BPM: Barbuda’s Lands are not for sale


The Lands of Barbuda are owned in Common by the People of Barbuda.

Barbuda’s Lands are not for sale

The Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM takes note of the last Cabinet report dated Wednesday 19 April 2023

and item 6 where it reports that: “The Cabinet held a discussion ona (sic) further amendment of the Barbuda Land (Amendment) Act (2018)”.

We wish to remind all that the Barbuda Local Government Act (1976) (BLGA) establishes the Barbuda


Section 3. (1) For the purposes of this Act there shall be established a Council for Barbuda which shall administer the system of local Government for the Island constituted by this Act.

  1. The Council shall be a body corporate by the name of “the Barbuda Council” with perpetual succession and a common seal, and power to purchase, acquire, hold, mortgage and dispose of land and other property.
  2. The island shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Council which is hereby invested with the powers set out in this Act.

The Barbuda Local Government Act is entrenched in the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda and can only be changed in the manner prescribed there. Specifically, only the people of Barbuda and its Council can make changes to the BLGA. The Council on behalf of the people of Barbuda will continue to manage the island of Barbuda under its communal land system. The lands of Barbuda are not for sale.

No amount of Cabinet statements, plans to amend, repeal or ignore laws will succeed in coercing the people of Barbuda to acquiesce to the central government administration’s attempts to impose non-sustainable and environmentally destructive development policies on Barbuda. Barbudans will continue to act in order to safeguard their grandchildren’s future.

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  1. Even a loss at the Privy counsel is not enough for these guys, time to roll in the proverbial backhoes. Wanting a Union but only one side should bare all the costs while the other wants all the benefits (symptoms of childishness)

    • You people are real mercenaries. Anything this lunatic decides to do, you idiots seem to have no choice but to follow. He has an inferiority complex and so do YOU. I have never been a slave and I’m certainly not going to allow any House Slave or Uncle Tom, with very low self esteem to drag me into their relm.

  2. Good for you BPM. Stand up to this wannabe,land grabbing dictator. VC Bird borrowed 5 million pounds to purchase Antigua crown lands. We, the people of Antigua repaid that loan. When you pay for something, does it not belong to you? Yet native born Antiguans cannot own a piece of this rock. How does that work?

    • Watching, when locals (which include so called Barbudans) buy crown land do they pay the appraised value or its given at a concessionary price? You really believe the private sector would be selling lands at the price for eg CHAPA selling lands? Those National Housing lands and houses you are unaware they are sold at a price much less than market to locals? Even most times when a private developer is involved, the land portion, if derived from from crown land, tends to come with a concession to the buyer. Why the pretense at being ignorant?

      • @tenman.
        It is embedded in the mindset of the ruing ABLP administration to belittle and show disrespect towards the people of Barbuda. You being the Town Cryer-in-Chief for the said party have just provided proof positive when you describe Barbudans as ‘so-called Barbudans’, your words. We also had our own Marvelous Prime Minister in the aftermath of the past hurricane describe them as ‘deracinated imbeciles’. You will remember those remarks without doubt. Barbudans will without question remember how the Prime Minister referred to them in such a derogatory manner. Someone in another post described the Prime Minister as an idiot. Although the Prime Minister scores zero in my book I pointed out that such words were disrespectful to the leader of the country and should not have been used. Keep to the rights or otherwise of the purchase of lands in Barbuda and have a robust debate and not continue to denigrate Barbudans who have for centuries held their land in common. The Privy Council has spoken but the bond that ties Barbudans to their land is not easily broken and might never be. Am born and bred Antiguan and my roots go deep so I have no axe to grind. Never been to Barbuda either.

        • Oversee- Take the time to read the same act they are defending and how it defines a “Barbudan” then come back and talk to me

          • @tenman.
            No act created by any mortal ever so high can define a person’s identity—-none. Can an act deny that anyone born in for example, Texas, should not regard themselves as Texan, one born in Alaska as Alaskan or Georgian as Georgian? Keep in mind the said people are all Americans too so where do you go from here? Ah yes, you can no longer identify yourself as Antiguan because some act defines you as being only West Indian or Caribbean. How would you like that? Keep in mind again that Antigua (and Barbuda) is part of the West Indies or Caribbean. The inhabitants of Barbuda are fully entitled to called themselves Barbudans for they are just that. Now you come back and talk to me.

