18-year-old Keane Gregoire of Nut Grove Killed Following Traffic Collision



One of the teachers of 18-year-old Keane George from Nug Grove, who tragically passed away in a car accident on Thursday night, expressed that Keane had tremendous potential as a student.

Keane was a passenger in a motor vehicle that collided on All Saints Road at around 2 am on Thursday, May 18.

He succumbed to his injuries at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center on Friday, as reported by the police.

At the Antigua Barbuda Institute of Continuing Education, Keane was studying plumbing. His tutor, Bishop Charlesworth Browne, reflected on his untimely demise, stating, “A young man with great potential has lost his life tragically.

This is a profoundly sorrowful event. Recently, I reviewed some of his communication work, and it was an exceptional piece of work.”

According to reports, the incident involved a Grey Toyota BB motor traveling from South to North along the same road at a high speed. The driver lost control of the vehicle, causing it to skid off the road and collide with a concrete column.

Bishop Browne is urging young drivers to adhere to speed limits when on the road, emphasizing the dangers of reckless driving. “I would like to take a moment to caution young people about being on the road… the road can be an extremely hazardous place, especially if you’re driving or riding in a vehicle. The speed limit in Antigua and Barbuda remains 40 mph… anything above 40 mph on the highway is still exceeding the speed limit,” he emphasized.

He continued, “I want to encourage young people to recognize the value of their lives. We rely on them for our future. Keane was a young man who had the potential to become an exceptional plumber, but unfortunately, he is no longer with us.”


18 Year-Old Died Following Traffic Collision

18 year-old Keane Gregoire of Nut Grove was pronounced dead at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center on Friday, following a traffic collision.

Keane was a passenger inside a motor car that got into a collision around 2 am on Thursday 18 May on the All Saints Road.

The allegations are that the driver of a Grey Toyota BB motor was traveling from South to North along the same road at a high speed, when the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle.

The vehicle reportedly skidded off to the Western side of the road before colliding into a concrete column.

Fire Officers from the St. Johns Fire Station were called on the sceneand had to use the Jaws of Life to remove Keane, along with another 19 year-old passenger of Freeman’s Village from the wreck.

Both passengers were transported to the sir Lester Bird Center by the Emergency Medical Services with varying injuries.

The driver of the vehicle reportedly fled the scene of the accident and is currently being sought by the police.

Keane was pronounced dead shortly after midnight on Friday.

The police are appealing to anyone with information surrounding the accident to contact the traffic department at Police Headquarters at 462-0125.

The police are further appealing to the driver of the vehicle to present him\herself at any police station without delay

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  1. They should search the vehicle to make sure their aren’t any weapons in it. No reason for driver to run unless they don’t have license or guilty of something else.

  2. Condolences to the Family and friends of the deceased. Why do drivers in Antigua drive so fast? There is not one place in Antigua too far away. From Freetown in the east to Five Islands in the west is not more than 25 miles. It is not like you are driving from New Jersey to Texas. Which could be about 27 plus hours of driving.People there is not a need to speed and die while doing so.

    • Because sadly, so many bad drivers believe SPEED is a skill, when it is clearly not when you take into account the unpredictability of other drivers when you may have to react suddenly, and they lose control.

      The best advice I was given by my instructor, was when he said: Treat the driver in front of you and behind you that they’ll do something stupid or unexpected”.

      Great advice to this day!

  3. My condolences to this family, but, by the way, how many government jobs does the pope Charlesworth Browne has??

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