Bird, Joseph, Marshall and Quinn Williams Named as UPP Candidates

Pearl Quinn


On behalf of the United Progressive Party (UPP), the Political Leader, Harold Lovell, is pleased to name another four members of the slate expected to contest the upcoming General Elections.

They are:

Sean Bird – St. John’s Rural East

Johnathon Joseph – St. Mary’s North         

Corthwright Marshall – St. Mary’s South

Pearl Quinn Williams – St. John’s Rural North


Their brief biographies are attached for your perusal and publication.

Sean Bird

SEAN BIRD, St. John’s Rural East

Born into the “First Family of Politics,” Sean Bird’s earlier leanings were toward the law, as can be determined by his tertiary education:

  • City Law School, Inns of Court, London, U.K. – LPC, 2009
  • University of Miami, Miami, FL – LLM, 2001
  • University of Buckingham, Buckingham, UK – LLB, 1999
  • University of Carleton, Ottawa, CA – BSc. – Political Science, 1992
  • Florida Supreme Court Mediation Training (certificate)


However, he is now utilizing his business skills as General Manager of Grenville Radio Ltd., the station founded by his father.  There, he has implemented a new standard of procedures and policies; restructured staff to boost morale and productivity; and increased service, accountability and profitability.


Sean has also conducted and produced two talk shows that discussed current affairs and social issues, and – utilizing professional panelists – provided solutions and advice to the public.

As part of the Concerned Christian Coalition, whose objective was to advocate for a healthy society, Sean worked as an organizer and advocate for a pro-family movement.  It ensured that women at risk were helped and their concerns were heard.  He also served as mediator for families with various social issues; promoted and brought to Antigua the 4th World Congress for the Family (2017); and advocated and  facilitated a feeding program.


In similar vein, his volunteer activities have focused on working with various non-profit organizations in food collection and distribution.  He has also contributed advertising and sponsorship, as well as produced and directed fundraising events.

“My service record demonstrates a desire to lead and positively impact,” Sean says, and this dovetails seamlessly with the United Party’s People First credo.


“There must be a passion about service because, in this current political climate where all types of hatred prevail, there has to be  recognition that the new leaders must become agents of change,” he adds.  Sean sees himself as one of those agents and the United Progressive Party as the vehicle for the change this country sorely needs.


He believes that “a diversity of viewpoints can combine wisdom and experience with creativity and ingenuity,” and this is what he finds most appealing about the UPP: the mixture of seasoned politicians with the freshness of new faces and novel ideas.  In other words, its grounded past with its visionary future in which he intends to play a part.

Johnathan Joseph


Senator Johnathan Joseph was born – and still lives – in the constituency he represented in the 2018 elections.

His native village has also been the cradle of his education, since he spent his early years at the Jennings Primary School and then graduated from the Jennings Secondary.

Shortly after, he was employed as a teacher by the Ministry of Education and remained in the profession from 1991-2004.

Ambitious and energetic, at the same time Joseph also worked at the Royal Antiguan Resort.  He began in the kitchen in 1991 and worked his way up to Evening Manager, holding that position until the property was sold in 2017.  He was also employed as the Campus Manager at the University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA).

Combining an appreciation for business with his interest in the welfare of workers,  Senator Joseph served as an executive member of the Trade Union Congress (TUC); the Tourism Authority Board; the Antigua and Barbuda Hotel Management Association (ABHMA); and the Antigua and Barbuda Bus Owners Association (ABBOA).

Known as the “Break Every Chain Man” since his electrifying entry into elective politics, Senator Joseph has made his name as an advocate for the elderly and as both a preacher and talk-show host on Progressive 107.3 FM/Crusader Radio.  And within the Party, he is recognized as the ultimate team-player.

Married, with one daughter, Joseph is a devout and committed Christian in the Seventh Day Adventist faith.   An Ordained Elder in his local congregation, he has also served the church in other leadership capacities and is very active in his community.

