BPM rejects “unethical” salary increase for Barbuda Council


The Barbuda Peoples Movement members of the Barbuda Council have said that they will return a $ 1000 increase reflected in their last pay.

In a news release, the BMP called the increase “illegal” and “unethical” arguing that the proper procedure was not followed in granting it.

“Regarding the increase of $1000.00 (EC) received by all members of the Barbuda Council, the five BPM members of Council would like to publicly state that we are not aware of any formal Council meeting in which the matter of an increase was discussed.”

The BPM says there has been no authorisation for the increase.

“We are also not aware of this increase being included in the estimates for Barbuda Council’s 2018 expenditures. There is no resolution recorded in minutes pertaining such an increase.”

They view the increase as a deliberate attempt to implicate all members of the Barbuda Council in the unethical functioning of the people’s business adding that it “is unconscionable and we will not accept it.”

“We will be returning the excess amount since we do not want to be a part of this unethical decision,” the BPM said in its release.



  1. Wait the BPM just woke up … wasnt this same issue put to rest and a recall for the fund aired by the counsel head … since it was said to be a mistake. Wake up guys u missing the boat… LOL

    • Antigua News room just wake up. Brenton you leave Observer yet still u can’t stop copy observer news. You see if cecelia only had listen to when she was warned you wouldn’t have been able to stab observer in the back

      • I coulda swear I heard Martina Johnson reporting this week on Observer Radio. Thought they said the Guyanese was gone for good and going back home for family reasons.

  2. Good for you guys, it was a trap. BTW did Arthur Nibbs answer questions about his so called unregistered charity receiving goods yet?

  3. BPM are just trying to score political points!, you already have this money how are you planning on returning it? One stated he will not touch it but it’s still in your accounts gaining interest and the one who spoke first well know she ain’t deh too good and need it but following the band wagon.

  4. Show us a bank slip of your depositing the monies into the council’s account then talk, until then you received the money do hush.

    • Where were those slips shown? Direct me to the individual’s page so I can see! Those monies were deposited in their accounts and remain there!

  5. They only playing they stupid, they saying they not attending no meeting in Antigua and have not gone to the first 2 meetings but bet you they will be at the third cause dem ain’t want get thrown out, big bad and brave they only upset that they are not ruling the council to control the funds, the ppl give them a raise and they acting so holy and righteous but when them in there all they women and keep woman and family collecting checks, the one secretary of the council that the if up all the money and fly out can not return to the island, they want get in to continue the trend

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