BPM Dominates Barbuda Council Elections


The winning candidates in the 2019 Barbuda Local Government Elections are:

Calsey Beazer- BPM-515 votes
Sharima Deazle-BPM- 502 votes
Jaclyn Frank- BPM- 490 votes
Freeston Thomas- BPM- 444 votes

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  1. As expected.. It is really time for secession from this Island. These people must be the most stubborn and illiterate people on the earth right now.. They want nothing,except their dry barren land.Leave them with it and let’s go forward without them,those who want progress come over and join with us,let them stay on their plantation with their modern day massas .Antigua taxpayers cannot continue to subsidize these ungrateful people.And talking about they not moving from Barrymore.The place is filthy,move they asses by force,Horrible set a people..

    • Such anger and hatred towards your sister island wow. Barbudans LOVE their “dry barren land” and do not want to see it exploited. Antiguans want secession NOW but Barbudans wanted to be on their own from 1981 remember that. It is such a myth that Barbudans don’t want progress, they do want development but consult the people before you start making drastic changes to their way of life. Hope to God we (I’m Antiguan) never have to experience that type of trauma Cat5+ hurricane and the PTSD that follows. It cannot be easy returning to the place where you almost lost your life.

      • I have no hatred against anyone,what i do have is low tolerance for stupidity.Antigua never stopped them from secession in 1981.in fact the then Premier (VC BIrd SR) suggested it.so go back to your history and find out who stopped it,because i was very young then but that is what History is there for,to prevent rumors from becoming truth.I think the time has come for that secession and that is my view,no one has to agree.The barren land cannot feed you,it cannot put money in your pocket,this is the real world.When you elect a government to run the affairs everything cannot be about consulting, sometimes you have to do what you have to.I had major damages done to my property after Hurricane Georges,i had to bear the cost of repairing myself,so please do not tell me anything about trauma,Barbudan,s are not the only people who experience trauma in natural disasters people rebuild their life and move on.Give me a brake .

    • Are you saying Trevor Walker should now proceed with his “divorce” proceedings? He seems to have it all figured out. They can look to him as their messiah to deliver them and establish the kingdom of Barbuda. They do NOT need any subvention from Antigua. They will be self-sufficient under Trevor’s rule.

    • Well how often do we have to tell Gaston Leave Barbuda People alone. But he feels he has an obligation to give them development they do not want. So let them get the development they want. And when thy need money from the Treasury just tell them sorry no money there for you guys.
      When they catch themselves they will come to their senses. But until then Let them live in poverty and simplicity. That is their choice. It like when you go into the interiors of Guyana and see people still living in huts and sleeping in hammocks and have no electricity and no running water. You do not go there and say I will bring you development. You leave them alone.

  2. You antiguans should be more like barbudans and defend what u have that’s why the PM selling Antigua from under u all. Barbuda is a bless island we shall survive cause what doesn’t kill u only make u stronger. Irma didn’t kill us cause we r bless people it only made us stronger

    • If we did we would not be able to send all those tax dollars to sustain you guys. And we would be as primitive as you guys. Not even having having a department store.

  3. The results of the recently held Barbuda Council Election comes as no surprise to me and it shouldn’t be to anyone either. What is clear is that the Barbudans have given their leaders a mandate to look after their affairs. The continued antagonistic relationship which exists between Government and the leaders in Barbuda have got to stop and perhaps government needs to establish a mediation group comprising of church leaders and other ‘neutral’ minds to help to narrow the gap which currently exists between the Government and the Barbuda leaders. The continued utterances and finger pointing which is prevalent today will not bring the sides any closer. If dialogue is not forthcoming, then the situation will never improve and it will make any investment opportunity difficult for Barbuda. I am therefore calling for talks beginning now.

    • You are very rational in your thinking. And I believe very sincere. But if you knew the characters you are dealing in particular Trevor, you know that will never work. This goes way back and can only change perhaps with a new generation. But I must say the politicians must give your suggestions a chance

  4. You are the joker, they wanted to be on their own but England told Antigua that the only way we can get independence is as a twin island state – Antigua and Barbuda. Barbudans said no they wanted to remain with England but they promised them a monthly subsidy of 300,000 EC dollars to which VC agreed.
    Go read the constitution it is there in black and white. Before that they were earning their own keep and then Antigua started mining sand over there and the pay the people one red cent.
    Barbudans don’t want to end up like Antigua where we have YIDA a destroy the ecosystem and not one Antiguan hired or even one fowl coup build after 5 years.

    • All the Barbudans should write a letter to the Queen of England signed by majority stating the facts and that Antigua is not holding up to their agreement and they need to be separated from Antigua. They can be a twin island state with some other island or go back under England. The ABLP is he devil itself.