Senator Joseph possesses both youthful energy and maturity.  He has vision, experience and ability to lead in this 21st century.  As an effective community builder for over two decades, he is a passionate advocate of sustainable national development.  And as a member of management and various boards, he has worked tirelessly for transparency and accountability.

He understands the problems facing Antigua and Barbuda, and knows that, as a country, we can do better.  Accordingly, he believes that with bold leadership and its clear action plan, the UPP is the best hope for delivering the Nation and rescuing its People.


Corthwright Marshall, a longstanding member and officer of the UPP, is on his second mission to capture the St. Mary’s South seat that he narrowly missed in 2018.

A consummate “South Man,” he brings to the constituency a people-focused and community-centric approach.  He is a strong believer in self-help and self-sufficiency, whether it is in agriculture or in sports, two areas in which he continues to demonstrate his interest and involvement.

“Corty,” as he is affectionately known, currently serves as the Party’s Public Relations Officer, and decades of institutional knowledge – of the UPP and of the broader political landscape – reside with him.  He is a regular presenter at meetings of The Movement and on Progressive  107.3 FM’s programmes Face to Face and Night Call.

As he once said, modestly, in a radio interview, he is qualified to serve wherever he is assigned. He proved this already during the UPP’s tenure in office, when he served, with distinction, as Director of Tourism, Policy and Planning.  Regionally, he took his place on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), chairing both for two years.

Marshall also spent almost a decade as a member of the Inter-Ministry Consultative Committee on the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME), earning his stripes in the area of Trade and Finance. Other positions included directorships on the Hospitality Training Institute; the Investment Authority; the Airline Licensing Board; and the Board of Education.

A graduate of the Bolans Primary and Jennings Secondary Schools, Marshall’s qualifications demonstrate his capacity as an attorney, college lecturer, researcher and writer:  He earned a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Wolverhampton; a Master of Laws, with distinction, specializing in Banking and Finance, from the University of Liverpool; a Certificate in Legal Education from the Hugh Wooding Law School; a diploma in Spanish from the University of Havana; and a Master of Science in Economic Planning from the University of Las Villas, Santa Clara, Cuba.

Corty continues to preach that politics is about creating opportunities – not for politicians, but for The People. These include decent housing, meaningful education and employment prospects, and modern health care.  And his watchword continues to be PRIDE: Prosperity, Responsibility, Inclusion, Development and Empowerment to the Community.




PEARL QUINN WILLIAMS, St. John’s Rural North

Pearl Quinn Williams rose to national and regional prominence when she championed the cause to retain the Privy Council as this country’s final court of appeal in the lead-up to the 2018 Referendum.


Her slogan, “Trust is a Must,” became a rallying cry for the reform and overhaul of the justice system before any consideration of transitioning to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) .


Quinn Williams is a retired professional with 28 years of experience, training, and certification in the full spectrum of personal and business banking.


Among the senior posts she has held, she takes most pride in her position as Business Banking Officer.  This is because it allowed her to assist scores of small- and medium-sized business owners, advising them on loan facilities, finance, commerce and business management.


As one of the top Personal Banking Loan Officers in the region, Quinn Williams was selected for a one- year assignment in Anguilla, where she re-introduced personal lending to that market.  She has also trained new staff in personal and business lending products and services, acquiring a number of awards over her career.


Prior to that, she spent seven years at the historic Half Moon Bay Hotel, earning high accolades for customer-service excellence, diplomacy, and leadership acumen.


A graduate of the Antigua Girls High School and the Antigua State College A-Level

Department, Quinn Williams is known for her integrity, analysis, strategic thinking, and organizational and problem-solving skills.


A public-speaking trainer, she was a founding executive member of the Antigua Toastmasters Club, and is an accomplished motivational speaker.  She has won the Club’s International Speech Contest for the Caribbean district, and represented the region in Malaysia as a semi-finalist in the International Public Speaking Contest.


Adding to the value of this Pearl are her vocal activism and her affinity for people, borne out in her membership of the Health Hope & HIV Network, as well as in The Movement, the advocacy group for good governance.


