Bishop Jeffrey considers vaccine exemption for Rastafarians only to be ‘blasphemy’ and quits Ecclesiastical Commission


Bishop Rolston Jeffrey has resigned from the Ecclesiastical Commission over what he sees as the Government’s unfair preference with respect to its vaccination mandate.

Bishop Jeffrey is of the opinion that Rastafarians are being considered superior to Christians since only they can be granted religious exemptions.

Although he encourages Rastafarians to be inoculated, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has granted that faith a special “carve out” from the vaccination policy, in keeping with the decades-long practice that allow their children to attend public schools.

However, Browne has said that no other exemptions under the “religion” category will be given.

Bishop Jeffrey says his decision to walk away from the organization was taken according to his conscience, among other issues.

The Bishop says he does not consider himself to be an anti-vaxxer; but, since God gave everyone free will to make their own choices, he does not believe in forced vaccination, he says.

Further, he reminds residents that the Prime Minister had publicly declared there would be no mandatory vaccination in Antigua and Barbuda.

From the start, the Ecclesiastical Commission had supported an education campaign, Bishop Jeffrey says; however, he is not sure what prompted PM Browne’s change of  mind.

Meanwhile, even though Antigua and Barbuda is considered a Christian society, the Bishop notes that another religion is being given preferential treatment.

Ironically, he says, it was the church leaders who were called upon, at the start of the pandemic, to intercede with God on behalf of the Nation.

Church leaders are also asked to bless certain functions, including Cabinet meetings and parliamentary sittings, Bishop Jeffrey says.  Accordingly, he considers the preferential treatment accorded to the Rastafarians to be blasphemy.-REAL NEWS-

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  1. Bishop your concerns seems to stem from your discrimination of the Rastafarian community and your disbelief that Rastafarianism is a religion. Matter of fact the ecclesiastical commission (I don’t know what is it’s purpose) don’t believe in any other religion than Christianity (Sunday worshipers). Therefore exempting that community from vaccine will not sit well with you because you believe that their religion is inferior to Christianity. Now most of the ecclesiastical commission (most are wolves in sheep’s clothing) have a lot coming when yashua returns. Live and let live. Your position in a church does not make you superior to another person practicing whatever religion he chooses.

    • I see your point may even believe it but the bishop did not say that. I notice he said the government called them upon, at the start of the pandemic, to intercede with God on behalf of the Nation. What happened to that? Did it work? Maybe Gaston vex with areu cause it seems like God said no.

  2. Is this the same “bishop” who was encouraging Dr. Jose Humphreys to be rebellious when he had his challenges with the Medical Association?? And which congregation is he affiliated with? Is he another “bishop” like Charlesworth Browne who left the Methodist church and started his own session upstairs an old wooden building on Corn Alley? Didn’t Jackie Quinn send police to interrupt his service some time ago?

    • If you had an incline of knowledge of what really happened then you would not speak such foolishness. Are people to roll over and play dead just because they are Christians? The Bishop was not encouraging any rebelliousness. He was speaking out about the injustice meted out to someone by a badminded elitist bunch. Get the facts!

    • Now, what the hell is this personal attack about? What does Bishop Browne and Jackie Quinn have to do with the matter being discuss. You totally erode common sense with you nonsensical diatribe. Discuss the pertinent issue. The Bishop resigned on a matter of principle…a matter of conscience! Who can question that? I personally believe its the right thing to do. How can you be a leader of the Christian faith and asked to make an impartial decision but yet you are being dictated to? What qualifies Rastas to be exempted more than any other group? Dont tell me nothing about they have always been against vaccination. Religion of a matter of consciences…a personal choice! Not a congregation, denomination of Church. Even the Good Book speaks to it…”Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling!”

  3. The bishop outlining the things the church plays a role in just makes me think the church and state should be separated as the east is from the west. The intercession they had at the start of the pandemic did nothing. The following day, the country recorded its first case and we’ve had to deal with the rises and falls in cases like anywhere else in society. “The church” being called to pray at events is entirely ceremonial and has no effect. Let’s remove these practices from our society. Btw, I think all should be vaccinated including Rastas.

    • You speak as one who has no hope or someone who bex with Gad! How can you make such a ridiculous blanket statement, “The intercession they had at the start of the pandemic did nothing?” Who defines the elements of the unknown? You? Are you God?! Things, perhaps, could have been far worst, had it not been for prayer. I think we have had a relatively spared pandemic PARTICULARLY IN THE BEGINNING!

