Bishop Charlesworth Browne comes out strongly against vaccine mandates


Bishop Charlesworth Browne has dismissed the COVID-19 vaccine as rushed and says mandatory vaccination is bullying at the highest level.

He says such a policy will only lead to further economic hardship and calls on the government to scrap the measure.

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    • It’s questionable if this guy is even a REAL “bishop”. He is NOT in the apostolic succession, that’s for sure. Not every bishop wannabee is the real thing. This guy seems to have turned on his political party? Hmmm. How quickly the wannabees turn. Nonetheless, there is no witness in the Spirit regarding this guy. Watch him closely.

    • @BOI his opinion was great when he was campaigning to get Labour Party into power. Look how garrots can turn on their our like squeezing lime into milk…..Smh

  1. He should be held responsible for everyone he preaches in his ministry that ends up with health issues or death. Your responsible for your flock and you are denying them the very thing that could-save them. Well ain’t religion just amazing.

    It certainly ain’t god protecting people on the death bed at the hospital . It’s the smart people who took the vaccine that arnt there who are thanking god that someone smart enough suggested they take the vaccine

  2. Another anti-vaxxer fool. People dying daily now from covid and this is the best he can come with? Ignore him.

  3. It’s a good thing the real Bishop of St. John’s – Basseterre, The Most Reverend Robert Llanos had more constructive advice to say to his parishioners and to all responsible Christians. Get Vaccinated. Obvious this bishop doesn’t fall into the category of responsible Christians. So sad. Hope he can console the loved ones of the Covid 19 victims that have gone to their Lord and Savior.

  4. Very irresponsible. When there are no jobs because no one is coming to Antigua, and there is no money for his collection plate because people dying left right and center, will he say the same thing? Ignore this false shepherd. Vaccinate.

    • When Jesus came to the earth and was teaching the Godspel he too was crucified, 👍 up to the Bishop who came out and speak truth even through he knew he would be crucified. Man of faith keep fighting for God. The devil will come from every angle but they can never touch God’s people. Fear God.

  5. Boss seems confused. In the video he said he did it for his family and country. He knew to himself that even if it was bad God would protect him. The issue with people like him is they think only they talk to God and have his protection. IF he so believes why is it that he does not see God’s protection can extend to the nation? Its people Like this bishop who have caused government from making the right choice earlier.

  6. Bishop… You took polio vaccine acknowledging it was tested.
    People tested polio vaccine so you, me and millions could take it in confidence.

    Pray tell, which of Gods Children on this earth are you recommending testing the Covid-19 vaccines, to allow you, one of Gods supposedly chosen leaders, may confidently take the vaccine?

  7. This shot is no different from any other medicine which has its benefits / side effects, except that for those others nobody is trying to kick you out of your job / home / family for not taking it. This is no longer about the efficacy of the shot (which is highly debatable). This is about government overreach, which once it gets going can be next to impossible to stop.

    This might be a different take on it but I don’t think my pastor should be telling me NOT to take the shot. In doing that he is no better than the government who is trying to force us to take it. Its a personal choice which each person needs to make and be respected in their decision.

  8. I know that mandatory vaccine is the right bullying. Sometimes you have to bully people for their own good. Hurricane coming you have to bully people off the street. We are in a war with an invisible enemy and our God given choice is the vaccine. People are dying and not just old people but young people too . My government you will have my vote every day if you not only make it mandatory but illegal for anyone within this 108 square miles to reman unvaccinated. History will definitely show that you made the right choices.

  9. Hey Bish. Are you trying to get Gaston’s attention by going against him? Are you hoping that he would give you a likkle ting for your ministry if you recant on your position?

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