Birthday Gifts for Your Vegetarian Friend


Making our friends smile with some gifts on their birthdays is what we all love. That’s a different thing that in boys’ case, birthday gifts are more like Kicks on Bum rather than a new pair of shoes. But, yes, a gift is a gift, and it has to be there on the birthday.


We don’t know what type of friends you have and do you all believe in the gesture of gifting. But if you do, then you must think before picking the gift to surprise your friend. You need to think about what your friend likes and what suits his/her personality. It will help you to get the best gift for your friend and for the money you are spending.


So, if your friend is a strict vegetarian, then you should gift him/her something in contrast with that.

Try to look out and find the best for your friend and if you don’t stress your mind for that, look at the below-mentioned birthday gift ideas for a vegetarian friend.


Indoor Plant

Well, you may be thinking that it’s about the vegetarian friend and not the nature lover friend. You are absolutely right but being a vegetarian means that he/she eats only those products that different planets and trees provide us. So, why not give him/her an indoor plant. It will surely be something that your friend will adore. You can opt to give plants like Aloe Vera, Tulsi, and Curry plant. These plants give fresh air and can be used for consumption.


All Vegetarian Snack Basket

Rather than asking for a treat from your friend on his/her birthday, you should give a treat to him/her. And for that, we think that a basket full of all-vegetarian snacks will surely do the magic. All you have to do is to look for that ‘Green Dot in a Green Box’ symbol on every snack before adding it to the basket. After done with picking the snacks, decorate the basket with minimal decorations. Don’t make it look like a Shagun Basket from the marriage scenario.


Eggless Cake

Well, bringing different types of cakes to celebrate a friend’s birthday has become a common trend around the world. And this trend renders such vibes that make the day memorable and joyful. You must not miss this fun but must go with an eggless cake. You can go to your nearest bakery and ask the baker to bake an eggless cake, or you can visit an online cake shop and place an eggless cake order online. Go with the option that suits you the best.


A Vegan Food Recipe Book

If your vegetarian friend loves cooking or loves to eat new dishes every time, then you can opt to gift him/her a vegan food recipe book. If your friend is good at cooking, then it is the best, and if he/she doesn’t know how to cook, then their mother can make delicious dishes with the recipes given in the book. Keep in mind that you don’t end up gifting a book with only a few recipes. There have to be lots of recipes, and all of them should be amazing. And to confirm that, go through the index of the book before making the purchase.


Vegetarian Hi Marega Mug

Well, there is no space for the word sophistication between the friends, and thus our gifting gesture should also exclude it. Get a ceramic printed with your friend’s picture or name and a line “VEGETARIAN HI MAREGA”. There has to be no Happy Birthday slogan or nothing that looks to wish birthday. We think that this gift will surely bring an ear-wide smile on your friend’s face.


Vegan Fridge Magnet Set

Little things in friendship make a big impact, and thus little gifts also make a big heart-touching impact. So, you can give your friend a set of fridge magnets which are all about vegetarians. You can easily buy vegan fridge magnet sets from online gifting portals and e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Invest your time and try to find the best and cool magnets possible.


So, which one will you gift to make your vegetarian friend on his/her birthday?


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