‘Brazen sweetheart deal,’ Lovell says of PM renting personal home to investor

Gaston Browne Jolly Harbour Home

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  1. There is an apartment building in Sutherlands, owned by a private citizen, where the Cubans used to stay. After they were moved to South Mall, the apartment building was left practically empty. It has been up for sale for years. Are Antiguans pleased that only one family is making all the money? Then the minions say, people jealous.

    • I lived in that building for years and the landlords did not keep the building in good condition. The Cubans got a better situation full stop. Too many landlords want to make money and to spend any.

      • How do you know? Have you toured the facilities in Jennings? Are you tenants don’t take care of people property.

    • Is the PM the largest real estate owner in the country?
      I thought it was Salem Hadeed and his brother. But you have no problem with them making all the money.
      It’s called the crab in the barrel mentality what you are suffering from

      • I didn’t know that the brothers Hadeed signed off on a contract that gave away our passports and then turned around and collect rent from the same people. Yes we are mad like crabs in a barrel at these self enrichment schemes. Sorry but people like you too old to comprehend.
        You need Gaston to stay in power because when he voted out, you and them other so-called consultants will be off the gravy train.

        • And you have all the proof of your accusations. And sorry but I have my own business and it is not in any way connected to any government agency. It’s always easy to make accusations. proving them is something else.

          • From Sideline
            Go check your own post where you said you are only employed as a consultant and and they will have to pay you what you charge.
            What is there to prove. It is in the agreement that they got Antiguan passports. It is a fact that Gaston is renting his house to them.

      @Rumble:Do you as a wise thinking person endorsed this transaction. In the Country where I am living that could smell trouble. That could be deemed to be using insider information to enrich one self,as Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.Come on people,put on your thinking caps.This transaction on the outside is not wrong.However,the persons involved in this transaction made it look so damn wrong.The renter of that property is involved with (WIEZ) Western Imperial Economic Zone.Of which the Administration has negotiated an area for free trades.The WIEZ would not be paying any taxes into the Country coffers,same as Yida.It is wrong for anyone in Cabinet to use information obtained in that setting to enrich self.There are many properties around Antigua for Rental by private Citizens.So why this man for the WIEZ could not be introduced to one of those persons? MONEY IS NOT EVIL. THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.THINGS ACQUIRED BY ILL GOTTEN GAINS WOULD NOT LAST,THEY WOULD CRUMBLE AND THEN FALL.

  2. Says Mr Give Away Our ABST. Lemme just sit on me gallery and sip me water see🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Rumble, when TRUTH hits you in the face, that’s what you will say. In the real world this is called Insider Trading and Conflict of Interest and people who do that spend time in jail. Just ask Martha Stewart.

  3. How much of that money you think shit bag Gaston Browne will pay in taxes to help our nation? My guess, NOT ONE RED CENT.

    But keep on voting shit bag Gaston Browne in.

    I am sure all his loyal ass kissers will have no issues with this but that is not a surprise.

  4. Why does black folks have so much baddd mindedness and envy against each other? They don’t say nothing about out Arabs, the whites etc., our politics have really gone to the latrine. Harry this is absolutely foolishness but again your blind followers will eat all your shit cause they also have lost their brains. You guys are really suffering from a serious illness of Willie Lynch syndrome. Anyone including you and your idiotic followers can own a properties and rent to anyone that is willing to pay any fees you charge. Common this is cheap cooks dump politics.

    • You say common sense is cheap. You should get some because from your posts, you have none. You are very shallow so you don’t have a clue what is going on here.

    • COLOMBO This is not bad mindedness; this is called Conflict of Interest and Insider Trading. In the Real World people spend time in jail for such stuff. You don’t believe me? Just ask Martha Stewart.

      • The lips of the wise spread knowledge not so the hearts of fools. You don’t understand conflict of interest. All dumb asses UPPITES are just playing your toilet politics. You never govern Wadadli again with baboonery. Most sane Wadadlians knows the filthy political games the UPPITES plays. I am so delighted that I can occupy you’ll peanuts 🥜 brains. May I remind all of you that the UPPITES was the worst to govern Wadadli. Grasping at straws and throwing mud is not a winning strategy.

        • Sorry, but they cannot help themselves. Inept set of people. Just look at the slate of candidates. The PM calls them LLC’s

  5. “Each endeavouring all achieving not one achieving”. If someone is abusing their power and the citizens criticised thats not badmindnism.

