Nation Rocked By Apparent Murder Suicide


The police are investigating a gruesome killing of a 27-year-old woman and the apparent suicide of her ex-boyfriend.

The body of  Latoya Craig was found hanging from a rope in a Falmouth Heights home earlier this afternoon.

Her ex-boyfriend Bharatt Kumar was also found hanging close by.


There are signs of violence on the bodies, according to initial reports.

Earlier today, it was reported that two people, a mother and son have been missing for two days.

The mother was last seen with her ex-boyfriend. Moments ago the bodies of two adults, one male and one female were discovered in Liberta.

The missing child was found alive. 

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  1. Every dog have dem day whoever kill them will suffer more than they did how dear them they are fucking cowards find it thrilling to take people lives but when it’s their own lives up for the taking they cower like cockroaches whoever kill them hear me YOUR DAY WILL COME

  2. Can I please be allowed to bring some politics involved as what was done with the alleged theifing at all saints school? ALP bring all sort ah nearga in ah Antigua so what you all expect?

    • Fu true…me wanda how sum ah dem pass chru immigration looking so crazy, mark-up mark-up and bleached out…but, hey a vote iz a vote

    • Time and place for everything. Wtf Alp have to do with this. If this was your family or close friend would you want Alp to be mentioned. Shame on you.

    • First thing first alp have nun to do with people coming in Antigua cause people was coming in and out of Antigua under upp as well, so that statement is bs!! Upp was giving away passports for FREE *ROLLS EYE*

    • For the first in my life I going defend alp. All you too fucking political. This is a death actually double deat and u chatting about politics

      • @Antiguanyouth-This comment was not intended for you but for the moniker”MAKE ALP CRING” Sorry i posted your name above the wrong post..

    • @MakeALP CRING- The comment i posted to the moniker “Antiguan youth” was actually for you..You’re a super Dunce..

  3. When people die you will hear all kind of comments but the one that struck me is the racist comments that comes from people mouth. This must stop or you can free yourselves from mental slavery. Let me remind you all bloggers there was some past and recent murders that came from the hands of locals where women were brutally murdered by chopping or being shot and killed on spot . I respect the families of those that lost their loves ones so I am not going to give the details of how those women met their deaths. But we live in a imperfect world with imperfect people and also not so nice people but all that i am saying we must stop pointing fingers and condemn people or their Nationality or race. Thank you and God lives and loves us , he can help us to become better if we recognise our own sins and repent and don’t point fingers at those who sin.

    • It is not racist mom but google Trinidad and guyanese news and see what u get ….no hard feelings but that is what indian men do sorry but it is the truth not saying no other race dont do it

  4. This is what the CCJ and CSME mean for antigua all the murderers from Guyana and Jamaica can walk in and mash up our country.
    The one that kill the boy girl now this madman came from Guyana.

    Immigration hands are tied and they can’t send them back no matter how evil they are.
    All murderers are welcome and ALP will give them amnesty if they overstay their visit

    • @Lastone- Another indication of a super Dunce.i wonder if you,ll realize just how dam stupid you’ll sound trying to put politics in this sad sad equation? I can only think of three words when i read these dumb comments..Ignorant foolish people..

    • Keep Jamaica out you Raas mouth y’all so fucking dunce I can bet you you don’t even have a damn passport stupid itch

  5. My heart goes out to her son, mother and father and her loved ones. I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through. Your beautiful mother, daughter, sister and friend has been snatched from you in heartless form. I hope and pray that somehow the beautiful memories you have of her will help give you the strength to cope amidst your grief and pain. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  6. You are so sick and disgusting. You need to stfu. What the f*** CCJ CSME AND ABLP have to do with such a sad tragedy. Why not feel some emphaty for the families of both the young lady and the young man.

      • I’m blind? Y’all sound so stupid. Two lives are lost and child growing up without his mother. If it was a friend of any of you idiots y’all won’t be talking politics y’all sick disgusting and need to STFU.

  7. Firstly, don’t look at everything as it is!

    I don’t know, but, let me ask one question, which one of you would allow your present lover to go on a trip with their ex to a unpopulated secluded area to be alone to CLEAN a private property? I don’t know but I think almost 100% of you would not allow it. The rest or those of us who would say that we would not feel anyway about it, has a deeper and darker underlying secret to be revealed but anyways I do hope that the police can say that her present love interest or boyfriend can state where he was and give evidence for those fateful hours when she and the ex left.

    I am not saying there wasn’t a murder/suicide AND I am not saying there wasn’t a double homicide! The investigators need to look at this unique situation differently from other stories and hearsays.

    Interesting too, the child does not belong to the ex, apparently, due to last name so far. AND if all racist/prejudice commentators claiming that is because of the ex’s heritage and their cruelty as a people, then why leave the child alive? the child who can probable also state what he saw, if given the chance infront of someone who knows how to deal with children in this circumstance.

    Oh by the way, police investigators, please get a hold of the present lover/boyfriend’s cell phone journey for that fateful few hours or day. Yes you can get it from his ISP. IF they fail to give it up for a murder/suicide investigation to clear the present boyfriend then use the court system to get it or we all know which cell phone provider to stop shopping at.

  8. Well, well, well! What a set of people!
    So is a cuss section now?
    Condolences to all those who are affected by this tragedy.
    May the Lord keep and strengthen you during this timec and for what to come.
    May you all draw closer to Him for as He said , under His wing He will hide you and hold you up when you are weak if only you just lean on His everlasting arms.

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