BREAKING: 8 Haitian detainees escape immigration detention centre – reports


REAL NEWS: 8 Haitian detainees held at the Department of Immigration’s Detention Centre at the former United States Air Station at Coolidge, have escaped custody.


Immigration officials are now searching the area in an attempt to recapture the said Haitian immigrants.


The said facility at Coolidge is also used as a prisoner to house a British national serving time for the crime of rape.


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    • I’m begging someone to rape me again. I only got raped once and since then no one else want to rape me. Please try me one more time. I will try to perform better next time.

    • Please officers, we know you have a job to do. However, a life is sacred so be responsible during your surveillance and execute tactics to reprimand these escapees and let your firearm be the very LAST resource you use if necessary…. It has appeared that in the past, innocent lives have been taken down unnecessarily by armed officers. The taking of someone’s life in an expedition like this would certainly be uncalled for, unnecessary and downright murderous should it really happen.

  1. That British rapist ain’t serving no time .. why he get special treatment ?? If he was in Russia he would have been in hell but them want dictate for antigua .. remove the queen as head of state

    • Is has nothing to do with the queen as head of state. If it were an American police, the same treatment would have been given. Perhaps there would not even be a case. Do you think the American police would have been extradited back?

      Perhaps the reason why he got extradited was because he committed the act on an American Student. And if we were a republic, it would have been the same and perhaps worse.

      Case in point, do you see how the BIG countries go into Haiti and do whatever they want? However because we are still tied to the queen, they would respect the relationship with the UK far more than that with us.

      So be real, we are a pin on the world map.

    • Depends on how they arrived. If they did not use any of the official ports of entry then they arrived illegally.

    • The reasons in my opinion why the Immigration would detain anyone.You would have entered the County illegally. You would have used forged documentation to enter the Country. You would have overstayed the times allotted to you by said Immigration Department. You would have committed a crime and found to be guilty and the Court ordered your deportation. Then the Immigration Department would be front and center in such transactions. No one has the rights to enter another Country and break the laws of that Country,without consequences. I do not care where the hell they are from.

  2. BUT Caricom nationals SAID DOMINICAN REPUBLIC TREAT THE HAITIANS Bad get a nice hotel and give them work permit to live here so that they are only 8 no 1,000,000. like dominican republic have them all over

    • You obviously have a crush on Mr. Bowen but you’re a definite turnoff. Get THAT fixed first then maybe you might get his attention.

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