Black Bodies Washed Up On Beaches


Black Bodies Washed Up On Beaches

By Makeda Mikael

Once more black bodies of drowned migrants are floating up on beaches, and in Caribbean seas, even as in the Triangular Trade, where millions of black bodies four hundred years ago, drowned or were dumped in the Atlantic Ocean.

Mother Africa is bleeding as her black skinned children continue to suffer the same exploitation of their country’s human resources, forcing them to flee the horrors of warring Francophone/Anglophone Black on Black Death, only to die on a Francophone (Guadeloupe) boat overturned in the Caribbean.

These black bodies will continue to float on the waters, and wash up on our beaches until Antigua understands that there is a case to answer to all of Caricom and beyond.

The message needs to be heard internationally, that the people of Antigua & Barbuda do not wish to have a migrant route through the Mid-Atlantic using their airport and shores. For this to be seriously heard and an immediate stop implemented, the truth must be told.

An independent investigation must be mounted.

It is an imperative for all those who allowed the international migrant mafia to penetrate our country and the Caribbean, with the dangerous cut-throat intricacies of the trillion dollar migrant enterprise of global proportions.

This migrant business(?) has evolved from the Arab Spring where boatloads of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa penetrated Europe, much to their displeasure, and met with much violence, and death by drowning.

The business has now expanded to air-travel to selected points in Latin America for access through rough terrain, enduring irreparable damage, and death on the trek to the USA via Mexico.

The time has come to name the culprits in this global enterprise of doom which has invaded our peaceful vacation islands of the Caribbean, plunging us into a world we are not able to negotiate, and where our Government admits they were duped.

This is the nature of migrant movement, where thugs control, and inexperienced Government Officials and greedy accomplices, cause unfortunate migrants to die watery deaths.

Portugal is implicated as the registered aircraft carrier, Nigeria the perpetrator; Cameroon as a victim; West African Countries whose false passports were used by Nigerian culprits; Antiguan accomplices in the scam and the French (Guadeloupe who supplied the migrant boat); all must accept responsibility for the loss of lives. Further, Surinam, Trinidad, and St. Kitts, St Martin (French & (Dutch) and the USA(St. Thomas) as ports of call by migrants of the Antiguan charters from Nigeria, are all unwittingly or unwittingly involved in establishing the Mid-Atlantic Migrant Route to North American and European Countries, through their colonies and Overseas Territories in the Caribbean.

The horse has bolted, and the gate is wide open, now the simple fishing boat from any legitimate gateway, like Antigua, will get migrants via the small islands and colonies of the region to their ultimate destination, US & Europe! And now we will soon replace tourist deck chairs on the beach with body bags for the black bodies washed up on our beaches. Sad!

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  1. Labour Party will never allow an investigation of Antigua Airways as they do not want anyone to know their role in this fiasco and why the flights were not halted after the very first flight when it became apparent that these were not rich tourists but rather broke persons looking to move on from Antigua immediately. 3 more flights were allowed to land in Antigua offloading hundreds more immigrants!!! ALP do not want an investigation into why they allowed these flights to continue to come.

  2. Why do Antiguans love to jump to conclusion? There was a news item about two people found dead in the water or on the shore of a beach in Sint Maarten, and Makeda Mikael jumps to the conclusion that it’s “black bodies”. She then goes on to attempt to link it to the African migrants who were smuggled out of Antigua and Barbuda.

    This is the kind of dishonesty that passes for commentary in the media in Antigua and Barbuda. The authorities in Sint Maarten have made it clear that they know the identities of the persons because of ID found on the bodies. They have also indicated that they are not minded to reveal much information because there is an active investigation ongoing. They further asked persons who might have seen anything suspicious to report it to the police. If you have the slightest idea of police investigative techniques, those clues suggest that the police is probably conducting a murder/suicide investigation, and have not made any link between the migrant smuggling case and the incident in Sint Maarten.

    Makeda, please take a seat and stop obfuscating the issues.

    • The “Police” are investigating ALL ASPECTS of the case. Let’s await the results before we assume anything !

    • @ Wash an’ Basin, two things from your response.