Pearl believes that good governance, transparency, integrity and service to The People are all to be found in the UPP, where she currently serves as an At-Large Member of the Central Executive and an officer in its Women’s Forum.


A born-again Christian, wife, and mother of four, Pearl Quinn Williams lives by the motto: “It’s all about YOU!

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  1. Well well well the UPP cannot be serious. Other than Mrs Williams here is another batch of joker. My God when will the UPP wake up and stop using that 1971 handbook. Geeze Antigua is really in needs of a fresh political party. Take some notes from Anguilla.

    • A fine speech on CCJ does not a politician make. Again UPP has got it wrong in believing that you have to sound good and use big words to be a success as a politician. Bird does not love to work. He is still leaning on thinking they will vote for him in Rural East because he is a Bird. He forgets there is a bigger Bird there with her husband’s deep pockets. Joseph seems to think that all he has to do is play “break every chain, break every chain”, and the church people will vote for him. That is another seat that will not be won. This candidate does not have it. Marshall is a decent nominee but he does not have the popular look and attitude. He needs a serious makeover. I don’t know if he has ever been in a bar or on the block in his life.
      UPP you are missing the point. Politics now has a lot of see and do. The majority of voters not interested in your policies and how bright you are as a party. You still don’t understand.

      • You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!! Eloquence and hoity-toity speaking will NOT garner votes. She has to get off her high horse and sit with the common man. Jonathan needs to focus on spreading the gospel and leave politics alone. Sean has overtaken his cousin VB3 in the level of badmindedness. Cortwright needs an energy drink and a vitamin B12 shot daily.

        • @wow LMAO!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that last sentence took me out!!! But all jokes aside this is the best UPP can do? Them need to wheel and come again. And one more question will Vere Bird 3 will be turning into a blue bird as well asking for a friend?!

  2. Is it a fair assumption that she was awarded by an institution that did nothing more than gouge out the poor man’s pocket? So much for that as an award!

  3. [GASP] so that is how Cortrigt Marshall look? Is he ill or just aged? I’m taken aback by his appearance in the photo. Does he have the necessary drive, energy and vigor that the political campaign and subsequent governmental role demands? The ma replacing Shawn Nicholas is older, but he does not look downtrodden and weary like Marshall.

        • Molwyn does NOT have the countenance that Cortright has in that photo. Also, Molwyn already has political experience as an MP and has nothing to gain/prove. Cortright on the other hand is ATTEMPTING to become an MP, but he already looks tired and spent even before the race begins. No offense to him, but he seriously looks beat down and lethargic. I sincerely hope it is not an indication of an underlying health issue. Not even Lovell looks that level of tired and worn out. Please do a check-up Mr. Marshall.

  4. Would you vote for someone who amidst their successes as stated in this “farticle” would have seen the ordinary man being taken advantaged of by a financial institution? Does this demonstrate any care for the ordinary man? How can such a person truly in good Christian conscience say “IT IS ALL ABOUT” when they would have seen corporate greed reek havoc on poor people to this day? Is this a pearl or chameleon that we are witnessing?

      • Good for Pearl Williams to enter into elective politics.A Antigua you come fram.A dey you barn.Run for any damn offices you so wishes.That is your choices.Lakka me say a dey you barn.You have all of the rights as those in the Labor Party and others.To run on any Political Party tickets.In my opinion you should be able to win that seat from the present Representative.Good luck Pearl Williams.Your Country needs persons like you.I do believe you are going there to serve the people,not to enrich yourself.

        • We said the same thing about her sister and we saw how that one ended up. I’m not impressed by these candidates so far. Just the same old wash rinse and repeat formula. The biggest joke of the all is Sean Bird who was rejected by alp and now he up in his feelings.

          • Devil Advocate:Who said the same thing about her sister.Who are the we,of which you speak.Because no one speaks for and or on my behalf.

