Bramble arrested again


Transgender woman Washington Bramble was arrested Wednesday afternoon while at work at the Ministry of Education.

She was taken to the Longford Police Station.

The reasons for the arrest are not immediately clear but is believed to be in connection with an ongoing investigation.

She is expected to appear in court on Thursday.


Six of nine charges against Washington Bramble withdrawn

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  1. hope you get some good b*lling while you locked up.

    Bramble tell us who are the guys walking around Antigua with their chest high playing sharp man but love up inna you? 😂🤣

    I’m sure many would be shocked.

  2. She ? What bs is this.. a man can never be a woman .. please correct your story and come again .. an can the media stop forcing this guy bs on our kids .. there’s no pride in that shit

  3. Foreign gunmen killing and robbing people with impunity, but the police wasting time harassing antiman for posting on FB.

  4. HE was born with a PENIS. He can’t have a menstrual. HE wasn’t born with breast. He can’t produce breast milk. HE does not have a UTERUS. HE can’t bear biological children….Only a she, female, her, woman, lady…can do this. anything of the opposite would mke them a man. sorry to be the bearer of bad news….

  5. It’s so distasteful that Bramble is always in things he makes it bad for the LGBTQI Community on hid path and fhe Media to Stop call him she according to the Word which he is a Transexual and not a Transgender unless he hasn’t to the Surgery he is considering Transexual meaning a man or woman who consider them self to be identified as another gender,who does not under go sex change.

  6. Leave her alone.

    Turn your heads to arresting:
    Fleeing non nationals
    Drunk drivers

    Stop hassling someone because you do not agree with their lifestyle.
    This is nonsense.

  7. Tap harass Washington and go after them criminal foreigners. You dont see the state Antigua in with crime?! Smfh

  8. Maby he got lock up because buggery is still against the law in antigua, which he recorded on the devices the police has. 😆 lol

  9. It was tuesday and now it change to wednesday tell them give the right day because yesterday I saw tuesday

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