      1), It seems that the last thing that you want is an independent investigation into this matter (however, I can bet your bottom dollar that if the DNA or UPP was involved, you would be in total agreement with Mikeda Mikael’s comments).

      2), Antigua’s homeland security has been breached however way you look at it. Our Immigration Department should be out front and looking at how easily the Africans arrived here, and yet other countries nationals have to go through vigorous vetting.

      How long are you going to keep condoning this government’s behaviour and letting them off the hook?

      I turned my back on the ABLP when they lied about the economy and investing in the country for autochthonous Antiguans; yet supporters like you continually support come what may – including human trafficking and now deaths?!


    • @Wash an’ Basin…me no peek ah Pokén, de harlot throne lingo, too well. Ah wat de hell! So, mek me ask you, quote witch part, innah she, #Peek_Ah_Poken kumentree, dat she used de wud “Sint Martin…boi u covering Gaston and he government backside lakkah Cedar Grove’s Dr. Fish, okra and Fungee fart…

      Translation: Wash an’ Basin…Please enlighten me, since, I may not read, speak nor write, the Adulterous King’s language to your satisfaction, please quote any word, phrase, sentence, where Makeda used the words ‘Sint Martin’ regarding the bodies found on her shores recently.
      The writer is speaking to the ENTIRE FIASCO, brought on by the Gaston Browne Administration, of the A.B.L.P., the Ruling Arm of the then Government.

      It’s very clear, that folks like you will not only used deception to cover the tracks, of those unscrupulous members of Our Government, you’d cover their behind like flatulence from a good meal of Cedar Groves Dr. Fish, okra and Fungee!

      A mussah dat Gaston use, fu tie plentee a r u to e rasihness!

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿#Garret_Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

      • Take the time to read and stop your usual nonsense:
        “Further, …… St Martin (French & (Dutch) and the USA(St. Thomas) as ports of call by migrants of the Antiguan charters from “

  3. Rather sad occurrence and something we are unaccustomed to seeing in this part of the world. That human trafficking is now raising its ugly head across the Caribbean is frightening. I made contact with the St. Maarten Police who confirmed the reports that two bodies, a female and a male was found at Guana Bay Beach and that investigations are ongoing. Both victims had bags of clothing and other items when they were found. It is widely believed that the victims were on a vessel that was trafficking humans. It appeared as though the persons were dropped off close to Guana Bay and were possibly swimming ashore when they drowned. So far, no details on their identities and or origin have been released by the police.

    • hmm this is new says Audley yet in 2018: “Two men whose bodies were fished out of a pond in St. Martin this week, have been identified as Antiguans – Pedro Jerome Potter and Ozandee Benjamin.
      The confirmation came yesterday from the Strategic Communications Department of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.
      The police have also revealed that a missing person’s report was not filed for the two men.
      According to the police, the bodies of the men were found in the water on the French side of the island at different times of the day.
      The police reported that Potter’s body was found floating on the water around 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, while Benjamin’s was found hours later.
      St. Martin News Network also reported that around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Gendarmes were called to Lucas Bay Oyster Pond when a passer-by noticed a body floating in the water. At the time, Colonel Sebastien Manzoni said that the person, a male of probably Caribbean or Antillean decent, may have died from drowning.
      The news agency added that on Wednesday afternoon the Gendarmes were called again to Lucas Bay to fish out another body. An investigation is currently underway.” see Two Antiguans found dead in St. Martin,16 November 2018, AntiguaObserver

  4. Kaiso_Time…

    …Rhythm! Buss de Chord!
    …for, as #saints & #sinners cry!
    …oh lord! Gud god, why lord?
    …as, these bodies are given up by sea
    …and, wash ashore on Our Caribbean lands
    …it’s plain to see, really & truly see
    …those who’re responsible for this calamity
    …it’s the SCAMps in the Our government
    …#who’re of the Ruling Arm, of the A.B.L.P.

