“Booby Alley Housing Project Gains Momentum: Town Hall Meeting Planned for Community Input


The long-anticipated Booby Alley Housing project is finally poised to commence, and the local representative for the area, Prime Minister Gaston Browne, has announced plans for a town hall meeting with the community.

The purpose of this gathering is to engage in discussions about the initial project blueprints and other pertinent matters pertaining to the development.

Gaston Browne has disclosed that the preliminary designs for the project have been submitted by Chinese engineers, and this endeavor will be financially supported through a grant from the Chinese government.

The designs propose a condominium-style architectural approach, which is currently in a stage where feedback from prospective occupants would be highly valuable in ensuring that their requirements are considered.

The project has obtained the necessary approvals to move forward from the overseeing committee, and the Chinese engineers are expected to be on-site shortly to finalize the design.

The Prime Minister is eager to organize at least one public consultation to gather input from the local residents.

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    • @ Audley you are a odd one. Quite impressive? where is the 100 homes in 100 days, the failed past projects just show how this country tun like a dolly house, “quite impressive”? Nothing has been done yet, the chinese should be praised if anything not that thiefing, lying politician that ppl are too blind to see. Its like its just having money and being an a** hole is what it tskes to get votes. That man is a dog for real (as he refers to himself). As you were blind zombie apl supporter.

  1. We are not having another buy-election,so whatever is going to happen in St.Philips North, will be through a general election. The campaign has started.

  2. Has anyone taken the time to review how condominiums are managed? Are the occupants going to pay a monthly condo fee to a management organization to look after the maintenance of the buildings? Or are the buildings going to look like the old booby alley in a few years? Anyway, maybe these units are not for the original people of booby alley.

    • @just asking, you hit the nail on the head. This was never about point people more than likely richer folks will occupy these spaces or the middle class. This is no longer “point” but Gaston Browne’s Village. Point people are scattered and suffering some in worser conditions than others, and they are very,much afraid of the top dog. Sad but gangsters run Antigua. Maria is also a part of this because she on radio saying everyone has been compensated, pure rubbish some people house got damaged when they moved it, no security was in place so windows were stolen and the things inside. Now rain deteriorating the houses water getting inside and the temporary homes may well become permanent as the government cannot pay back for these houses.Some of these houses are valued at 300 000 and up. Gaston needs to realize his success is due to handouts, bribery, alp’s die hard past supporters (that don’t even care about themselves nor the countries future), Asot’s past support (cause he was broke at one point) and his party’s deceitful nature. When Gaston done sucj us dry he will live in luxury. I can see him erecting his own statue too to boost his ego. I am ashamed to call this fool my prime minister behaves like a gangster and thug and thats just what he did he has funded gangs and he son was (probably still) sells drugs. Antigua people wake up, poor people wake up, we deserve better.

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