Boggy Peak Could Become A Protected Area


Community members within the “Round South” community are invited to attend a follow up workshop on the proposed Boggy Peak Protected Area on Wednesday May 29th 2019 from 5pm- 7pm at the SR Olivia David (Bolans Primary) School.

This workshop will help the team at the Department of Environment establish concrete management goals for the area as well as zones for uses through a participatory mapping exercise.  This initiative is part of the Global Environment Facility funded “Sustainable Pathways: Protected Areas and Renewable Energy” project, aimed for completion in 2020.


This workshop is a follow up to the initial community workshop, which focused on gathering community knowledge by engaging landowners and community members to provide information on resources and benefits offered within the Boggy Peak area. There was also a lively discussion on possible threats to the area, as well as ways to alleviate these threats through community involvement and programs established in the protected area’s future management plan. The community members were informed of the Department of Environment’s plans to improve the area, including the addition of an eco-friendly interpretation center to cater to locals and tourists for eco-tourism and recreational purposes.


Boggy Peak, which was renamed from Mt. Obama by Cabinet decision in 2016, is one of the largest naturally forested areas remaining in Antigua and Barbuda.


For more information about this Project, or to register your interest in attending the upcoming consultation, please contact Ms. Hali Chesher, Technical Officer, at [email protected] or call the Department of Environment at 462-4625.

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  1. Did someone undermine the legacy of Hon. Baldwin Spencer and switched the official name back to Boggy Peak? Wasn’t it changed to honour the first black President of USA? When did they revert to the original name? #LeadershipMatters

    • Far from being the “legacy” of the Hon. Baldwin Spencer, but to revert the changes without the knowledge of the public was disrespectful (to the populace). The sneaky ways of the government I guess.

    • Thank God sanity has returned. It was a bad idea and showed how out of touch with his history, former PM BS was


      Seemingly more of the latter that was based upon apparent ‘…false sense of hope and expectations,’ that the ‘…first Black American President in the persona of ‘…Barak Obama’ was going to,

      (i) …Cause American tourists to come to the island in droves, and trek to the summit to see him sitting in the White House office sipping tea; and

      (ii) …He would have caused speedy settlement of the ‘…nagging unresolved World Trade Organizations
      (WTO) Ruling.’

      Long remain the name ‘…Boggy Peak.’

      The Consultative Committee may wish to say ‘…Why is Wikipedia still showing the ‘…historic Peak’ as Mount Obama?

  2. Is it true this place is no longer MOUNT OBAMA? I thought Boggy Peak was dropped as the name. Somebody who knows something, please give us the details???? Was Spencer kicked to the curb on this one? Mount “Obama” was not appropriate from the start. This mount should be named after the runaway slaves and those who found protection there in the time of slavery. They should be honoured. This is their mountain, the place of hiding and protection for those who would not buckle under the wicked evil of slavery. Long live the ancestors!

  3. I am not ALP or UPP but one thing for sure … renaming mount obama was the DUMBEST decision .. I dont believe I have ever heard anyone mention the name mount obama in a positive light . you sir … seem like the only one .

    • The idea behind Spencer’s vision was that by renaming it Mount Obama, this would draw more tourists to the island.

      I don’t know of any other monuments dedicated to Obama in the subregion. The idea was unique. Mr. Spencer is a champion of black people. He never forgot where he came from.

  4. “He never forgot where he came from”. Please say you are being sarcastic, cause in his 25 years of being in political office to inclue 10 years as PM what has Dr. Winston Balwin Spencer done for the Garys Farm and Grace Green Community. I’ll wait for your answer….

    • As in he is very grassroots. He lives among his people unlike others who reside in “posh” areas instead of within their own constituency. He has not lost the common touch. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is living proof and example to every pickyhead child that they can grow up to be anything they want to be. I guess that’s why Obama’s childhood story resonated with him so much as well.

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