Bramble tells her side of the story, refuting report that she was charged and held, and alleging a ‘vendetta’ with legal officer


REAL NEWS: Washington Bramble is refuting an earlier report that she was charged and detained over the weekend by the Police after having being taken into custody last Friday, March 4.

Bramble tells REAL News she was in a meeting with his Permanent Secretary that afternoon when a police inspector and two other officers entered the room and announced they were arresting her “on suspicion of committing a crime.”

According to Bramble, “they never said what crime, but they put me in handcuffs, put me in their vehicle, and drove me to my home.”

She claims the police officers then executed an incomplete search warrant – the signature on which she questioned – and it was then she learned she was suspected of having committed “an electronic crime.”

Bramble says the officers “searched up” her place, as well as her yard, and eventually confiscated her tablet, two cell phones, and a DVD burner, before transporting her to the Langfords Police Station for questioning.

At the station, she reportedly was informed that the Acting Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) had reported him to the Commissioner of Police, claiming she had used Facebook to incite hatred against her.

Bramble says she gave no answers to the officers’ questions and indicated that she “had no comment.”

She says she was released “after 8 p.m. the same Friday night” – rather than detained over the weekend as REAL News first reported.

However, her devices were kept by the Police, she says, in the event that a decision is made later to have her charged.

Bramble says the “story” about being charged and held was deliberately put out by our Newsroom’s source – because, she alleges, the Acting DPP “has a vendetta” against her.

She says the bad blood stems from a 2017 incident for which she was convicted, but had the conviction overturned by the Court of Appeal.

Further, Bramble says she sued the Attorney-General for injuries she sustained in an encounter with the Police, but she alleges that – out of malice – a decision on it has been stymied by the legal authorities since November 2020.

Meanwhile, she says she will be filing a complaint with the Police Commissioner in a bid to recover her electronic devices and to stop what she considers “harassment” by the Acting DPP.

Bramble adds that she is prepared to escalate the matter to the Judicial and Legal Services Commission in St. Lucia.


A guide to transgender terms

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  1. Can the editor of this article please make up your mind as to the preferred gender you want to use

    • I’m literally thinking the same thing.
      I think it might be deliberate for readers who are not aware that the subject of the article is transgender. All the same though, a singular gender should be used or an early indication of the transgender fact (which, I don’t think should matter considering the context of the piece).

      Gotta admit that the use of both is kinda ticklish 😂

  2. 👀👀👀#where’s da #Dumplin⁉️
    @REAL ‘fake’ Knewz!
    The National Enquirer has a partner in crime!

    R U a flip from “he” to “she,”
    then “him” to “her,” as you describe Miss Ahhh Bramble’s trials and tribulations regarding #S’him being arrested.

    A…roast de #Dumplin innah de fire⁉️


    B…fry de #Dumplin innah de Hot-Oil. Not Bulgannee Oil thou!

    Damn, r u hab S’Him a jump fram #Fire to #Frying Pan and #Frying Pan to #Fire lakkah Chinny Man, a roast Dawg! Dat no right innah GB sight!

    • Who is this stupid pussyhole gay guy? I’m quite ok , so don’t get excited . I will not stop bunning out you bullers!

      • @Washington Bramble…the only gaiety in me, is the vibe and feeling of excitement the body enjoys, as my natural dick is stroked, by a natural pussy!

        Trust me, your dilemma is not a new one. You are intelligent enough to know the use of ‘psychology’ since, your indoctrination’s and initiations are based upon such.
        I’m also fully aware, that the Order and it #Branches the LGQPATBG or any other of the #ALPHABETH SOUP gang are not only the most powerful and well funded political organization(s), of HUEmanity today, they’re also the same, as a #Religous Order because they are that too!

        So, be that as it may, be mindful, that there’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance, and therein lies ignorance. I can respect your #HYBRIDISATION, it’s a necessary force which has to be dealt with, at life’s #crossroads where the summation of the forces are equal to zero.
        I don’t and won’t accept it.
        Therefore, I could careless what or who you identify with. You don’t owe me a fuck, and I don’t owe you none. Other than that, if for whatever reason you think, that I owe you something, you can always see Vere C. Edwards from the Cemetery to the crossroads, to J-Square in B’more to Point/Villa, whenever, I visit Antigua and I don’t fire #Shit #Shankers!

  3. Ok I really don’t know if I should be amused, or amazed, the reporter is co confused, one time in the same report the individual is refered to as she then he. Please is it he or she? You are confusing me.

  4. That person in question looks like a Woman but in reality is a Man. So He is a She is a He. Got it !! LOL

  5. Why is this news media referring to Bramble as “she” when the entire nation knows that Bramble is a man.
    Wouldn’t this be going against the principle of the Creator?
    The editor of this article should familiarize himself/herself with the first chapter of the Book of Romans in the Bible.

  6. Why the shit should there be a guide to Transgender terms? What’s it a new species of people..May as well say a Guide to dam freaks of nature.. Who cares -there are two Genders -Male/Female.. Everything evil America does y’all embrace..Get me a dam break

  7. The same way we all in here use Pseudonym to hide our identity, the use of language and interpretation in English is not to confuse the reader , language is not ABC to Z. Please understand and respect the authors work without creating harm to any one individual or individuals who may choose to take legal action as a member of the LGBT COMMUNITY.

  8. Some yall cursing Bramble for whatttt and the same ones that be going with women and the same men that taking shit bud. I dont want call names. Especially them two youth man from grays farm wah gwarn like them a bad man and them a bull man. Some yall women if yall only knew yall getting shit bud… yall wouldnt want fi see nobody cuz yall be shame.

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