Bramble points fingers at the police after sex tapes go viral


Transgender woman Washington Bramble says that she is not responsible for releasing three sex tapes currently in circulation. CLICK HERE JOIN WHATS APP GROUP

The videos have gone viral on What’s App. However, Bramble thinks this is part of a wider conspiracy by the police to continue to vilify her.

“As you know, I have a lawsuit against the police where they came into my work place and arrested me on allegations that I was harassing the former Acting DPP.

“They came to my work on March 4, confiscated a tablet and two phones which was at my work place,” she said.

Bramble says her all personal information are on those devices.

“So they have those devices,” Bramble said.

“I strongly believe they are the ones who leaked the videos. It would either be them or the other individuals in the videos, but these are three separate videos and I don’t think the individuals colluded to release them.

The LGBTQIA advocate says she has not reported the matter to the police because it would be handled by the same officers who charged her.

“I have chosen not to report the matter and instead amend my lawsuit to include this latest infraction.”

Bramble has been charged under the Electronic Crimes Act for sending hateful messages. The complainant is Sharon Martin.

In return, Bramble has sued the Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh and the police. She has also filed a complaint against Walsh with the Judicial and Legal Services Commission.

All matters before the court are pending.

ANR contacted the police for a response but one was not forthcoming at the time of publication. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHATS APP GROUP

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  1. I take offense to ppl calling Washington bramble a female, does he use female rest rooms🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • Does it matter if he identify as a man or a woman, why would it bother you that what he does with his life. worry about you and your children. Leave ppl business alone

      • I’m so agreeing with u….the importance of the matter, them na question it

      • Bramble help us indetify all the bullers that done run up your buthole, im sure we would be so shocked to see it’s some popular and prominent men in our society. 🤢🤮🕳💣

  2. Why don’t you be ur self God made u to be a man be aan and stop being what u aren’t fire bon

  3. This morning MISSA KNIGHT met His match. The Lady from New Jersey let him have it on WTP Fm Radio this morning. She told Him at the Drive in Cinema and what Knight does with His body. She exposed Knight this morning . Knight needs more like this. Knight met His match and rightfully so.

    • Knight would be wasting his time with someone who live in NJ for all these years and can only baby sit people children, instead of going to night school. George must be so embarrassed.

      • CR, The fact that she is ELIGIBLE to be around children is a big deal. Not like the UPP having a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE as its frontman on CURSEader Radio and doing interviews with Gisele Isaac!

        “The court was told that the violation had impacted the young victim so severely, she wanted to end her life and had engaged in self mutilation”

        Tell Lovell to check his slate of candidates to see if an alleged RAPIST is part of the line up.

        • Tell Gaston to bring the evidence and stop chatting lies. A who pay the young lady, if a young lady exist at all.

  4. I’ll question anyone’s sanity who makes their own sex tape and turn around saying they advocate for something. GTFOH.

  5. Two men can’t have sex,they need to find another name for what they are doing, But its definitely not sex.
    No one is interested in watching such tapes.

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  8. that video is on troll antigua and the guy look like he a enjoy whatever hole Bramble has 😢🤦🏾 fu he heart strong bad murder!!!

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