        • @Oversee thankfully the government will be shortly getting rid of the 2007 act of drunkenness that made no sense in its definition of “Barbudan”. Reading it I could not help but think of Hitler’s Germany. Grand parent must be born in Barbuda for you to be “Barbudan If someone divorces or separates from a “Barbudan” they lose all rights:

          “A person who is not a Barbudan who has been marríed to a Barbudan for a períod of five years and who resides ín Barbuda shall enjoy the rights of a Barbudan unless he or she is living apart from the spouse under a decrec of a competent court or a deed of separation or re-marries to a non-Barbudan”

          Good riddance to garbage, that you seem to support

          • @tenman.
            You have not answered any of the questions I asked of you so you have another chance to do so. Let me put it simply: who would you regard as a ‘so-called Barbudan’ (your words) and who would you regard as being a true Barbudan? Surely there must be those who fall into either category. For instance, do you regard yourself as a so-called Antiguan or a true Antiguan? As I pointed out earlier there are Texans, Alaskans etc. who are obviuosly citizens of the US yet are sometimes referred to as ‘Tex’ and so on and are proud of it. Antiguans do not have the affinity or bond towards their land, what’s left of it as Barbudans do to theirs; that is a well known and obvious fact. Let them hold on to the little they have and not sell their land willy nilly to build golf courses in the name of development. How’s the planned Seaforth ‘development’ progressing? It’s the one and only area of wetland we have in Antigua which might soon disappear if the planners get the go-ahead. Long may Barbudans hold on to what they have. They are conserving what needs to be be conserved.

      • @Tenman
        Most Antiguans cannot buy private lands in Antigua because they do not make enough money to qualify for a bank loan. On the occasion when private lands are available, they have no infrastructure and the government has to provide this years layer. Any private lands with infrastructure is beyond what many Antiguans can afford. The majority of Antiguans are civil servants and when they cannot get bank loans, this leaves a small minority who qualifies.

    • Do you think it’s right n fair for Antiguans not to be able to own lands in Barbuda? That’s the question ❓❓❓

      • Ohh shut up!! You think it’s fear for antiguans to be purchasing lands for over 300000 and still can’t build on it even if they acquired it. Barbuda is considered third world which makes it an interests for rich investors. What do you think would happen to Barbuda’s habitat if that happens? How would barbudans thrive? These are the questions you should be asking. The land is crown for various reasons and it’s best to stay the way it is… I guarantee you that if u stayed in Barbuda for a month u wouldn’t want to live there. So for a non Barbuda to aquire land would jus be for investment purposes and not for living. So the barbudans are right.leave them alone

  3. So even after they went to the Privy Council and got a ruling they still do not want to wake up from their dream. I mean it is very dangerous to have people’s brains washed for so long. They just cannot get over what they have been taught and that it was not right. What we see here is that a whole nation, no matter how small, was duped. And it will take many counselling sessions to make them think right again. This is scary.

  4. What is the obsession by this government with the lands in Barbuda and also Antigua for that matter? I have no issue with ordinary Antiguans acquiring lands in Barbuda to build a home or running a business. But what Gaston Browne intends to do is his cabal taking the prime sea front lands and the rest of the best lands going to foreigners to building their mansions and golf course. I am sure I heard him say that the government will make money from property taxes from the rich homeowners. When they don’t pay the property taxes, I guess he will seize the properties and then their governments will put sanctions on Antigua.
    There was an African man on a radio station saying he wants to buy land in Antigua. The world knows Antiguan lands are available. Now we are hearing about an African free trade zone. If the Africans buy the lands at Willoughby Bay, will this be another Morris Bay situation? We know this government is incapable of making sound decisions that benefit Antiguans and Barbudans. Their decisions are always clouded by how they can benefit. They entered in some agreement with an African for an airline and all we got were what they say were illegal flights bringing in illegal migrants.
    V C Bird said to leave Barbuda people alone with their lands. Gaston should take his advice. The lands should be for future generations.

    • Gaston will not leave Barbudans alone with their lands because he is the only person who must own the prime real estate. The lands are too good for black people. We know he only likes black people he can lord over. Keep black people poor and beggars.