      • Letmego,Antigua&barbuda are sovereign states,what the hell does England have to do with this? And England do not want them anyway,you just chatting pure hogwash.What is the end of the bargain btw?.Pure dunceness.

  5. Congratulations to the BPM victory well deserved. I was not looking for the ABLP candidates receive that amount of votes 1,241 which is too much. They should have gotten any at all.

  6. Now that BPM has won, what is the way backwards. Surely they must want Barbuda to be the way it was before Irma.

  7. Dont know what the surprise is here-and “Joker” i am with you,put it to them if they want secession let them have it.Some on this forum backing the nonsense knows full well that the minds of most Barbudan’s need to be liberated,they are still living in the 18th century mindset..And for sensible persons who know better to encourage people to act as though they are a Law until themselves behoves me,all for political expediency. If they want to continue in the 21st century living like “Gilligan”s Island” then so be it-nothing is wrong with that at all,but they cannot have it both ways.They cannot expect the government of Antigua to keep subsidizing them over and over and they do nothing to help themselves,and i do not care about any agreement,that was 1981,this is 2019 ,an entirely different world economically.. The Walker’s ,Franks,etc has already made their mark in life,they are financially secured so they actions are not surprising,but for the majority who really owns nothing its sad that they cant see the vision of what life is really about,it is about self development- Mentally,Spiritually and Economically-not about fighting over something that was never your’s in the first place,because in the end you can never win.. @Dessalines-you acknowledged that it was England that prevented the brake away,and not Antigua as some would think,so Joker said nothing wrong,this is 2019,have a referendum and let’s determine if they wish to stay or not,i frankly would be the first to vote in affirmation..

    • Let’s not forget TREVOR WALKER is financially secure too, so he couldn’t care less. He will lead them straight towards the precipice and over the cliff. He is the lone gas station owner on the island. You think he concerned about other people’s development? If only the people develop themselves, they will surpass him. And THAT scares the living daylights out of him.

  8. Tobago’s island council was modeled after the Barbuda’s island council. I have never heard of any such antagonistic and hostile relationship between Trinidad and Tobago. I have also never heard of any hostile relationship between St. Kitts & Nevis. Both Antigua and Barbuda can survive and thrive together if the rhetoric is turned down immediately. I am calling on the PM to let it begin with him – take the lead Sir! The continuous fight and war of words serves no useful purpose and would continue to put a wedge between him and his government and Mr Walker and the people of Barbuda. Again, I am calling for meaningful dialogue going forward. The mistrust will only get worse if something is not done immediately. It is clear that the majority of Barbudans see things as us and them. We are a unitary state and the government, instead of it’s protracted fight with Barbuda, needs to lead the way in bringing both countries together. Please let peace reign!

  9. For those of you who can’t come to terms with the words Democracy I wish you well. As for the idiots suggesting we stay on our plantation and dry barren land, it was that same land that provided food for the slaves in Antigua, provisions for British ships, and the first marine rescue service for shipwrecked vessels. And when some of you like to mention that you all don’t want Barbuda to get any of your tax money maybe you should keep paying it to Gaston ?because he’s richer than most of you pigeon brain lub free badminded bitter people, who do nothing proactive to curb corruption and unfair treatment to others. An INDEPENDENT BARBUDA free from the grips of an administration that is broke and has no regard for its citizens is a good deal to me and one we will persue.

    • Alex Deazle- I cannot begin to say how ignorant your comments always sound.. Who is taking your democracy from you? We here in Antigua are no longer slaves,we are all emancipated from the Chattels of slavery and most of us are also mentally emancipated..Cant say the same for you guy’s,the 18th century mentality are still running through your veins,no wonder you’re mentioning who fed who in the horrible days of slavery.Thought taxpayers money are paid to every countries treasury-how come we’re paying it to Gaston? Anyway,we are paying unlike you who wants to live free and fat off other peoples sweat.Just who are the bad minded ones? I can recall quite clearly ,almost 40 years ago as a little girl,hearing my Mom saying to someone” Barbudan’s are one of the most ungrateful people she ever met.At that time i wondered why she said that,but after Irma i now know why.. You’ll are the Diamond of ungratefulness ,and i am not saying this because you guys do not support the ABLP,its your overall behavior towards someone who has never done anything bad to you guys except to be compassionate ,and what he gets in return are all sorts of nasty words.Be careful,God does not sleep at all..

  10. The ABLP Should not participate in this Election. These results were expected. Now is the time to let Barbuda be separated from Antigua. Some Barbudans do not welcome Developments. The ABLP will rule Antigua for the next 40 years. Next Election The ABLP will win all seats the in Antigua . Gaston Browne best Prime Minister in The Caribbean.

  11. Hon. Prime Minister I am very happy to learn that negotiations with Carnival Cruise Lines are moving along quite positively with the possibility of more Cruise Lines might be added. Keep up the Excellent work Hon. Prime Minister.

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