BREAKING: Choksi gives Antigua police names of people who allegedly abducted him, police commence investigation

Mehul Choksi

Antigua police have commenced an investigation into the possible abduction of Mehul Choksi from Antigua on May 23, 2021.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says Choksi’s lawyers wrote to the police Commissioner providing the names of the people he believes abducted him.

Browne says police and the government are taking the allegations seriously.

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  1. You LIE! You DAMN LIE. Your a FIBBER! You see how the powerful love to tell LIE when they catch themselves telling storylines. He lie! He Damn Lie. He done he piece of the pie!

    • Why you Morons can’t discuss issues without playing your foolish Political games? Everything is not about Political gamesmanship. Why you UPPITES are willing to sell your souls for an alledge fraudster? You should be encouraging him to go back and prove his innocence. Whether it’s now or later he will have to go and face the Courts in India.

      • @ Colombo+Thoughtful – But you are also making this political. You are stating that Uppites are willing to sell their souls for an alleged fraudster. Note, you said alleged. Are you sure that all laborites would agree that he should be deported directly to India.
        Is Choksi a citizen of India or and Antigua? Is he entitled to due process as a citizen of India and Antigua? Is he still a citizen of India? Those are the topics that are being discussed. If he is not covered under the constitution of Antigua then maybe we should return his CIP money. It’s not about, RED you send him to India , BLUE you send him to Antigua.
        Presently, the courts in Dominica will dictate the next step. If he is deported to Antigua, as a citizen of Antigua, he is entitled to due process under the constitution of Antigua and Barbuda, no matter red or blue

        • R u an UPPITES? Tell the world. A statement is made and a 🌽 is shown to flush the roaches and you pick it up very fast. You’re caught.

          • You are a Laborite. I am an Antiguan who don’t worship politicians. The constitution applies to all citizens including you and Choksi.
            Read what you wrote and stop contradicting yourself.

  2. Go Choksi!!!!!

    But what Commissioner? Too docile, he ain’t gonna investigate shyt!

    Plus Captain will make sure this gets nowhere!!!!

  3. Antigua Prime Minister over health over criminal investigations over every damn thing! Why cant this man allow the people to do their jobs & he do his instead of being on fb morning noon & night.First prime minister I see so much on social media instead of doing what he was elected to do. I hope when election call there’ll be ballot boxes on fb to because thats where Antigua is being run so thats where I will be voting!

  4. I have ZERO faith in the police force and the police commissioner where certain matters are concerned. This will end up just like nigel Christian’s murder case and Cordell Benjamin’s case as well…….may God intervene in these Matters and allow the facts to stand





        HE DISGUST ME.

        • Are you sure you’re okay mentally? Perhaps you should seek help. It is available. You remind me of the extremist Trumpites. Pull yourself together. Seek the help you need. Life is too short to be filled with so much anger.

  6. But how is it now he knows name of the person but he said they covered his face? I dont understand

  7. They are not going to investigate this matter.We would be getting lips service until kingdom comes.

  8. World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne has no business getting involved with any cases unless it directly pertains to him.

    Where are Nigel Christian’s real killers. Not the three scapegoats that world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne paid to take the fall. And there were four involved not three. Don’t let Nigel Christian’s death be in vain. He was investigating the “forged” signatures at the port. Just like that case involving high ranking members, so does the Choksi case.

    World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne thinks he can do as he pleases and get away with anything. That trash and all the rest of his members must be removed from office and put on trial.

    • Àntigua Citizen your on point
      This guy is a self righteous , self enricher , arrogant, liar the kind I have never seen.
      I will never vote for that whatever again ..

  9. It is convenient for some people to play confused about what has taken place with this man. If you pay attention, you’ll notice his story has not changed since he started to talk. On the contrary, our leaders seem to have a different story every time they open their mouths. Makes me wonder who really is lying.

  10. Choski and the politicians have things In common, them both lie but choski seems a bit honest than our leaders who controls the police force, one phone call to stop investigations from pursuing it seems like to me, where the politicians were suppose to leave certain things to the police they force their head in everything

  11. It was always known that global criminal and billion-dollar scamster Choksi cooked-up his abduction story to seek refuge in another banana republic!

    While Choksi’s family, lawyers (openly challenging a gag order) and shameless politicians on his payroll spread fake news every day to the media, latest news mentions that “Mehul Choksi Knew Antigua PM Will Send Him Back to India, Hence Planned Hi Abduction”

    In a startling revelation, Indian news channel CNN-News18 has accessed pictures of fugitive diamantaire Mehul Choksi with his agent, who purportedly helped him escape from Antigua and Barbuda. Choksi made-up his kidnapping story as he knew about the Antigua government’s commitment to send him back to India. Meanwhile, his army of lawyers allege that he was ‘kidnapped’ from Jolly Harbour in Antigua and was found seated in suspicious condition on the bayside near the Jetty at Toucarie Bay around 11.30 pm on May 24. The Dominica’s police affidavits also mention that he initially refused medical treatment and insisted on all his minor wounds being photographed and recorded.

    Well, we the helpless citizens can only hope that The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court takes a firm stand and most honourable Judge Bernie Stephenson restores the sacrosanct faith of the public in the Judiciary by ensuring the fugitive and criminal called Mehul Choksi is swiftly extradited directly back to India where he is still a citizen! No more delays or adjournments for silly reasons, pls.

    BTW, it is high-time, we make a full review of the CBI scheme that has brought so much bad reputation and stigma of acute corruption to so many countries of the Caribbean while our economies are in dire straits.

    • This guy has caused enough trouble. It’s time for him to go home to his beloved India. They will welcome him.

  12. This Choksi guy will open too make skeletons once in India….the high and mighty will all be involved in ensuring he ran away with his 1.3 billion loot. He will most probably be killed..err suicide while in police custody. The poor will never get back their money for sure.

    Meanwhile, all are making hay…no wonder we see adjournments and extensions.

    As long as a criminal has a massive fat pocket, justice will always be delayed!

    While politicians of all shades are shamelessly supporting such fugitives and while collar criminals, our Bernie Stephenson must set an example.

  13. Did the prime minister proclaim that Antigua & Barbuda does not have a culture of abduction?

    It may not be a frequent practice here but that does mean that it does not occur or warrant a decision not to investigate.

    However, what do you term the situation that happened to Nigel Christian? Was that not an abduction?

    The fact remains that the police force should have begun an investigation from that moment when someone was able to depart the borders of Antigua & Barbuda and was subsequently arrested in another Caribbean Island for illegal entry.

    Was the police commissioner waiting to get instructions from the attorney general or the prime minister?

    We need to begin to implement practices becoming of a real nation state.

    I have listened to recordings of the prime minister, pellucidly declaring that though Mr. Choksi must be sent back to India to face the justice system there; but the legal system must be allowed to proceed for him to defend himself in Antigua.

    Though now, the prime minister’s strategy has since changed. To hell with the rule of law now. Away with the system.

    Please allow the legal system to work as it ought to.

    Let the police do their work as they ought to. The prime minister is not the police commissioner.

    Mr. police commissioner: it is time for you to get on the airways and tell the prime minister to leave law enforcement to the police force. Or maybe the two of you should switch positions. Give the prime minister your job (as police commissioner) and you take his position (as prime minister), because it appears that he wants to do his and yours simultaneously. Sadly, he is very terrible at the job he is being paid to do.


  14. It seems like a trend of abduction taking place a lot of high heads has to be involve. They are not going to investigate themselves.

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