  5. Was waiting for the red cool aid drinkers to come out as usual. Why don’t you people get a life?

  6. They are saying some (not all) of this people are “born again” Christians or even elders in they church, mentioning all kinds of religious things. What denomination is that Sean Bird anyway. Is he really some kind of Christian? Tell us more. Sounds like a righteous bunch.

    • LOL! I observed the same thing too. Only Mr. Marshall seems to be “spiritually dead” in the bunch. Harold Lovell smart. He is making sure to play up the religious element. Mr. Marshall is a shitty PRO. Damani was annoying and nincumpoop-ish plenty times, but he had some degree of competence in knowing how to respond to questions publicly.

      Now can someone please confirm if ALLISTER THOMAS GRADUATED FROM SECONDARY SCHOOL?

    • The righteousness is troubling. Nothing against the evangelicals but they are too steadfast in their beliefs. They are not ready for today’s Antigua politics. Looks like at least 3 of them are practicing revivalists. They believe telling us they are Christians that is the magic bullet.Remember Lamin used to say how much he believes in God. Not hearing that from him these days. Is the UPP running a God is Alive campaign? With all the wicked deeds they are doing to the candidates they do not want to give a primary? Like smearing their names and going after their family? That supposed to be ABLP tactics.

  7. Did Pearl own the bank or the one making the decision on charges? As far as I know she was just an employee. Some of you people sound so darn foolish.



    • What team??? Driftwood was badplayed just like Joanne Massiah. Harold Lovell needs to remember that what goes around comes around.

    • Badplayed is a small word. Lovell, you and the Man Cow have to stop beat down the candidates you don’t want. Gisele said Driftwood not coming pan she ticket and they badplay drift wood in St Paul. And they playing favorites with the ones they want and breaking all the party rules to bring them in. Everybody know is Gisele party. She does what she wants. Nobody could stop her.

  9. THIS IS RIDICULOUS . Is Harold , Gisel Isaac ,Serpent on the Team. We in St. Georges awaiting for Serpent to run our Constituency . Serpent will surely get a cut ASS.

    Dane Knight is working very hard for His Senator post. Knight you will be waiting a LOOOOOONG time May within 30 years. By then you will be too old.

    • Dane Knight will first need to RENOUNCE HIS U.S. CITIZENSHIP! I doubt he will be willing to do so, since he is on PUBLIC RECORD as saying that [paraphrase]: an Antigua and Barbuda passport is of no use to him because he has an American passport and he said that America does not recognize dual citizenship. He is physically in Antigua, but HIS LOYALTY IS TO TRUMP and the star-spangled banner.

    • @ Peter J
      UPP promised KNIGHT SENATOR POSITION that is why Knight makes a POPPY SHOW of Himself every night on Observer Radio . KNIGHT is working for Upp. He has to wait at least 30 years.

  10. All failures!! Not one of them are a people’s person… Antigua political culture deals with candidates who have a personality that no one is afraid to approach…. These candidates that UPP has presented do not mingle with people during their normal daily living……. Running for election certainly will not change them…. Remember, a leopard will not & can not change

    You are correct. UPP Candidates are NOT approachable. You would never have a beer with any of these Candidates. Hon . Gaston Browne is MR.PERSONALITY. I shall bet anyone that UPP Candidates will never get BACK Their Deposits. All UPP Candidates will get an ASS CUTTING.

  12. Hahaha. The religious crutch that they grasp during times like this is most laughable were it not for the blatant disrespect they are prepared to show for the Almighty God for the reward of earthly power! They will all fail because of this travesty! The power hungry will clutch at a straw!When they would have all failed, then what? Thank God, we have a most merciful and forgiving God.

  13. Is Corthwright Marshall OK ? Mr. Marshall looks UNWELL . Hope He is OK . At least UPP could obtain a better photo of Mr. Marshall. This photo is not good for Promotion.

  14. @ Peter J
    UPP promised KNIGHT SENATOR POSITION that is why Knight makes a POPPY SHOW of Himself every night on Observer Radio . KNIGHT is working for Upp. He has to wait at least 30 years.

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