Bird Airport Is Stigmatizing The Name

VC Bird International airport


Observation by Airport Observer

Under the cover of the storm last weekend, a strange set of circumstances occurred at Bird Airport. The Prime Minister ag. Hon.Steadroy was made aware of a situation at the airport early Friday morning and immediately had the Permanent Secretary send out a directive to the Airport Management, to have aircraft seeking shelter from Storm Fiona accept the complimentary Storm Shelter offered by the Bizjet Hangar.

Having received the directive from the PM ag. the airport Management called the PM ag and advised him that they had stopped the aircraft from using the Bizjet Hangar because the Hangar was not insured, and requesting that he overturn the directive.

As a consequence, the directive was not overturned because the Minister was advised that the Airport Management has lied regarding the insurance of the hangar, a copy of the insurance cover was seen by him.

The directive was not overturned, the Airport Management just ignored the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile at the airport, the owners of a helicopter (US $800,000.approx) nervously called everyone they knew, as the winds picked up and they knew their helicopter would shortly be blown apart.

After they were told by a member of management that ‘ nothing goes into that hangar and nothing comes out,’ they realized they would have to accept the responsibility of securing their equipment.

So they pushed the helicopter against the tiny wind gusts across the ramp, and took shelter in an empty hangar with insecure doors, praying that the temporary shelter would preserve their helicopter.

Luck was with Antigua because looking at what happened to our neighbours, Guadeloupe and Puerto Rico, had the storm hit Antigua, in the absence of secure Storm Shelter, their helicopter would have been just a heap of metal.

The next day the Airport Security went looking for the helicopter and advised they could not find it. After checking around, it was discovered that the Airport Security at two Gates allowed the owners to remove their helicopter from the Airport compound without Security notifying the Airport Management, making them look even more inept.

Under normal circumstances on a normal airport, this would be reason for an in depth investigation, and litigation for business interference and stigma damage by those whose businesses were affected.

In Antigua positions go by favours not by knowledge and experience.

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  1. Poor Mekeda, you have such a wonderful asset, but people just do not want to do business with you. It must be in your personality. And I can personally testify to that going back to the Lester Bird days. But you see not even your sons want to do business with you and work for you. You are an evil woman. The AG PM may be Cutie, but the present Aviation Minister is still Sir Robin, and he knows you too well.
    If you are about to fall from a cliff and the devil reaches out and gives you a helping hand, it’s best you trust in the Lord to let his angels catch you before you hit the ground. Or even raise you up from the death. Mekeda the Devil in persona.

    • From the Sideline I have read this article twice and no where in it did I see the name Makeda. Why do you like to criticize and crucify this woman? Did she rebuff your advances at some point in your life? The article has addressed some serious issues in the management of the airport that you should have focused your attention on. However, you did not and instead tried to malign Makeda in your comments. The airport officials who lied to the acting Prime Minister and refused to carry out his directive should be fired.

      • That is because you do not have background information about the company Bizjet.
        And yes, we go way back to the Lester Bird era. What a horrible woman that was and still is. And as I said Robin knows her very well also and would not allow that.

        • Sideline, you appear to know everything. Why don’t you go and rest your old self and make peace between yourself and your creator?

  2. The owners of that aircraft owe creditors usd $3M + several hundred thousand to the airport authority so there’s bad blood there. They should have been able to move their aircraft into bizjets hangar for protection though

  3. JT, I think you are confused. That helicopter is not owned by Caribbean Helicopters. It is part of a new start up that has been trying to get licensed for the last couple years called blue harbour helicopters. I do know the owner used to work for Caribbean helicopters. But like her so did pretty much everyone who now works for Calvin Air Helicopters. But you probably already know that you just causing trouble.

    • Except the owner of the new startup just happens to be the wife of the current CEO of Caribbean Helicopters. So start something new while walking away from debts, including to past staff that were left high and dry. Or are we just going to pretend that a husband and wife have no affiliation financially? Get real.

