BREAKING: Couple in viral video outside Payless remanded to Prison


Duo Remanded to HMP following Incident at Woods- CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHAT’S APP GROUP

Jamaican national, 24yr old Chantel Sibilist and her partner, 35yr old Jahwer Christopher both residing at Marble Hill were remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison on Tuesday.

Both accused were charged with several counts of Battery on Police, Resisting Arrest, Malicious Damage among other related offences, following an incident at a store at Woods Mall on Saturday 7th May.

It was reported that the couple were refused entry into the store for not wearing face masks; which is one the policies of the business place.

It was further reported that they became confrontational with one of the workers, and the police were summoned.

Efforts were made by the police to quell the situation; however, both parties continued with their rambunctious behavior.

They were eventually taken into custody and charged.

They appeared before the court on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to the charges, and were remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison until 15th June, 2022.

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  1. Don’t be “wrong and strong”

  2. Narrative is going to shift somewhat by even those who accepted their behavior after their nationality is revealed.

  3. The viewing was disturbing on so many levels. It was all unnecessary. All they had to do was leave and try another store.

    • Why? Because of two ignorant black people who could have simply walked away and go to another store? Payless didn’t do me anything, why should I boycott them just for these two fools???
      They asked for trouble now they got it

  4. Why bail was not granted instead of being remanded to 1735? Those Policemen who committed their crimes against the Farmer.Were they granted bail back then.If so,why? Then they each got months in Prison.Why,so little time in 1735 was adjudicated to them.

  5. why dah boi leh di yardie gul mash up he life so bai? bai u gah sutten to prove to she bai?

  6. Both were represented by Lawrence Daniel. Sources say they will change their plea to guilty! Chantel has been ordered to be DEPORTED in the past. Jahwer rap sheet long and includes similar offenses.

  7. The police need to be trained in conflict management and arrest. Their hostile and pugnacious behaviour is indicative of their lack of training, their hostility is also proof of a police force controlled by political pressure. The young man tried to keep his hands obviously free while the police dragged him by his locks and beat him up. The spectacle was more of inept police being brutal!

    • Really now? So the police should stand there while that uncontrollably woman firing kicks left right and center in them? Are you in favor of that couple especially that woman’s behavior? Guess you did not see the video of them fighting with the police or when they assaulted the store clerk?

    • Police always are wrong to you all. Those 2 vagabonds are the ones who lack training- home training! Two dumpster trash people and are an embarrassment. The type of people I’d see on one side of the road and cross over to the next. The kinda parents that would have kids that decent parents warn their kids from playing with and allowing over. The type of woman with a perpetually screwed up face and a man who doesn’t have the vocabulary to properly express himself but with expletives. Those 2 are bottom of the barrel!

  8. More ALP amnesty criminals. We tried to warn ar’u, but it’s only going to get worser and worser.

  9. Sad situación, but for the same of the children I would have given them bail. Many having watched the videos and things could have handled differently where both patties are concern. Firstly I didn’t appreciated the way the make officers was handling the young lady. Secondly, the officers was pulling the young hair which in itself is painful and uncomfortable, there was enough officers their to handle him so why treat him like that. I do thank god for our police officers but things could have gone differently.

    • So did you appreciate how the young lady was kicking the police and even when she was placed in the police vehicle she was still acting like an animal? Did you appreciate that they assaultled the store clerk just because they were told they need to wear a mask? This whole mess could have been avoided but they wanted to be wrong and strong and then there are people like you who support their bs because y’all don’t like police. They deserve everything they got and I want when the case is over they pay some heavy fines and that woman get deported back to where she comes from.

    • That’s no lady. The police shoulda bruck she neck. The kids are better off on the streets than with those two.

  10. In any democracy, especially in one as young as ours, it is very important for the police to maintain Law and Order. We have seen how the USA the beacon of Democracy, almost lost their democracy on January 6th, 2021. We cannot take it lightly when people want to rebel against those institutions that are entrusted to safeguard our democracy. And I’m not talking here about a person’s right to demonstrate peacefully. But Law and Order must be maintained at ALL times.
    Police do your job without fear or favor.

  11. Why is she still in Antigua? I hope the next time she leaves the coutroom is on a flight back to her country.

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