    • VC Bird never said such. He made clear that all rights should be enjoyed by all once they are a citizen of A&B. We are one nation emphasized by our one constitution

  5. Leave the people of barbuda alone. They don’t want to sell, they just don’t want sell leave them alone. There is no doubt in my mind that the colonizers who abducted our ancestors from the mother land will again own the island. The white man will end up in possession of the prime areas on the island. And of course, they will do everything to deny you access to the beaches. Gaston Brown has no vision for the country. He is nothing more than an arrogant self centered individual who thinks only of himself. The colonizers saw the islands as good for one only thing and that was for plantations and to breed slaves. Yes indeed, they did generarate a massive amount of wealth (generational wealth) and did nothing for our ancester. They got reparation for their property but our ancestors got nothing for their labor. Perhaps we can say we got some land and beaches but nothing for our labor. I am afraid that Gaston brown and the labor party is going to sell Antigua and Barbuda back into slavery. Over his 2 terms the Prime Minister has sold land and even islands and no one can talk of the benefits. Yeda I cant even spell the name much less pronounce it. Over 10 years has he produced any benefit to the country yet, eh. The Indians, what have they done?

  6. It is a simple thing
    1 The people created parliament and fives parliament the authority to make laws.
    2 The parliament can never be higher than the people.
    3 Any law passed by parliament that is not in the interest of the people is automatically void.
    4 Parliament cannot do that which the people do not desire.
    5 Barbuda did not give parliament the mandate to make any law on their behalf.

  7. Can a Barbudan, any Barbudan give me some advice on my lineage, and does this make me qualify, as a descendant of Barbudans to own(be given lands like all Barbudans…

    A…from my mother’s lineage
    Alice Walters family to the Deazle’s
    had a son Scarvel Edwards who’s my Grandfather. Does this qualify as a Barbudan?

    B…from my father’s lineage…
    My grandmother’s mother(Limerick from Sweetes/Roman Hill) had my grandmother with J. Bailey from Falmouth her name was Hilda better known as Mama Hillie from Point/Villa .
    Let’s get one thing, the first thing straight like a harpoon, I’m not looking for a handouts from anyone, nor trying to be #Nuff_N_Edge_Up. I’m just making sure, that my kids and grandkids, don’t start that “#Blue_Blood Dynasty quagmire, hush-hush family.

    However, since I can recall a a kid, my grandmother always, always, always helped some Barbudan to settle in Point & Villa. Ms. Douxee, and family to others. Now, the reasons are much clearer. She was of Barbuda lineage.

    I’m getting this lineage info from my 95 year young mother. So, now with all that said, can I prove my Barbuda lineage, will this qualify me, as being eligible to own lands in Barbuda?

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

    • @Ras Smood
      If Barbudans don’t want the lands sold, what is wrong with that? Maybe you can make a request to the council to lease you some if you want to live or do business in Barbuda. Barbudans don’t want what is happening to Antigua lands happen in Barbuda. We know the Antigua land sharks are circling.

      • @The way I see it…as a matter of fact, I’ve always said, that with its surroundings(lagoon, mangrove swamps etc) are the perfect locations to establish #Pearl_Farming to sea moss to seaweed farming. The Caribbean Queen Conch is used by the Japanese Pearl Farmers to produce a Pink Pearl(pearls are still considered Royal_Gems). Sea moss to seaweeds are cultivated to supply the food industry, the cosmetic industry etc. On a small scale lime production from the sea shells combined with the dried sargassum weed looks like a great organic fertilizer. Speaking of fertilizer, the fish carcasses from bones to scales to inners/guts are the base for cat and dog food too.
        So yes, I would invest in Barbuda with the intention of empowering the Barbudans for generations to come. I still put life, in perspective in terms of Food-Shelter-Clothing. Those who control the food and shelter of their existence will definitely be INDEPENDENT, and Barbudans have a great opportunity to do just that.
        However, as I have laid out my lineage for you, simply because many of us were not born, on Barbuda soil, does not eliminate us from claiming our Barbudan lineages.
        Barbudans have to admit this, along with these facts…

        A…one hand cyan clapp👏🏿
        B…it’s easy to break one stick🥢but put two together, it gets harder, to break them.🥢🥢put three together, four, five, 6, 7 it gets harder all the way to impossible. It’s the premise behind the Fascia and the Ax head, a symbol of strength.

        Just so you understand, again, Barbudans and Antiguans have always shared very close family relationships, as in, the degree of separation is less than one percent. Therefore, in all fairness to ALL, we have to get this right as in come to an amicable agreement. It cannot remain as one sided as it is.

        Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Foot Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards.

        • @Ras Smood
          If only the Antiguan government had your vision. How could the Barbudans not accept your ideas. This would provide opportunities not only for Barbudans but also Antiguans. I am afraid this government would steal your ideas and give it to one of them or not give approval at all. Why can’t this government could up with ideas to enrich Antigua and Barbudans outside of maid jobs in hotels and selling off the lands to enrich themselves. Antigua will continue to be under developed with lack of industries because the government is incompetent and interested only in raping the country.

