Boy stabbed in the chest with a pair of scissors


The disturbing youth-on-youth violence continues, with several wounding incidents being investigated, two of which involve young people.

A Green Bay woman reportedly took her grandson, of the same address, to the Grays Farm Police Station and complained that he had been stabbed in the chest with a pair of scissors.

Allegedly, the victim said he knows the reported assailant only by the name “Jonathan.”

Reports are that the victim was walking in Tinning Village with his friends when he was attacked and stabbed by the alleged offender with the scissors.

The young man, as a result, sustained a puncture wound to his upper chest and was subsequently issued a police medical form to consult a doctor.

This offence reportedly occurred at about 2:50 p.m. on February 15, and an initial search for the alleged perpetrator was unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, a Bendals Road woman took her 15-year-old son to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) on February 17 and reported that he had been stabbed in the back – also with a pair of scissors.

This offence reportedly occurred at about 2 p.m. on February 16 on High Street.

Reportedly, the Fourth-Form Ottos Comprehensive School student was in the vicinity of a barber shop when he and another youth – whose name he does not know, but who he would be able to identify, if seen  again – got into an altercation.

When he turned and was walking away, the other young man allegedly stabbed him in the back with a pair of small scissors, the youth reports.  However, he claims not to have realized he was wounded until someone told him that he was bleeding from his back.

The Police issued him a medical examination form to consult a doctor and, reportedly, he was also given certain directives. (REAL NEWS

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  1. Notice mother and grandmother no Father figure involved. They are not calling names either. They are considered punks if they report to the police the names, instead of dealing with it themselves. We need to make it compulsory for boys over 12 years to join the Cadets. Set up trade apprentice work programs for those that are not academically inclined. We need to take a more holistic approach. The boys training school will not help except to make them Hardcore criminals. Up there all types of nonsense use to take place, to include them sodomizing each other. I cannot recall any successful story coming out of the boys training.

  2. On Saturday the 18th day of February 2023 there were about 100 Cameroon nationals standing outside the St. John’s police station. I saw it with my own eyes yet nothing of the outcome of what was perceived to be a scam , whereby one of the fellow Africans scammed the other of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet nothing was reported on our state owned media. It was said that he told the others that he had arranged a private charter to take them to South American. After collecting their money he did not provide the service and failed to return their money. It was reported that he was arrested after his fellow Africans made a report at the police station but since then it has been all tight lipped .

    • Mr.Rodney is absolutely correct!
      When finished used the same scissors to cut up the weed, smoke it, them lightheaded punky self can’t manage it and get jumpy, violent and wanted to killed as soon as you said something they don’t like . If you can’t manage the weed leave it alone note I’m a user of it, weed makes me mellow, meditate,eat and sleep well, enhanced my sex life a so much positive experience and I’m not violent or jumpy.
      Alyyuh punky children leave it alone

  3. Ottos Comprehensive School again??? Mr. Roberts busy putting in his obssessive media appearances, so when will he actually make time to run the school assigned to him?

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