Bill granting amnesty to immigrants with gaps in ‘lawful and continuous’ residency on Parliament’s agenda

PM Browne speaks during parliament (file photo)

The Parliament will re-convene next Thursday, Sept. 17, to continue to debate draft legislation that was included on the last Order Paper (Agenda) but could not be addressed because of time limitations.

The bill granting amnesty to immigrants with gaps in their “lawful and continuous” residency will be on the Agenda.

A Resolution will also be introduced, which will address the virtually treasonous submission by the Barbuda Council to diminish or extinguish the unitary sovereign and democratic state of Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. “Jamaica’s PM”

    First he wants to put Antigua people in shackles; now he wants to thief food and jobs from Antigua people belly. What a PM we have in this country. Is he the PM of Antigua or Jamaica?

    • Agreed. Some of them need to go home. Jobs limited at this time. Every island looking out for their people. Their people first

  2. How about a bill granting relief to the Nationals and Citizens of the Nation.Everything on the agendas are about one group of people,Immigrants.They are surely setting themselves up with the Immigrants votes in the next elections.In Antigua there is a never ending Amnesty.I have not seen that going on in any other Caribbean Nations.

    • Indigenous Antiguans, you have lost your country forever. Why is this government so concerned with non-nationals? I know it is all about using the non native votes to stay in power. Now we have the Chinese being sold five acres of land by the government to start some industry to compete with Antiguans and eventually put Antiguans out of business. The Chinese are said to be buying as many properties as they can get their hands on in St. John’s. Watch and see how many more Chinese will be coming to Antigua. There are now over two million in Africa exploiting the continent’s resources and treating the people like they Inferior to them. What are they going to be doing with these buildings but run businesses to put Antiguans out of business with their cheap imports from China. The profits won’t stay in Antigua and a lot of low income work will be created for non nationals. Gaston is selling out Antiguans and making us second class citizens in our own country. We know that all he is concerned with is making money for himself and family. Wake up Antiguans. Get rid of labour before it is too late.

  3. Yo as long as them na break the law and have job they should be welcome. Too much talk against ppl from other islands these days and that is not the Antigua I grew up in. This is the Caribbean, when one island get hit bad by hurricane, we all feel it. If you want to keep yourself in a lickle bubble then go the f-ck over to Barbuda or tap in old road.

    • You know you should go back to where you come from and stop thinking that Antigua should welcome all the wash foot and come people who are paid such minimum wages that they have to fill up the ghettos. In the first place, there is no cheap rental accommodation in Antigua because nobody is building units as they can’t collect their rent. Some of these non nationals even have the nerve to fill up people’s properties with all kinds of foreigners, collecting rent from them and not paying the owners. Sure people can come when they have skills that are needed and proper places to live. Antigua is a small country and certainly is not America.

      • Me agree 108 sqm murder. Are tap way r u dey. PM look out for us first..them ina people place nar pay rent. Owners light and water a cut off. Stop making it easy on them. We dont go into their country and behave that way..PM stop making it easy on them. We don’t even want to go too some of these countries. They completing with us for jobs on the lower end. Car wash, cutting yards etc those are our jobs. Stop sign work permits for the next three years

  4. Another election gimmick, the never ending amnesty we saw this in the last two elections now it’s here again. Antiguans will be minority in their own country. Antiguans wake up your country needs you. Time for the old renegades to go and go now.

      There goes DUNCY BAT AGAIN.
      Nobody TAKE Knight serious. He is just a LOUD MOUTH without substance. Observer don’t want Knight on Their Station anymore. Knight is BAD news for the Observer Brand. Knight stay in your corner DUNCY BAT KNIGHT !!!!

  5. Gaston, if Barbudans want to separate let them. All people have a right to self determination. Just think you claim Barbuda is a drain on Antigua and you would still want to hold on to island? You couldn’t love them that much as you do nothing but belittle them and Trevor Walker. What? Barbuda has prime real estate that can make you richer which you don’t want Barbudans and Trevor Walker to control. We know for you it is all about money by any means necessary. If they want to go let them. Barbuda is so flat that it just might disappear under water with some of the developments on the island.

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