BLASTED IDIOT: PM responds to APUA worker who won’t get vaccinated


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to an APUA employee who went live on facebook to announce to his company that he will not be vaccinated.

This is what Richards said yesterday:

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  1. Gaston Browne as the Prime Minister of the Nation. You must not have many important things to do. You seem to find the time to respond to all things,on Social Media. While the majority of the Citizenry are suffering,DAILY.
    You say:Put on “you” mask,you blasted idiot. I did not realize,one of the ways to get Knighted in Antigua is to contract Covid.

  2. In the middle of a pandemic, a prime minister finds time to be on Facebook responding to a citizen in the most vulgar manner???? What is really going on with these Caribbean wannabe dictators???
    You are not able to pay our seniors/ pensioner what is legally due to them on time. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Don’t worry, the wickedness of the wicked Must and always comes back and destroy the wicked. It’s just a matter of time. All your money and riches will be worth less.

  3. So this worker is a “blasted idiot.”

    What shall we say of the leader who lead his country into disaster with policies such as closing beaches but leaving borders open?

    Allowing tourists to enter the country with no testing on arrival or quarantining?

    Who is directly responsible for 55 official deaths and many more than were never counted.

    If this worker is a “blasted idiot,” I hate for someone to say what the PM is.

  4. Respect the people of Antigua Mr.PM can’t want people to respect you and disrespecting people, if you dont Humble your self, you will be humbled eventually

  5. Tourist Are ALL tested, you fools who are scared of the needle, will be back in the dark history of our lives without tourisum, what else have we got. WAKE UP YOU FOOLS PLEASE

    • And for the longest time they could be tested 7 days before arriving which is pretty much useless

      The island was COVID free and then the PM invited it back to the island with no real protocols to ensure safety

      All he’s done is blame the powerless for his incompetence and greed

  6. At least he has a personal contact with the PM. 😂
    On a serious note, putting ignorance and unsubstantiated information out there is not helping bring down the numbers. Mr. Richards has a right to his opinion and to be hesitant, but don’t allow information to undermine your employment. Not everything should be on FB live, it becomes evidence.

  7. Gaston brown you are a f ing clown Gaston brown brown brown why forcing people to take vaccine something that is harmful to human beings you need to look up the definition of vaccine what kind of leader are you shame on you to be calling yourself a prime minister remember the government is few the people are many

  8. Should he be on Facebook responding to Stan instead of doing the people’s business? Was he responding to Stan on his own time, or during a time when he is getting paid by the peroad.

    I guess he is monarch of all he survey, but time longer than roap.

  9. There is no one in the party to talk to the PM on toning down his behavior? Guess non of them has the balls to critique him as they are too busy fleecing the country of it finances through the Statutory Boards. Sure if a poll was conducted one would find that a lot of intelligent folks have been turned off by the PM’s rhetoric. The behavior does not reflect what is expected of one who occupy one of the highest office in the country. None of your predecessors even come close to this arrogance. Work from behind the scene……remember the saying “catch more fly with honey than vinegar”. ABLP needs a leadership convention.

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