Body of woman found in Gambles


A dead body was discovered in an apartment in Lower Gambles, at around 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, August 25.

REAL News understands that the remains are those of a 52-year-old Jamaican woman who was living alone and allegedly had no next of kin here. Reports say she had been residing in the apartment for about a year.

Allegations are that the body was discovered half clad and lying face down in the bathtub.

Reportedly, neighbours had not seen the woman for a few days – not since Tuesday, August 23, at about 7a m.

The landlord’s daughter — whose house is on the same property — reportedly noticed flies at the window of the deceased’s apartment, from which a foul smell was also emanating. Her mother also noticed the flies and later notified the Police.

The door to the woman’s apartment was closed but not locked, and when it was opened the grim discovery was made. The body was in an early state of decomposition, a source says.

The Police are investigating the discovery; however, a source says that foul play is not suspected at this time, since the body was examined and there were no visible marks of violence.

Reports are that the apartment, too, appeared to be intact.

The body was pronounced dead by a medical doctor at 4:42 p.m. on Thursday and later removed to Straffies Funeral Home.

A post-mortem examination will have to be undertaken to determine the exact cause of the woman’s death.- REAL NEWS

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  1. Straightforward people are dropping dead like flies and the government can’t seem to come and say that’s why I stop listening to the liared news media of ABS, and when they go to the doctors they tell them nothing. This vampire note they took is getting out of hand destroying families.

    • The poke die off is happening all over the world -and it requires a specific type of histopathologic autopsy to find the evidence.
      The psychopaths that push these bio- weapons on the world are brilliant. The causes of deaths in most people will never be found. Only a few pathologists can do/are doing the in-depth autopsies required that shows the spike in all the major organs. According to Dr.Mike Yeadon, former Vice President of Pfizer UK, he estimated the life expectancy of the mRNA jabbed to be 3-5 years – other scientists says 10 years. And now, the rats are starting to jump ship and assigning blame of these sudden, unexplained deaths, to lockdowns, climate change, and bunch of other bull💩. The people that received a placebo better count their blessings and refrain from any further playing of Russia roulette.

      • Maybe it was a self-inflicted death, although it is a well known fact that bio- weapons are in full effect worldwide with the intention of kulling the world population.It’s all conjecture at this point though, until cause-of-death of the deceased can be firmly established.As-Salaamu alaykum.

        • If you noticed, only a special type of autopsy can prove the spikes are causing deaths. No such autopsies are done in Antigua. I can say emphatically, Antigua will NEVAH find a vaccine
          caused death. Based on what’s happening in the rest of the world I’ll placed my bet on a poked induced death.

    • @ hate r u nf! The government push experimental vaccines on people. Those shots could be the cause of some people dropping dead. And r u nah hab non baddy deh dat wuddah b able fu fyne de cause.

  2. LOL….what does the government have to do with the fact that a woman was found dead in her home? Is the Government God? everything seem political for some people. stop making this a political affair and instead pray for strength at the time @Lioness Tribe stop being so foolish.

    • I’m not saying the government is God but they want to be like God, can you not see, so the government is not to be blamed for the vaccine that entered into the country by flight. 7 years ago everyone was fine people dying of natural causes, but now they dying from some mysterious issue who are you protecting, I’m angry why cause I see what this thing is doing to my parents, so you stay there with your foolish eyes and not see. I speak straight and I don’t hold back cuz I know alot out there heartbroken. In fact I pray every day but when will the nonsense stop when it’s too late?.

    • @ Upset

      Look who is talking about ‘everything seem political for some people’………didn’t you criticise the UPP Pull-Up programme by saying if one day could make a difference? Well its better than zero day.
      It is so transparent that you are a RED supporter, pretending not to support no one…….listen to your words ‘is the government God, stop making this a political affair’ ….so you therefore support those WICKED SET OF PEOPLE under false pretense!

  3. What a stupid comment about the government and this lady’s death, seriously, it’s embarrassing 🙈

  4. Condolences to her family

    Condolences to the dead brain cells of the imbeciles blaming the government instead of NATURAL CAUSES.

    • You’re the brain dead imbecile. Can you prove the death was from a natural cause? No? Then you have no more evidence that anyone else that’s speculating. Even someone with 1/2 of a brain cell can see that the abundance of sudden deaths in all ages began months after the roll out of these experimental jabs. Excess deaths are documented in all of the highly vaccinated countries. And the least vaccinated countries aren’t having this problem. But stay blind to the culling.

    • A person cannot die of natural causes unless they li Ed a natural life. In today’s environment can you point to a single person that is living naturally?

      Since the forced kill shot rollout WHO has added a new cause of death to the list that can be placed on a death certificate and not is ASDS ADULT SUDDEN DEATH SYNDROME.

      Be honest and ask yourself if that classification makes sense to you?

  5. Poor Straffies! The police have so much money for Straffies and yet they always pile up the “unknown” bodies there… but payment is long and so slow that is not funny

  6. If you don’t want people to blame the government, we the people must come together and put all this too a stop and take back out rights.God have us free will but we are not using it to our advantage, let’s have a revival service at the biggest open space in town and get out to the Father to heal our land, our minds, our emotions, and bring all the government workers, police officers ect. … we may not see the cause what killed this lady, but clearly we can take the wool off our eyes. Condolences to her and all her families.

  7. When will the dump and the ignorant stop spewing the conspiracy theories? The presidents of all the countries of the world have taken the same vaccines that are available in Antigua and they’re not dead.
    Even Pastor Jeno Jennings have taken it and he’s as strong as an ox and is doing the work God has assigned him to do.
    My advice to those conspiracy theorists is for them to repent of their sins and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

  8. @ justice for Vinci’s James.
    My advise to you is to understand that in an experiment there is a control group – meaning, those persons don’t receive the vaccine that’s being tested. Do you really think they would attempt to give the whole phucking planet an untested vaccine all at once? And it’s the plebs, the ‘useless eaters’ such as yourself that they are culling — not President’s. BTW, where is your evidence that any president took a real covid vaccine? Can you without a doubt say what was in the 💉 that you saw on TV?
    You poor thing, you have no idea that you are part of the psy-op, do you?

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