Bomb scare at APUA


Employees at the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) turned out this morning (Wednesday, October 12) only to be threatened by a phone call of a bomb threat.

Reports are that the threat was received at the Authority’s office on Utility Drive in Cassada Gardens.

The bomb squad had to be deployed to the location to conduct a sweep of the building. However, sources say that nothing was found.

Employees were vacated from the building around 9:30am for their safety while the search was conducted.

Police reportedly went into quick action cordoning off the area and diverting the traffic.

This is the second such incident in over a week at a government-run department.

Last week Monday (October 3) the Social Security Scheme’s Long and Cross Street office had to be evacuated due to a bomb scare, which was received by a worker via a phone call.

The bomb squad was deployed to the location and made a sweep of the building, but nothing was found and the workers returned to their normal duties.

That matter is still under investigation.

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    • Just wished you Gastonites would stop the thiefings and Bomb Scares in Antigua. Stop breaking into the Houses of God,now. Why are there so many house break-ins in Antigua? Why so many robberies with weapons on single women in Antigua?

  1. What a fool. This clown actually made a bomb threat to a mobile telecom company? A company that can see your cellphone’s unique IMEI number no matter how you try to hide your phone number? Lmao. APUA, make an example of this idiot.

    Get it right…….Bomb scare, canfefield fire, islandwide power blackout was during PLM time but was perpetrated by ALP. I was in the post office and had to run like hell with a 7 month old baby in my hand when the call came in. My child was born in 1973. We need to know our history

    • ******** you are correct all the bomb scares in the past were done by the ALP. The PLM was in power at the time. Gaston and the ALP even though they are in power will carry out such acts to get sympathy. Boy! and they realize they need some sympathy now since public opinion is turning against them.

    • @ ************ Ask de lawyer inna de blue fly gang wha mek me min haffu lib outside ah Antigua inna exile. De said lawyer min inna ACLM and everybady min know he as de bomb man. He done bomb plenty people business and home wid backle bomb. Ask de lawyer who fa teet always ah drap out! He might know ah who famous fa backle bomb.

  3. people still doing nonsense with phones..

    unrelated side note: make sure the staff that work at these telephone companies are not giving out cell phone records and/or assisting in the cloning of phones because I’m hearing stories from people that there’s big money being paid for information about their man or woman 🤔🤐

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