. The case was obviously pure vindictiveness on the part of the Gaston Browne Government. The Judge did not even bother to hear the Defence’s case because the prosecution presented no credible evidence of any wrongdoing. After hearing the prosecution’s case, the Judge was already convinced that Isaac had no case made out against her. DPP, do not let the politicians push you into waste-of-time prosecutions!

  3. This assault on Gisele was and continues to be reprehensible. I call on the govt to cease and desist from this blatant and pelucid witch-hunt

  4. Sometime you guys need a refresher. Uup came to power in 2004. And quickly thereafter it was all about Lock them Up. They even started the LUMP party. The instituted a special investigator and prosecutor from Guyana at the Tax Payers expense. It was all about locking up Lester Bird and Asot Michael. The cases were not handed over to the DPP as what should be the norm. The next in line was try to get Gaston Brown in jail for misbehavior in public office for a piece of land in English harbour he had bought. Again personally lead by the then AG. The case went to court and Gaston won his case. Then they tried to jail Cutie Benjamin for fraudulent certifying a passport application of a dead Jamaican. Again the DPP was by pass and the case went to court and lost.But the UPP insisted and the case was pursued once again. Until finally dropped. It should be stated that all the time Lester and Asot kept fighting their case in court step by step. While the country raked up million in court fees. Canadian Mounties were brought in with the mandate to bring the case against the ALP members. But that didn’t go well with the professional Mounties and they complaint about political interference in their job. Soon they too were fired. These example were the perfect example of political witch hunting. Not once was a case pursue by the DPP. It was under the direct supervision of the AG’s office.
    No lets take these cases against Giselle and the three UPP politicians. The cases against Giselle started under her own party the UPP. When the ABLP took office they simply took the report and passed it over to the police and the DPP. they decided to bring charges. Same thing with the buses. The case was turned over to the police and the DPP and they took it over from there. You never heard that the AG’s office was involved in any of this. And that;s is how it suppose to be. A clear separation of the judiciary and the executive. But of course the UPP and their operatives will continue to make the people believe that the executive had something to do with it. And in order to place an even greater distance between the executive and the judiciary they past new laws and set up new offices that will give the DPP the sole authority to bring a case to court. not the police. The police will only do the investigation. But the court filing will only be done by the DPP’s office. You guys can keep muddying the water but the system works. The DPP is totally independent and the executive cannot tell him when to stop or when to pursue a case.

    • Sometimes you sound so naive and I know you are not. You write just what the doctor orders. What about the case of the password scandal with policeman John? Antigua is a small place where certain people move in the same circle so it is impossible to be totally independent. Almost everyone has a price in corrupt society.

      • Speak for yourself. If you have a price on your head for being corrupt that is for you to know and let your conscience be your guide. That is if you have one. I was only given you guys a refresher. Some people just do not have the moral authority to call other corrupt when they are so corrupt as well. And sometime you can win a case in court but the fact of quilt remain. See what happened to OJ Simpson. Not found guilty in a court of law, but sure did in the pubic opinion. The courts just have a higher bar to climb.

  5. Why make everything political ? I am happy that She was acquitted. There is no way in Antigua that 12 JURORS will find D. Gisele Isaac guilty no matter what !!!!! . There are more charges to answer too. Let Us not rejoice as yet . You never know with the courts. Sometimes We on the outside believe that the Person is Not guilty but the courts think otherwise. Hope for the best.


    Just a reminder that more charges to come. Stop politicizing the case . You are just a UPP Koolaid drinker.

  7. I think you meant break! And this is so TYPICAL of my Antiguan brethren so full of hate for your fellow man that you wish her political career to end. WHY? what evidence of her alleged wrong doing do you have? I love my country but it’s people and their mentality that tire me out

  8. Johnny Harris
    You are correct . You could never find 12 Jurors in Antigua to return a GUILTY verdict on this case . According to the Hon. Gaston Browne this should NOT be brought to court . Let Us move on Antiguans . Gisel Isaac is the Godmother of Hon. Gaston Browne Son. Hope the other charges will be dismissed.

  9. Note to….From The Side Line

    PLease keep your writtings to a few lines . No one reads such long opinions. Just an idea.

  10. You know what is strange in this entire story. These are the same people that cry down our local courts of being at the behest of the politicians. They went all over the country to campaign against the CCJ because they did not trust our own people to bring them justice. And now when a case is judge in their favor they are all joyful and gleeful. Such hypocrisy is so sad to see. All because of politics. They cannot support something that the other party is for.

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