Boot Camp For Bullies


The Cabinet says it examined the phenomenon of bullying in schools and the recent expulsion accorded two boys who were taped in a choking/bullying incident.

The executive agreed that a Boot Camp of sorts can be established to ensure that treatment of the troubled youth can commence immediately after expulsion.

The government says it fears that those who are expelled may later become a challenge for the society.

It says the law requires continuing formal education until age 16 years; hence, any boy or girl younger than 16 years must continue to receive formal education.

It was agreed that many can be trained to procure building skills, including plumbing, carpentry, masonry, electrical and tiling, auto mechanical repair and other kinds of skills that can be strengthened in a very short period. Construction is now booming and that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Three new professionals, including two psychologists and a psychiatrist, are likely to be hired to work with those who pose a problem in school to other students, and those who are expelled.

Also, the Cabinet decided that the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social transformation and the Ministry of Education will work together to minimize whatever negative impacts that the difficult students may inflict.

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  1. So how will bullying be addressed amongst adults?
    1 At the work place…..
    2. When I am in cue for 20 mins at APUA and someone hands a bill to someone at the front of the line…..
    3. When I am in cue at the bank and similar to #2 occurs…..
    4. When politicians think they can speak to adults as they choose…..
    5. Because someone is paying you a salary they treat you like less than.

    Bullying is not limited to children in school.

    Knee jerk reactions are no substitute for holistic approach in rectifying bullying.

    • What is your definition of bullying?

      1.”seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable).”
      2. “bullying is when an individual or a group of people with more power, repeatedly and intentionally cause hurt or harm to another person or group of people who feel helpless to respond”
      3. “Repeated, persistent and aggressive behaviour intended to cause fear, distress, or harm to another person’s body, emotions, self-esteem or reputation. ”

      How do your examples #2 and 3 fit the definition of bullying?

      • @Hmmmmm
        If you were standing in cue for 20 mins and it happened to you then you will understand why it is bullying.

        Bullying is not a problem amongst the youth. What is displayed amongst the youth is merely the symptom.

        Bullying is a problem amongst adults. The youth got the behavior from somewhere, they did not introduce it to the world.

        I have said it time and time again adults are the problem not the youth.

        Children are a reflection of the society, children are not an entity unto themselves.

    • This is a classic example of a brain-dead post. Your inability to find something negative to criticize in the Cabinet report, has forced you to shift the goalpost completely off the field of play.

      Bad manners and indiscipline at supermarkets, APUA and banks have absolutely nothing to do with the school bullying situation, and what is the appropriate punishment for the students who are found guilty of such crimes in the future.

      • @Jerome
        As Mr Pompey said you missed the boat.

        Please see all my blogs on this topic.

        This approach will result with perpetual boot camp similarly to the prision system.

        When adults start to treat each other with dignity and humility the children will have a sensible approach of self and care for others.

  2. This is confirmation of what I wrote in an earlier piece. Government has a legal obligation to provide an Education to youngsters and as such there must be continual formal education. I applaud the government for recognizing that these kids can become a greater risks to society if steps were not taken to help them. I am still of the view that they ought to be given a reprieve and allowed to continue their formal Education even if it means moving them to another school within the Educational system. This would indeed be the best step.

    • Are you tooting your own horn? Expelling the students from one school does NOT mean that they are not entitled to an education elsewhere. What is your point? You seem to be an expert in self-aggrandizement. The expulsion stands. Now it’s time to look at educating the bullies outside of the school where the incident occurred.

  3. I would have expected the naysayers to be adult enough to handle there own situations at work. Must we have to discipline ADULTS as well over matters? It is the same parenting mentally that cause these youths to turn to bullying. It is a pity.

    • @jaechel joseph

      Are you saying that the children introduce bullying to the world? Are you saying that bullying does not exist outside of children?

      When the blind leading the blind everyone ends up in the ditch……

      Children are like sponge they suck up the good the bad and the ugly from adults

      If it is good the adult takes the credit.

      When it is bullying the children are on their own……

    • While everyone is spouting punishment one factor seems to be missing from this equation and that is these young men and young ladies do have parents and ninety per cent of the time these young people has been bullied at the homes that they come from. While it’s easy to punish the young ones it would be prudent for the powers that be to take along look at the homes from which they came.

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