    …Now, as these #SCAMps went for the SHAM! Gaston?
    …you got SHAMmed, by a Marcelo One
    …a real professional #SCAMmer
    …from Nigeria on the African land
    …so Mr. PM, since you’ve overplayed your hand.
    …even Makeda! Who was protecting the Governor! #GENERAL!
    …is callig for, an Independent forensic Investigation.
    ..,which should include! Chet! Cutie! Fernandez! et al…et al.
    ..,and, it MUST be forthwith!
    ..,before Carnival and its Bacchanal.
    ..,so, that when they’re found guilty? Mr. AG!
    ..,the #John_Bull, can lash them with his CLAPWHIP! Brother Bilay!
    …the same weapon, that those Europeans used
    …on, the #HUEman cargo of the Slave ships frim those days.
    .,,so, now we understand. Really understand
    ..,why Fernandez has tendered his resignation…Max!
    .,,you might have to run away!
    ,,,and, leave all those millions in your homeland.
    …’cause, this is no #Nancy Story!
    …unlike Tourism, with its booming season
    …won’t bring you any GLORY! #CHOSKI.


    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garret_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  5. What about the bodies snuffed out on land? Nevis Street for example???

    “Ms. Barthley, 22, was shot in the neck on Dec. 16 at Mr. Bowen’s office.”

    • At least there was an inquiry and court case into that matter!! SIXTEEN LIVES WERE LOST at sea and your Labour Party wants to shut down any investigation into that horrible and horrendous accident. If you want to criticize then you should direct your venom at those who want no investigation WHATSOEVER into the lives of the young fathers and mothers lost at sea. This is typical of how this Labour Party operates. Sickening.

    • @ Sherfield Bowen………..

      and what turns on that?

      you can continue with this refrain until thy kingdom come, but you do realise that you more you spoke about it, the greater the WHIPPING BOWEN GAVE TO LENNOX WESTON, so much so that Weston HAD TO CHASTISE THE PM for his poor campaign strategy.
      SO GO ON ‘SHERFIELD………………….BARTHLEY’………more licks coming.
      WHATA BLOW OUT!!!!

    • What about it? It went to court and the case is over. You need a new tune to sing. You are getting tiresome singing the same old song nonstop.

  6. How horrendous!

    I’ve been reading these stories ardently since the Africans were first brought into Antigua by the ABLP on the authority of Gaston Browne.

    The human trafficking was bad enough, and then the deaths from the one of the capsized vessels took it to another level, and now we are hearing of dead bodies washing up on beaches Is beyond gruesome.

    There can be no hiding place for all those INVOLVED in this atrocious, abhorrent abomination!


    Antigua & Barbuda continuallu profess to be a Godly country (even Gaston Browne and his cabinet has a minister pray over them before their meetings) and believe in the rule of law. If so, we must demand justice and an INDEPENDENT enquiry.

    Fellow Antiguans, we are at a crossroads in our belief system and the country moving forward, and especially into how our politicians conduct themselves.

    Praying is great, but without actions it is pointless … that’s why our country is in a right mess and our politicians feel they can do as they please without any interference or repercussions!

  7. This is quite interesting though. Who goes to sea with ID🧐….How did they get out there🧐,..where were they coming from🧐

  8. @ Basin, what exactly is dishonest about extrapolation? There are 16 (or is it 14 ) bodies from the capsized vessel off the St. Kitts cost that are unaccounted for. Is it so unreasonable to conclude that perhaps these are in some way associated with that incident? If you take a close look at the island chain, Antigua, St. Kitts and St.Martin are really in close proximity to each other.
    You Labourites are forever defending a sinking ship, because it cast a corrupt, dishonest, unscrupulous spotlight on this failed ALP administration. Defend your party and country be damned.
    Well, sooner or later, an investigation will happen. ALP will never do it, but lives have been lost and the US, Canada and the UK are paying attention because Antigua is the new found gateway to their shores.

    • @concern .. I guess Tesa did not die at sea so her life doesn’t matter … And are u suggesting she was not some ones child .. you are so sick mined .. please stop posting .. idiot

  9. @SHERFIELD BOWEN SHOT TESSA BARTHLEY… Will you just SHUT UP and get with the program. You are so out of touch. Where does your post comes in this very serious situation we are faced with as a Nation trying to investigate the kids of people’s lives at sea

  10. This is what happens when your naive concept of brotherhood meets reality. Criminals and chancers will exploit the situation and your foolishness

  11. Why didn’t you exchange place with Ms Barthley, 22?
    Try to make sense at least one time!

  12. I often wonder if some of these persons who are against an investigation into this whole fiasco would think the same way if they had a family member on board who is now missing?

