Boys Charged With Attempted Murder Appears before Child Justice Board

The two boys, charged with wounding with intent to murder Jahhym Azoo, appeared before the Child Justice Board in a private and confidential hearing on Monday afternoon.
The Board is headed by Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards with Pastor James Gore and two social workers, Norma Jeffrey Dorsett, and Ava Weston.
According to the Child Justice Act, the objectives of the initial inquiries are to establish whether the matter can be diverted before a plea is taken and decide what diversion option if any would be suitable.
There are three levels of diversion options and depending on the circumstances it may include: issuing an apology, attending counseling or making restitution.
If the matter can not be diverted, then the Board may allow for a prosecutor to assess the evidence to determine whether it is enough to go ahead with a trial.
The Board will also determine the placement of the child pending the conclusion of the inquiry and the appearance of the child in court

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      Someone may have deceptively misled the media.

      No fault of the media, but the information contained herein, is incorrect.

      It is not about ‘…Child Justice,’ or offering apology to victim.

      It is all about ‘…Criminal Justice.’

      Even as the ‘…Child Justice Board’ has been so established for a specific purpose, it is not a judicial body.
      It has ‘…no judicial powers,’ and therefore, cannot address or adjudicate this matter.

      ‘…Wounding with Intent to Murder’ is a very serious crime- ‘…an indictable offence.’

      It is entirely a matter for the Police, a sitting Magistrate and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

      • Thank you Mr Pompey for clarifying because my comment was not going to be nice and decided to stop and read your response. I hope the powers may be handles this within all the guidelines of the law and with the fullest punishment that can be met.

        • Now this is the kinda ignorance while bad things wouldn’t stop in Antigua, others will do the same because, now you can just apologize and do some community service and you walk and brag to your friends about what happen it’s so disappointing.

  1. Antigua’s government must do a full investigation into the immigration status of these ‘children’ and their ‘parents’. CARICOM immigration is directly and indirectly creating a culture of crime in Antigua, as we can all see everyday.

    These alleged criminals are causing mischief in our peaceful Antigua and we must be honest about the multi-generational immigration status and nationality history of all parents and ‘children’ involved.

    By the way, if you own a dog and the dog bites somebody then you (as the owner of the dog) can be sued in a court of law for damages and financial compensation. The same should apply with children. If a child hurts somebody, then the parent should be sued for financial damages and liability.

  2. This happened every up in the year with some students from CHSS and not one thing was done. But hey who is me to talk because it only happens in 268

  3. This a pure bullshit should a mind somebody for me cause all the sorry and counseling nah go help the hell that would a unleash on dem and dem parents cant catch dem have to catch ur parents

  4. Dam nonsense about apology for someone almost loosing his life. Give me a break man. Oh, apology will pay for the hospital bills for the victim.The charge for the perpetrators is a serious one which is a felony to be tried by judge and jury and them talking about apology. suppose it was one of the Board members grand child.

  5. Thank you, Jesus, for the intellect of Sir Rolston Pompee, who has more knowledge and fortitude than all the 200+ INDIFFERENT LAWERS in ANTIGUA.

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