BREAKING: 50 new cases of COVID-19 in Antigua

(Dashboard Update for February 20, 2021)
 The most recent reports received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment from the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) have revealed fifty (50) new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda as of Thursday 18th February 2021.
 Subsequent to the publication of the dashboard for Thursday 18th February 2021 with the cut off time of 6pm, sixty-six (66) additional samples were processed by MSJMC increasing the pending results from One hundred and sixty (160) to two hundred and thirty-two (232).
 Of the one hundred and five (105) samples processed by MSJMC, sixty-seven (67) were negative and thirty-eight (38) positive. Four (4) of these positive cases were repeat tests.
 Of the one hundred and twenty-seven (127) samples processed by MSJMC, one hundred and nine (109) were negative and eighteen (18) positive. Two (2) of the positive cases were repeat tests.
Investigations have begun and contact tracing and testing are ongoing. Three (3) recoveries have been recorded bringing the total to two hundred and seventeen (217).
One non-imported Covid-19 related death has been recorded.
 Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is five hundred and ninety-eight (598); which is inclusive three hundred and seventy (370) active cases and eleven (11) deaths.
 Meanwhile, one hundred and seven (117) samples are pending. The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.

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  1. This is really serious. I am calling on the authorities to go into the communities and use the sophia test to assess the situation. The emphasis must be on TESTING, ISOLATING, CONTACT TRACING. VERY CRITICAL AT THIS STAGE .

    What more will it take for them to implement this strategy to counteract the spread of the virus.


    • And they definitely don’t want that information to be published.

      I estimated a week ago there were about 9500 active cases in Antigua and growing.

      They’ve had the same pandemic management strategy all along:

      1. Pretend there isn’t a problem

      2. Hide the extent of the problem

      3. If all else fails, blame locals and “returning nationals”

      rinse and repeat…

  2. If you have 40 in hospital and a combined 100 in quarantine, where are the other 230 people that make up the total 370 active cases?

    • In quarantine does not mean that you have the virus. The active cases are the total confirmed cases less recoveries, it can’t get simpler than that.

  3. Why are the quarantine numbers so low and there’re so many active cases?
    It seems to me there’s no contact tracing taking place. This just does not add up.
    Could you people please be more transparent!!

    • The official active cases are only the tip of a very large iceberg which is mostly underwater (hidden).

      Official pandemic management strategy:

      1. Pretend there’s not a problem – We’re COVID FREE. There’s no community spread.

      1a. Let in any and all tourists with no restrictions

      2. Let wealthy folks in English Harbor/Jolly Harbor carry on as if life is normal without masks, massive parties, and massive COVID spread for nearly a year

      3. Test a few people as possible.

      4. Now that tourists need outgoing tests, use rapid tests if possible and definitely don’t add positive cases to the official tally.

      These rapid tests are almost certainly not being accurately handled because to have tourists testing positive on the way out of the country would be a disaster and destroy tourism. Full stop.

      5. When the shit hits the fan, get yourself and family vaccinated before everyone else.

      6. Blame returning nationals and locals for COVID disaster

  4. Is it possible that the circumstances under which the community spread contacts could be made public? Not the names but areas, type of behaviours exhibited e.g. was it in a party setting, attending a function. I think the messaging about the spread can go some way in modifying some people’s behaviour.

    • Because those would be intelligent protocols and the MOH and PM have proven over and over again that they have no intention of managing this pandemic intelligently.

  5. This thing has jumped out of the hat now . It seems it’s a ride and die with that open door Tourists policy no consideration no review . No one should’ve gotten a free pass no one. That’s not only discriminatory but Criminally Negligent and that’s not political that’s about Life . Some would use profanity when you’re just pointing out a flaw in protecting everyone . Being saying for months that when it comes knocking it doesn’t care Blue , Red ,Gaston ,Lovell ,ALP or UPP . It doesn’t care if you are a good person , the most wonderful Mother , Kids or Father . NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS REMEMBER GOD IS GREAT . MAY GOD PROTECT EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU MUCH LOVE .

    • Tourists don’t spread disease

      Only returning nationals can bring COVID into the country

  6. “The crisis situation remains manageable; the health systems are not overwhelmed.” Cabinet Report Weds 17 Feb 2021

  7. How can there be 370 active cases, yet only 140 people in quarantine & hospital? Where are the other 230 currently active cases?
    And, out of precaution, if there are 107 pending results, shouldn’t those people be in self-quarantine while they are waiting for their results?

    • The quarantine numbers are not part of the confirmed cases of 598. The 40 hospitalized cases are included in the 598 confirmed cases.

  8. Church, it’s time to get serious about intercessory prayer to break the back of this thing, otherwise death will fill the streets and homes of our lovely nation. Those who say prayer doesn’t work are just plain ignorant. Let the people of God arise in the Name of Jesus. The united prayers of a united people can turn the tide. It happened many times throughout history, especially when a spirit of repentance is upon the people. God bless the people of Antigua and Barbuda, and all the people in leadership, red and blue. This is a nonpartisan effort. Cry aloud. The time has come.

    • @CErmle.. ain’t no ‘god’ coming out of no sky, using no building known as a church, to stop this #BiologicalWeapon!
      Your earthly ‘gods'(oligarchs, plutocrats, medium’s and their henchfolks – the Politricktans/media) are in control of this War.
      Many are simply #Pawns, of which the Caribbean Islands are on the battle field.

      #HERBS(and they are in abundance around you) are the healing and preventative medicines!
      #HEALTH is Wealth!
      #Wealth is not Health!

  9. “we won’t lockdown because business needs to stay open”-from the Minister at the last press conference. Oh well, good luck Antiguans, you’re on your own.

  10. Come on people these are not the 150 tourists we have on island ! We are spreading it by ourselves, be realistic… yesterday police had to kick out a person at epicurean (not a tourist) who refused to pull the mask over the nose. Driving over market street today people (no tourist) are mingling mask down and chatting right into their face with 30 inches distance. This is the real problem…just sayin ! But continue to blame it on the others it’s more comfortable right ?

    • They never really were

      So the tourists who continue to bring the disease into the country are not added into the numbers. That category will never increase simply because those folks aren’t being tested

      But yes the disease (introduced to the country by outsiders) is now spreading rapidly between locals

      It is spreading from tourists to locals, from locals to locals, and probably from locals to tourists as well

      Glad to hear you all are FINALLY realizing masks should cover noses and mouths though

    • Someone finally said it. When are we the people going to start to take responsibility for ourselves instead of everyday being on the internet blaming the government. Just one walk around town is enough proof of how the virus spreads and no amount of lockdown will stop it. I can garanteen you even if the ports close again they won’t stay their ass home. They will be up and down mingling all over saying they are tired of being in the house spreading the virus all over.

  11. Don’t worry people dictator and traitor Gaston has it all under control. At least for himself as he took the Moderna vaccine while getting the shit AtraZeneca for us.

    Nigel Christian’s murderers must be brought to justice. It is clear that high ranking people are involved in his murder.

    Nigel Christian’s murderers must be brought to justice. It is clear that high ranking people are involved in his murder.

    Nigel Christian’s murderers must be brought to justice. It is clear that high ranking people are involved in his murder.

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