Blood donation request for Andre Simon


A blood donation request is being made for National Cyclist Andre Simon who was injured in a crash this morning. His condition is unstable. B+ blood donors can donate at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center.

NB: Blood type was initially indicated to be O- but was corrected by family to be B+.

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  1. Brethren my prayers are with you and your family. 4 cyclist ran down today Recall a prior article regarding vehicle drivers needing to be more careful.some suggested it’s not a serious issue. I am of the opinion that we need more police presence because there are some drivers on the road who need their license revoked. My cycling experience , taxi drivers, persons driving rentals, head the list of bad drivers

    • I trust that he recovers well and is able to return to cycling. I agree with you, Cornel Hughes, that many, many drivers do not drive with due care and concern for other road users, particularly cyclists. You are also correct that their licences need to be revoked in instances like these. It is just beyond me that FOUR cyclists were knocked down in one fell swoop. The driver was obviously careless and reckless, and now a person’s life hangs in the balance. Enough is enough with this nonsense.

    • I totally agree with you.
      Since January 31st my boyfriend got knocked off his electric bike and the person never stopped ,right in the vicinity off his work place Harney motoring the traffic light. This left Jim with a fractured shoulder. To date no information has come up. .
      I’ve seen too many drivers als driving and still texting,

    • Cornel Hughes how about addressing the ABLP policy of giving cars to young people to drive around election time.
      Why, Tenman? Why?

      • Why this got to be political, this is about getting any possible assistance for Mr. Simon. SMH

        Praying for a speedy recover for Mr. Simon and journey back to cycling be smooth and successful process.

      • READER is Cornel Hughes and TENMAN one and the same person. If so, why the hell doesn’t he just stick to his right name of Cornel Hughes 😂😃🤣

  2. Absolutely horrific, I hope the driver is prosecuted and jailed if found guilty. Awful!

    Praying for a full recovery for Andre Simon and the other cyclists.

  3. Will gladly donate once I’m able. Hold strong 💪🏿

    • @Smh:There is a time and place for all things.This is not the time or place for your crap.A man is in need of Blood at the Hospital .You are pushing your bullshit here to be noticed.Are you getting paid by someone and or an Organization for saying the same things? The drivers do drive very fast in Antigua on those small roads.I have been forced off the roads in Antigua by drivers wanting to over take multiple cars.Another thing I observed,stop signs are there for the heck of it.Some drivers would pull up to the Stop Signs,tip their brakes and not come to a complete stop.The Traffic Cops should be ticketing them for doing a rolling stop. Good Luck to you Bicyclists,a speedy recovery.

  4. Shocking. I hope each athlete makes a full recovery. Please check if you know anyone with B blood & have them give it asap. Put it out on your dm, WhatsApp etc.

    Driver – I don’t want to hear any ‘lost control, collided with lampost BS’. looking at the photo of your vehicle it seems, in my untrained opinion, reckless driving at speed with no care and attention to other road users might be the beginning of how the police and athletes families view your behaviour.

    I hope there is a quick conviction that at a minimum removes license for a year, driver education & practical lessons a must, community service for a year on the highways of our country and complete payment for replacement cycles like-for-like. If a fine is appropriate so be it, but in conjunction with the aforementioned please.

    AG please please please do what it takes legally to ensure the measures I suggested are debated and given to Magistrates as sentencing options.
    Until these speedsters FEEL the results of their actions, beyond a fine, it’s clearly not changing some drivers road behavior.
    Thank you.

  5. The growing Nation is in need of better planning and building of roadways, to include sidewalks, curbs, drainage and lane markings!

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