  4. NN, you also telling lies. You can easily go look up what you said and find the truth in filed legal documents but you won’t. No fun in that. You made two false statements. Put your accusations in print. stop hiding behind the internet chat groups. Then they can charge you in a court for defamation . Keep working for your new boss, enjoy life, and mind ya business, lol

  5. I know them. You lie. They good people. They gave everything. Lost everything. Trying to start fresh. They are not ceo. I worked there. People need to not talk what they don’t know.

  6. Of course the low hanging fruit is the object of your attention. Go after the former directors of CHL (Who fled the country). It’s well known who they are. They screwed the long time employee’s and this government too.

  7. I know is correct. They screwed everyone. Including the ones starting over. That’s why they fled. The employees who worked there know what happened. Why stay around if your guilty!! Why attack these guys. Shake my head. If we would have all stuck together this would not have happened in first place. I’m done with this.

  8. If you have an asset that is worth US$25 million, and you cannot even earn 1% annually on that asset then something is wrong with you. It would be better if you sold the asset and put your money in the bank on a fixed deposit and earned 2 or 3% interest. But some people are by nature bad-minded. It is either ALL or Nothing. I have seen money properties dilapidate because the owner would never accept a rent lower than what he is asking for. Same thing, you go to the market at about closing time and try to negotiate with a vendor to give you a further discount on the vegetables or the tomatoes. The vendor insists on getting the full price and rather take his goods back home. It is a bad minded mentally that some people have. That is why I sometimes have to agree when people go to the Lebanese or Syrian Stores. They are always willing to negotiate with you. It makes you as a customer feel special. Bizjet used to have the majority of the business on Runway 10. Given they have the best facility. All the wealthy people from Mill Reef used to leave their jets right there. Not anymore. Her competitor is cleaning up the business. People are turned off from her. If that place had a mortgage the bank would have long time call up the mortgage and confiscate the property and put it up for sale. But you see, the place fell into her lap miraculously. It must have been divine intervention. Cannot explain it otherwise without implicating the Real-estate Salesperson from the Receiver, a certain ambassador. Strange things are happening. But what can you say. A Gift from God? Only in Antigua.

    • Who is her competitor? People from Mill Reef Will always spend their money with people who look like them when given a choice.
      The question that should be asked is why a competitor was allowed to enter the business to put her out of business. We know that the powers that be don’t like to see black Antiguans prosper and are only interested in what they can get from the deal.

      • Now it becomes a racial issue for you. People in Mill Reef do so much for this country. They provide hospice with much needed assistance. They provide food baskets every month in the five-digit figures to the poor and they give to the children’s ward at SLBMC. Those are just a few things to mention. The GM is an Antiguan lady. Her husband is the famous Craig Walter. You want more information?
        Her competitor is before her in the business. And it’s a group of Antiguan businesspeople and doctors. One of their major clients is Virgin Atlantic.
        So, you just drop the racial card. I just play the likeability card. And that likeability goes way back then. As I said since the Lester Bird days. What do you call a person that not even her children can get along with her. They run away from her. To tell you the truth, they are only waiting to share the estate. That is if she doesn’t lose it all.

        • Some people will always make you a charity recipient as it makes them feel good and superior. But they will not spend their money with you or give you a top position to make you their equal. After all, they must be always looking down at you.
          You sideline are full of envy and badmindedness.

      • And by the way her son Paul who used to work with her in the early days left to work with Mill Reef Club as a golf pro. He is a great professional golfer. Thanks to his late father, my golf partner and friend.

    • Phew! I’m glad you’re not my financial adviser @ From The Sideline, I’d have been out of business by now.

      You prefer lower bank interest rates (of 2% and 3%) rather than stocks and shares with a much higher rate of return?!

      Do you even know what an investment portfolio is?

      If ABLP think fiscally like you do, no wonder Antigua is struggling economically …

  9. Like you really covet de woman property!
    She say nonbaddy go get um fu sell to Chinese and dutty she name, better it jus tap dey an gadder dus since dem refuse to mek she work it.

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