Brawl at Sir Novelle Richards Academy Leaves Two Hospitalized, Multiple Arrested



A lunch break brawl at Sir Novelle Richards Academy on Wednesday led to two students hospitalized and several arrests.

Eyewitnesses reported one student was knocked unconscious with a stick during an altercation, which escalated when another student tried to intervene.

Police responded, resulting in the hospitalization of two students and the arrest of approximately ten others.







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  1. Too much of this now, young people study your school work, stay out of trouble, elevate yourselves and make something out of your lives

  2. Young people grab your education not crime, love each other, respect your friends and others, help others succeed do not fight for what will not help you in the future. Please take heed, we need a next generation that will lead not bleed.

  3. It’s all fine and dandy to advise the yutes to study and embrace positivity, BUT WE AS A SOCIETY MUST SET THE EXAMPLE and not be fearful to be their parents.

  4. You guys are so correct however teachers are to busy not educating those students. Teachers and monitors should have reported this before it escalated. Who are watching our children at school ?

  5. What you guys refer to as education is actually indoctrination.
    Education has to do with personal development while indoctrination has to do with socializing the individual to fit into a box call the system.

  6. First place to look is the homes from which they came ..that’s ground 0 for discipline!

  7. Only the beginning of MUCH MORE SEVERE VIOLENCE that is going to rock the life out of this nation.
    What we are witnessing is the withdrawal of the Spirit of God from this Earth…as it is quite evident that our hearts are hell set on doing evil and continually so. The Source of GOOD; we have rejected and thus we are left to our own devices. This is the path we have chosen and behold the consequences we must experience.

    Truth must be told: believe it or NOT: We are rapidly moving towards the end of times and these occurrences will be more frequent and intense.
    This is the how the world begun to completely sway away from TRUTH and Righteousness; in the days of Noah, and the days of Lot. What were the results in those times?
    Darker days are ahead…when all hell will be unleashed on the entire world and the demons will be on a rampage to destroy as many souls as they can.
    When our hearts are only set for worldly pleasures and fleeting carnal excitement…..when we have completely turned away from the Creator …..and yet still expect to have peaceful happy lives. It just does NOT make sense.

    There is yet HOPE for those who are willing to turn the other way. From the vanities, greed, selfishness and corruption of this world. Hope that all this misery and suffering will soon end and a new world of peace and true joy is ushered in.

    Until then, let us pray that we will resist the evil and not succumb to the destruction of the enemy. The nature that we feed the most is the one that will dominate our lives. If we feed our minds with filth, violent music, corrupt movies, etc….then that will result in the sad situations we witness happening in our schools and societies every day.
    On the other hand, if we instead feed our minds more and more constantly with the way of the Creator; then it is His nature of Love and Peace that we will develop.

    It is SIMPLE TRUTH. Yet most Do NOT want to follow this path because it calls for a life of self-denial, sacrifices and discipline. Truth hurts, but it SAVES.

    Good vs Evil: Choose this day which way we will yield to. We either stand on the side of TRUTH and LIVE or we fall for the way of evil and die.

  8. The #H_Angry_Generation!
    The #HANGry_Generation!
    The #Angry_Generation!
    Generation_Angry is on the rise!
    Don’t be surprise!
    It’s as evident, as a #Devils_Bridge Sunrise!
    This is not, hapistance!
    They’re vibing off, HUEman nonsense, and ignorance!

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  9. @ World “Crysis”. I respect but don’t agree with you on some points. So so so many white people, Chinese, east indians and syrians are living and attending schools in this country. How many incidents such as these, involve any one of these groups?? Name one. I am waiting.We argue about hairstyles, weed foreigners, everything else but the real issue. What do those group of people I mentioned have in common? The nuclear family structure. Ebry corner in Antigua have a church. The adults holier than thou on Saturday and Sunday, yet children are living in homes with unmarried parents, with siblings with different fathers. Always quarrels about child support etc. Being in the system, I see these things manifest themselves every day. Most of my people’s kids grow up with that animosity. It carries over to their school and adult life. Many of these kids maybe know who some of these people behind the surge in crime, are. A father, uncle, step father. Who do they confide in? How do they cope with the hypocrisy??Blame the adults, not the kids. And NOT the teachers or schools. Novelle Richards is an open sesame – any tom dick and Mary can walk on the premises. Broken promises from whom?? The world may indeed figuratively end for our people. We lack love of self. Waiting on me. Byam to start blaming government ‘love’ for Caribbean foreigners.

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