  4. Bishop I agree with to the highest point. If you want only one religion to be exempted all must be. The Christian Council and ecclesiastical commission need to put up a stance against these nonsense in the country

  5. This Ecclesiastical Commission is not about making church leadership part of the government. It’s about making the government part of church leadership. Bishop, I’m glad you see the light, not about vaccines cause I’m sure you took one, but about freedom of choice and conscience. Unfortunately, this comes way too late for your members, who have had to give up either their conscience or their jobs. With your help the govt got what they wanted, the leverage to cause people to act against their will. You are no longer needed on the commission. You can resign.

    • I agree with the its not about rastafarian or Christian it’s about standing on your beliefs the rastafarian stand on their beliefs but the church crack they couldn’t trust God enough even that same Bishop his congregation was one of the first sleeves to roll up but as someone said we have to work out our own salvation

  6. Thought Rasta said they weren’t a religion? Anyway Gaston will always look out for his fellow ‘farmers’.

    • Of course Rastafarianism is a RELIGION. Would like to know the name of their holy book or location of their doctrines and beliefs so that people can learn more about the OFFICIAL beliefs. Is there an official website or book that clearly outlines the religious doctrines/beliefs of the rastafarian religion

  7. 👣…here comes trouble!
    🌴…here comes #danger!
    ⛅️…sent by Yah savior!
    🔥…welcome the Rasta Youth!

  8. I agree with the bishop. The rastas belong to a foreign cult. It is not a religion, and they shouldn’t get any special consideration from the government. Got get ar’u jab nah jack.

  9. This “bishop” (?) is out of his league and should never have been on this commission. Time to go “Jeff”. By the way, I hope you are not one of those self-styled Bishop wannabees. We’ve got too many of them already, even some APOSTLES and PROPHETS amongst us. God help us. Imposters and wannabees. Some are outright fakars! The commision will do very well without you. Time to humble yourself Jack.

    • Give me a break! You sound like you have a personal agenda! Continue to speak such foolishness. He’s a man of integrity and his resignation and stance, if nothing else, proves it! Touch not the Lord’s anointed! It is not up to you to decide who is called and who is not! Many of you will bash local men and women of God but will quickly send your monies to get snake oil and anointed oil from less credible persons!

  10. Mr Byam, the “foreign cult” to which you made note, were not ones that labored our foreparents to death and owned a quarter of Europeans land. And they surely not going to honor no pope, especially that one who claimed to be related to Peter and took the title ponticef maximus… the man could even “read or write.”
    Be careful of what you are saying sir

  11. Ras Tafari is not a religion but Rastafari is……..

    In ANU we have Rastafari not Ras Tafari………

    I overstand the confusion. Even the Rastafari thinks they are Ras Tafari, and that is tragic.

  12. Bishop Rolston Jeffrey,you did the correct thing,you resigned. Most Antiguans would not have resigned,because them lob power and authority.

    • Karl Marx is a PUSHER of the Luciferian agenda. His writings came straight from the pit of hell!!!! He and Darwin nak one head bowing down at Satan feet.

  13. Let me leave this ☝️To God cause I know pharmaceutical drugs and Vaccine causes side effects and addictions so I will stick to my Mary J addiction and keep out this confusion of who should rely on pharmacy to live to all the business people out here. And since most people not eating well who knows. So Rasta or no Rasta you can throw me in the lions dem just let me have my Mary J.

  14. In a pandemic, if it is that serious, there cannot be any exemptions except that of serious medical contraindications. If the so-herb immunity is a true, then we cannot attain it if we are going to exclude persons based on issues that do not affect health and life! It is therefore evident that other reasons propel this act of exclusion! The religious exemption as it stands is discriminatory and wrong. You cannot tell me what my conscience bears! A Church or denomination cannot either. Its my persons persuasion. So the Pandora’s box has been open with this nonsensical approach by government. Well done BISHOP Jeffrey. I applaud your principled stance. If only the others on the commission would see the actions of the government is a slap in their face. If the Government wished to implement this one-sided approach then use another body “non-Christian”, non religious group to make such decisions. How can you exclude me and my people and expect me to adjudicate and deliver? Nonsense!

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