          • @The way I see it….
            I read you loud and clear, and yes, I very much aware of the #habits of our government’s and their knack for stealing ideas end concepts. The Cable Television Saga was my first taste of how devious, envious, egotistical those who sit in the Parliament can be.
            One thing is certain, in the essence of the Essence. They can steal your ideas but they can only steal your soul, knowledge and wisdom if you let them.

            The #Struggle Continues…

            …for, as habits become the Norm
            …the norm, become A Way Of Life
            …a way of life, defines a People
            …and, a people defines a Culture!
            …this culture will predicate!
            …said culture shall dictate!
            …the directions, said People take!
            …since, life is cyclic
            …as, Time is left in its own wake!


            Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
            De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Foot Bastard

            Vere C. Edwards

  8. We have to get rid of Gaston because all he thinks about is making money for his family and cabal. Greedy people don’t know when them belly full. Even when we try legal means to elect another government, this person found illegal means to hold onto government. Harold Lovell lost by six votes. We know Gaston wanted to get rid of Harold. Would there be any surprise that his constituency had a lot of voters transferred in.
    His supporters say he is so bright. Why doesn’t he take his so called talents and get out of government and start a company to create employment for Antiguans. Why does he have to resort to fraud to stay in power? He is capable of making money only by having access to the country’s resources, whether it is rental income or public lands.
    I will be visiting Italy soon. Maybe some one there can advise me on bringing democracy to Antigua.
    In the near future, a lot of young people will have to leave Antigua for opportunities. But then Gaston said they will send money back to their poor families left behind.

  9. Gaston Browne is not interested in social welfare, nor making lives better for Antiguans and Barbudans.

    He has no patience with social problems. It is like poverty embarrasses him. All he wants to do is get involved with projects and activities that create money, not use money on poor and sick people.

    We are suffering this gutter type health system, he is using the money to maintain a luxury yacht. Children can’t get water in school, teachers spending their meagre salary to help their students, nurses can’t get proper work stations, policemen making do with hovel conditions and living spaces suitable for ratta, and Gaston does not care.


    And we watch him do this from day to day, and we chat, chat, chat, and we are so scared of confronting him about his lack of empathy, his lack of caring, his lack of support for the people who are responsible for making him an aspiring billionaire.




  10. Tenman and sideline are two ALP operatives, no question. Any and everything this idiot does, they are here to support, blinded by color and handouts and incapable of seeing country. Funny how they’re mentioning Privy Council. Did not this same privy Council rule that Cutie Benjamin has to answer to fraud charges? Of course, their memory is short here. Be guided. There is no statute of limitations for fraud.
    Barbudans, fight this clown and do not relent. This man is greedy and as the old saying goes,” greed will imprison us all.” Matter of time really.

    • @Watching, like you are late.. I have been opposing the Barbuda Land act when it was first a bill in parliament in around 2007. Made clear it read like something composed by men who were inebriated. Back then I was not a supporter of the ABLP. If you are old enough you would recall comments on Caribarena with me stating my opposition. The act was trash and as was seen in the privy counsel ruling, its general idea that lands in Barbuda did not belong to central government was rubbished.

    • ctd.. @Watching The privy counsel judges were Gaston Yes men? No (your interpretation is wrong) the privy counsel ruled that the COP then (law was changed and Justin Simon was an advocate for the change since he started the process – ie the police always losing or dropping charges was the reason Justin stated) has the power to initiate a case without the DPP agreement. They also did add it was best practice though (but not mandatory) that the COP heed the DPP advice. Watching was it not the cop who later stood in court and stated there was not sufficient evidence to proceed? As Justin Simon said in parliament, the police have a bad record when it comes to prosecuting crimes. Watching the decision (Privy) is online go and read it and stop making it look like UPP trashed your brain

  11. I don’t give a dam what you say sideline. You are a red cool aid drinker and incapable of seeing anything wrong with this incompetent, corrupt administration. Why bring UPP into this? Now Cutie Benjamin is scrambling to correct HIS mistake. No, wait. Robinson and Bowen exposed the new bill and where is it today? I said, and repeat. Cutie Benjamin was ruled to answer for fraud charges, and nothing you say can change that.

    • Stand your ground @ Watching, of course you are correct regarding Cutie Benjamin and his slipping and sliding around his own issues with the Privy Council.

      Financial fraud has no statute of limitations, so there’s still time to hold Benjamin to account … what say you tenman?

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