Bowen says single mother of 3 spent 71 days in jail for crime that carried 21 days maximum sentence


United Progressive Party candidate Sherfield Bowen is highlighting injustices in the criminal justice system in Antigua.


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      • A young lady was robbed of her life at the hands of this same hypocrite talking about INJUSTICE. On top of that Bowen is running in the constituency where his victim was born and raised. Her mother, brother and other relatives also live there too. How inhumane of him to resurrect their pain and trauma.

        INJUSTICE clearly took place in the case of the young lady. He needs to speak to that too.

        • Then Hon Jamal Pringle have the nerve to talk about lack of morals. Where the hell is UPP morals to allow this guy the run after what he did and got off due technicallity. Smh

        • How was years of harassment Sherfield by Tessa an injustice when she went to his office to confront him? Did you read the transcripts and the evidence that this young lady had a mental disability? Her mother stated this.

          Again, stick to the topic at hand. Address someone being in jail for longer than is legally required.

          • He knows EXACTLY why she went to his office to confront him! Sooner or later lies, sweet nothings, and broken promises will catch up with a MARRIED MAN! The young lady did NOT have any history of mental illness. Stop with the LIES!!!!

          • Tessa was not mentally ill, she was paid by the said Bowen to say that so he could be let off. As I said she was not mentally ill in any way, and let’s just say she was, as a man of the law why kill her, don’t you feel ashamed of being involved with a mentally ill person?

        • Wasnt he found not guilty? I think the facts are being misrepresented. Dont kno him or defending him but dont deceive people

    • 1). Is Lovell (happily) married?
      2). OMG journalists are afraid of getting another nasty, dutty, venomous tongue lashing from the jackass Knight. Just ask Darren Matthew-Ward

    • Correlate not showing his face with someone being locked up illegally. You probably dont know the biblical Paul was a murderer. Yet, you go to church every Sunday and believe his testament.

      Stick to the point of the story.

    • Would you vote for Lamin Newton?
      If Bowen put on a red shirt, you and all the labor supporters would vote for him.

      • Guarantee you are so correct. All these guys (or girls) like Pete, From The Sideline, Hmmmmmmm, JB and Phillip G are just a bunch of hypocrites.

        • Dude keep me out with the trolls. It don’t matter who that guy run with I would NEVER vote for him. But your respose don’t surprise me after all the both of you are lawyers and all watch each other backs. That guy is a disgrace I would say more but it won’t get posted.

        • & Charles, imagine the pocket of Bowen’s red shirt overflowing with cash compliments of YAda Yada YAda and all the phony investors for votes or voters cards.

  1. He is my Friend. I told Him not to get involved in politics because the ABLP will destroy Him He did
    not listen.

    • So you are friends with people who snuff out young girls’ lives? wow! Aren’t you proud of your inner circle.

  2. Bowen tou are absolutely correct with tour statements. Forget about politics for now. UPP and ABLP poor people get treated unfairly by the judicial system….Those that are cooled and smoothed always tend to get out of some serious legal issues without even a mention of their name in the press by virtue of these relationships that they including th directorate and the judiciary…

  3. When you have so much of a bagage you should not make yourself available for public office. Bowen should know that its not the right thing to do. I don’t know what he trying to proof and to who. Whether it was an accident or not he has blood on his hands. Just like Vere Bird III. I have also spoken out against him running for public office.
    What men should learn from Bowen’s case is that it is very risky to play around with a woman’s heart when you know you are not serious. Especially when you are married. It may seem macho but not every woman can take a broken heart easily. Too often men think they can just fool around with a woman have sex and then dump her as if she is some dirt. And then they are up to the next one. We have many examples where women take revenge and sometimes it is deadly for one or both of them. Sometime these men even endanger their own wife. Cause you never know what a woman may do. Another case that comes to mind that almost went bad was Bernard Percival and his wife, when he was fooling around. These are the ills of our society that we seriously need to address. Men you are not macho by being a playboy. You are lucky to come away alive. Women have strong feelings.

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