Asot Michael wins St. Peter seat as independent candidate

Michael embraced by supporters

Asot Michael has made history in Antigua by becoming the first independent candidate to win in a general elections on the island. He beat three other candidates including ABLP’s Rawdon Turner to claim the St Peter constituency for the 5th consecutive term. Asot Michael is the declared winner in St.Peter.

Michael- 2137
Turner- 899
Imhoff- 29
Harriette- 541
Rejected ballots – 14

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  1. The people in St. Peter have voted to enslave themselves, pathetic. King Court, Tom Boy, and Hercules must be rolling over in their graves.

    • @ Mr. Byam, I think you are confused… its actually you rolling lolol…. justice was served! That will teach Gaston Browne that he is NOT the ultimate ruler. Barbudan also show Antiguans they will not be bullied by Gaston Browne! Take that in ya tail!! As Asot would say, its the hearts and minds of the voters who will decide not excessive bill boards. Alp got battered no matter how they try to spin it. 17 seats for upp next time around.

      • Yes, ALP took a beating they came out bruised and battered but they won the battle, the UPP lost and I think the objective was to win so no amount of political spin can change defeat into victory….

  2. Mr Michael has done a great job, He’s true to his words unlike the others… Sorry he wasn’t the deal breaker … WAY TO GO!!

  3. @mr. Byam
    Wouldn’t enslavement be the fact that Government workers and Supermarket employees work for free?
    The same money that pays them is given straight back to the employer in means of tax. But supermarket ppl have to buy back the food don’t they? But if the money never pays them goes back wouldn’t you say employees are not a liability so why they can’t pay ppl more?

    Enslavement wouldn’t be the fact the government claims to develop build this and that and when you buy house land car get married u work till you dead for success, paying till u die and still pay for funeral?

    You make a business or work u sell things for profit right? So wouldn’t enslavement be going to school for 1/4 million dollar degree to get paid $30 an hour whether it be bachelor master or doctorate…where’s the profit from the investment?

    $30 an hour
    U mean it took u a whole hour to acquire $30 in your life for a degree? That’s 3 pine hill!! Then how severance works u need to wait 10years just for $90k and they still don’t want pay u after u done work and they made millions off u, and u no where close to making back ur school profit.

    So my parish won blue
    Isn’t that enslavement the fact opposed opinions go unheard cuz power to governing power?

    You understand what enslavement actually is?

    hoping for success and status when u either work till u dead or hustle till u dead cuz ur uneducated about how money functions?

    Untill the day u really understand how money works lol u yourself are a slave to me

    • You obviously don’t know what the word means. I don’t know what country you’re from, but nobody on this island has worked for free since 1834.

  4. Worst thing is

    Every single last government employee around the world works for free yet government never have money and they owe. Things always hard everywhere around the world Lmaoo

    Makes so much sense to u

    And years your granny
    Ur great granny

    Ur mother
    And you

    And nobody realise this up to now globally

    But u talk about slavery lol

  5. Asot Michael you must now seek immunity from the International Law Enforcement Agencies(Interpol to NSA to Canadian Mounties to FBI etc, and release the #Hounds in Parliament. You have the forensic evidence(s) and others, for law enforcement to open cold cases and to investigate and bring the necessary charges against those who you know are responsible for serious crimes against the People, of Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA.
    You now have additional support from a young, energetic and dedicated group in the present Members, of the UPP, who have being given a mandate by the People to bring accountability and transparency to the Government.
    This is an opportunity for you, Asot Michael to redeem yourself!
    The People would appreciate it.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  6. Congratulations to the Hon. Asot Micheal and to the people in that constituency. I believe it is a step in the right direction when the people does not have to align with the existing parties and vote for someone to represent them as an independent candidate. I believe the people has made a statement.

  7. The only thing that would have made me happier is if it had ended up 8 – 8 and Asot won his seat. The results as they are, are the next best thing

  8. Congratulations to you Mr. Michael, on your well-deserved win! Oh, I’m sure Mama Jo is so proud of you!

    Truly a history-making moment, becoming the first INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE to WIN a seat on the mainland Antigua!


    Asot Michael did not just flip the garrison constituency from RED to WHITE, he did it so convincingly, that there can be no doubt that he did it: by nearly 3 to 1 (actually 2.377 times)! NO RECOUNT Required!
    Way to go Asot!
    Way to go St. Peter!

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