    Badmindnism is when you don’t want someone to excel

  6. What is wrong with that? It is called using your money to make more money. We need serious education on personal finance, too many of us let our money sit on banks and don’t do anything with it.

  7. GASTON needs to provide answers. Yes, it is his property as the apologists and propagandists like Senators Shoul, Frederick and Colin O’Neal say. However, he is not like me or John Doe. He is a public official, namely, the Prime Minister, and the Integrity in Public Life Act applies to him. Under the Act his action was not only unethical but unlawful. Just an example from the USA for you, can you recall the outrage in that country when Donald Trump the President simply entertained the idea of using his property in Florida (Mar-a-Largo) to hold the G7 Summit. Gaston renting his property in the circumstances in which it was done is a classic example of his CREATIVE ENRICHMENT policy. Had Antigua been a normal country where ethics and good governance is expected of members of government, the country would be outraged.

    • And to think that Frederick is suppose to be a Christian and a member of the Seven Day Adventist Church. Listening to these senators, one wonders why they would hold such high office. They are not qualified for the job. But then again, it is not qualification and ethics that are required, but blind loyalty to the leader of the party, no matter how corrupt the situation.

        Which one.of the UPP Candidates are QUALIFIED to do the job ? Mr.Frederick taught me in school .He is a very INTELLIGENT MAN. The UPP Candidates are convicted MURDERERS,CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTERS ( SPOKESPERSON MAGIC HUGHES ) and BOUNCED CHEQUES WRITERS)
        Jackie who is MORE QUALIFIED?


          • @ JACKIE

            Jackie and Tabor please address.my description of the UPP Candidates….MURDERERS , CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTERS ( MAGIC HUGHES) and BOUNCED CHEQUES WRITERS . Hon.Gaston Browne would never entertainer these People.UPP..evil thinks what evil does.
            Looking for to hearing from JACKIE and TABOR. They would not answer. They are a bunch of cowards.

      • See you Antiguans who have a problem with what the hell the PM does with is personal money and his business u all are really showing that Antiguans are really no good just like bag a wire ho were probably the main person to sink the black star liner boat because of bad mind Antigua is now moving in the right direction with a good prime minister and don’t tell me you all will stop that u all need to weak up and get with the dam program of the PM and his admistrasion. Sick of u all not from Antigua but living here for a while under bad leadership and now they’re good leadership you all are to blind to see this for so many of u a custom to hand out from pass failure leaders Gaston brown and the labour party is best for this country in time like these wake up Antiguans France like to say take a page out of st. Kitts Antigua supposed to be the top island in the( oecs) and lovvell dose not have such skills to do this he is a week politician and so and Antigua will be week also cherish your country my people these are challenging times u must vote labour all the way down

    • You Know Tabor, for a lawyer you really amaze me with your dumb arguments. You gave a perfect example why that what Trump did is different from what Gaston did. Trump use his house as a work residence and charge the Government to pay him for that. Conflict of interest. Trump lease a Hotel from the Government and make sure he places all foreign dignitaries in that hotel. Conflict again. Other private hotels get direct competition from the President. Trump has a Golf Club in Ireland and since he is president the USA Airforce has been forced to use that facility whenever they fly around the world. They did not do that before. Big Conflict of Interest. Gaston rents his “Private House” to another Private Individual. That doesn’t even come close to a conflict with his position as Prime Minister. The Treasury is not asked to pay any bill. The Individual is not given any government contract for this and therefore doesn’t benefit from renting from the PM. So where the hell is the conflict in your argument. if you feel that there is, why not file a complaint with the Integrity Commission. You know you have the right as a Citizen to do so. You need to stop your hatred for the man and live up to your professional standard.


    Tabor is GASTON BROWNE HATER. Tabor is so JEALOUSY of Gaston it is not FUNNY. Tabor is a FAILED Lawyer. Gaston will be Prime Minister forever. That is bothering Tabor AND UPP. Gaston rent to whom He wishes. TABOR , SERPENT , KNIGHT and UPP BADMINDED set a PEOPLE.

    Gaston wil take care of You Guys on His Program later on POINTE FM 99.1.

    Gaston will set UPP topic for the next two weeks.

  9. Don’t bother with these blind followers of can do no wrong Gaston Browne. They are paid trolls. You see, he does his wrongs and then call them, or one impersonator, out to write crap and defend him

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