  13. Those Africans were invited into Antigua.They had no intentions of staying in Antigua,too small and limited. I as a National come into Antigua every year.Those at the Airport Immigration would give me a hard time.They wanted to know where I am staying and for how long I am staying.While those Africans were given the RED CARPET treatments with their Plane getting washed with water parade.They had to answer to no one.That is a damn double standard.Now it is blowing up into Gaston’s face.The evil you do would live with you and bite you in your arse.So Gaston,accept the results of your decisions making.

  14. Where in this article did it indicate that Antigua is involved?

    As a prime minister I personally don’t like the guy, but you people find every single thing to blame him!

    These people are knowledgeable and knowingly working to charter vessels out of Antigua to other countries to get to their desired destinations. It is the same way many antiguans migrated to the UK, USA and Canada ILLEGALLY! And said way “mash up” these countries and have even been deported back here to Antigua.

    Why not blame them for their foolish choices, why not blame the captains of these vessels for endangering lives?

    But AGAIN!

    Where in the initial article did they state anything about ANTIGUA or GASTON BROWNE?

    This country has never been a migrant friendly place, y’all do it to Jamaicans, Guyanese, Spanish, Dominican and the list goes on.

    As I’ve been told whilst attending school “you bang wata come ya” well dem a bang wata lef ya!

    • Where have you been hiding @ Baba-black sheep? Under a bushel? Or in the sand?

      As the Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda, of course Gaston Browne would have known; and if he didn’t it is even worse for his Premiership, and just goes to proves he’s not fit for office.

      Are you telling Antiguans that our Prime Minister had no idea that aeroplanes were arriving into the country?

      A small boat I can understand, but 3-4 aeroplanes?

      One thing that Gaston Browne isn’t baba, and that’s being nieve.


      No wonder Gassy can do what he want in Antigua & Barbuda 🇦🇬

      • So Brix.. the some 40K Cameroonian’s who are illegally in the US, its the US pres. fault? He brought them there via boat, bus and plane? You do know many of them got there via commercial airlines? You do know that atleast 40 (its more)percent of all (undocumented) immigrants (migrants) come via plane ?

        • Tenman, it makes no sense arguing with a dunce. You will lose in the end.
          Never argue with a fool – They will drag you down to their level, Then beat you with experience!!”

        • Can you not see the obvious FLAW in your reply/argument (I noticed it after reading just the first 2 lines) @ tenman?

          Look closely again at what you’ve written; and I’ll do you a favour. and give you 24 hours to recognise what you’ve said, before Brixtonian replies in kind. 😁


          Tick tock brother … tick tock! 🕒

  15. Tenman, come on now. You suppose to be one of the intelligent laborites.
    Review your comments addressed to Brix, and see if it made any sense.
    Are you losing it?

  16. The red cool aid is really potent. Who in their right mind would try to cover for a corrupt, incompetent Gaston Browne administration but a Labourite? Defend the party and to hell with country! Wow. The effects of this colossal error is already being felt. Antiguans are already being denied visas to the U.S. As bodies continue to float to shore, the spotlight will shine on Antigua even if the incidents are unrelated The longer they wait to get to the bottom of this fiasco, the worst it will get.

  17. I guess the dunce people are winning the argument. They are dunce.
    I guess Brix is till blaming Adam and Eve for the sin they have committed, which made him a born sinner.
    We have an Air Service agreement signed with Nigeria, which means the ECCAA knows that airlines coming from Nigeria have the right to land in Antigua. And the people working at the airport are also aware of the Air Service Agreement. People do not contract the Prime Minister on issues such as these. They have their guidelines. And furthermore, the PM is not the substantive minister. That is Minister Max Fernandez. That is why he went to sign the Air Service Agreement. I’m getting tired of educating these dunce elements. They have so much hate for the man called Gaston Browne that they cannot even think logical. And when Tenman point out to him if he thinks that Biden should be responsible for all the illegal aliens, the Cameroonians in particular, that came legally in the USA he has no answer to that. Very DUNCE elements if you ask me

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