Bomb scare at social security

Photo by Dr. Jacqui Quinn

A bomb scare at the Social Security office on Long and Cross Sts forced staff and patrons out of the building.

Police searched the building with the K9 unit and gave the all clear.

Investigations are ongoing.

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  1. Mindset is a Terrible thing to Waste
    Reminders 👑 Chalice Head of State
    Looks Like Anarchy to Me.
    Some Years AGO Post Office Bombing
    Im Scared Some Things so WEIRD.

  2. Gi de ole people dem money,,wen dem fe get um.or else
    A clear message sent however I’m wondering if the message was received.

  3. Have to take these things real. No government would do this to themselves it has no political benefit.

  4. FRANKLY SPEAKING were you born yesterday? Don’t you know that governments can orchestrate anything to get sympathy. I only hope like the school breakings and vandalism Gaston Browne does not point fingers at the Opposition.

  5. “orchestrate” is to try every dishonest thing to blcok Joanne Massiah from party leadership. In the end Ms. Massiah boldy declared “we will NOT LEGITIMIZE the process”

    harold loveLIE will reap what he sowed!

    • @HMMMMMM
      Asot Michael will have the last laugh because Gaston Browne will reap what he sowed.
      Remember the exchange of letters between Gaston and ASOT in September 2020.

      Gaston: Time longer than rope

    • Who tell Tessa Barthley attack Sherfield Bowen. She tried choking the man with his necktie. The man had the right to defend himself. Maybe you would let her choke you to death and it would have done us all a favour.


      Reverse Psychology…….my phrase that I used in my blog two days ago, and which you picked up in your post copy cat!! JUST LIKE THE TYPICAL ABLP COG, COG, COG, COG, COG, COG, COG, COG…no original ideas and initiatives!!

  6. Teachers will be striking tomorrow. Most of them don’t even know what they are striking for. Others don’t see the rationale of this strike. Worst yet is the poor English in that letter. The head of the teacher Union should resign immediately. No wander why our students cannot pass mathematics. He is a maths teacher with poor writing and comprehension skills.

  7. Tabor I was around and informed enough to know that ACLM did a whole lot of stuff. This time the schools are broken into by delinquent youngsters and down right thieves. They are targeting the churches and schools mostly. I know it is election cycle but both political parties need to stop taking cheap shots at each other and get to the real issues.
    The teachers striking today is nonsense. Schools were broken into during their absence. So are you saying if thieves break into epicurean store room that the employees of epicurean should strike or at the store room at the hospital that the nurses and doctors should strike. Where ever get broken into the employees should strike.
    Again I saw that letter and boss you can tell the shallowness of the brain behind this. Teachers you are allowing yourselves to lead by most incompetent Union head ever.
    Please note clearly this election I am most likely going to vote for UPP because I think it is time for people like Robin to go . I believe in term limits. Secondly I think too much corruption is around and will like a change hoping that UPP will deliver this time.
    Striking today is only hurting our children. In today’s climate Unions should try to create an environment of dialogue. Unions must ask their employees to deliver and have good attendance records etc. Unions must assist employees in improving on their skills and hence enjoying a better quality of life. Teachers you need an educated leader. I beg you to publish the letter from the Union to the government and you will see the stupidity and nonsense you are striking for. SENSELESS!!!

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