BREAKING: Airport CEO Resigns

Airport Authority CEO Stanley Smith

Stanley Smith has resigned as airport CEO.

The Jamaican-native was suspended this week for an unknown reason.

His resignation/suspension has sparked protest among staff.

Smith has been employed at the Airport since 2012.

More details to come.

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  1. Mr. Smith is one of the most loved airport executives up at ABAA. No wonder the staff has begun protesting against his resignation and is calling for him to be reinstated!!!

  2. Evidently, Mr. Smith has proven in his work that he is a great CEO, and this is why the staff are protesting. This is a man standing up for the right of the people that work for him and with him. The government should look into this and realize that persons are willing to strike for this man then he is doing something right for the country.

  3. So i guess people can just decide to strike for anything these days..How can it be right that he gets suspended and decides on his own to resign,then the employees down tools .He was not fired-he was suspended,there must have been a reason/s for the suspension. How can they be so irresponsible to decide that they should halt doing what they are been paid for,for something that has no relevance to them? They do not have any authority in the first place to decide who is fired or not- why not follow him if they are soo pissed.. Nonsense..

  4. It is passing strange that Mr Smith who had done many things worthy of being let go such as in 2017 when he could not be found to reopen the airport after a hurricane, prompting the Permanent Secretary to do it. What did the powers that be did? Nothing. But now we hear that he is standing up for workers and telling them ‘whey the money gone’, he is put out.
    Now we see why this government like foreigners at the helm so; ‘dey bes tow de line else….’

    • “Now we see why this government like foreigners at the helm so….” A load of hogwash. Smith was appointed CEO of the Airport Authority by the UPP; Raju Boddu was appointed Comptroller of Customs by the UPP; Darwin Telemaque was appointed as Manager at the Port by the UPP…… Know your facts whippersnapper!

        • Name me one foreigner this government has appointed to a key office. I’m waiting for your Power Play.

          • Silence gives consent. No action is an action. Renewing contracts is the same as giving initial contracts. But specifically to answer your question washbasin, the head doctor at the hospital is…..well, let’s say “A NON NATIONAL” and the cost for value aint adding up …. 65K+PERKS monthly

  5. Apparently his contract was already up so maybe instead of renewing it the minister saw a way to save some money by “encouraging” him to resign by suspending him. Good luck finding a competent replacement. This government owes so many workers money and apparently has little regard for workers as people that someone who empathizes with workers is bound to be expendable.

    • Thought it was UPP who owed/promised the ppl backpay. The backpay that this gov’t has started to pay.

  6. It is clear that you all are speculating and chatting a load of shit.I would appeal that you all shut to hell up since you are all ignorant to what the hell went on at the Airport.Further the Government has all rights to fire anyone anyplace, who may be trying to undermine or do anything which can cause disruptions to this nations economy.I suggest you all take a dose of hush,and get to F real and stop playing politics in everything.

  7. Telemaque must go. Telemaque must go…..Lawdy. Nobody listening. Now Blue Ocean Limited buying Namco shares in our recently purchased dredging company. PM say so himself.

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