Bill Cosby Freed


By Makeda Mikael

Many years ago when black men in film and in Hollywood were a rarity, two dashingly handsome and confident black men swaggered on to the scene and commanded the attention of all America as strong, good men, desired by all women.

In no time flat Bill Cosby and Harry Belafonte became more than just eye-candy, in the sex & party capital as all the white party girls tossed coins to see who got an opportunity to check out the black merchandise. That was and still is Hollywood.

In those days sexual freedom had come to white American women, and with the financial independence that went with the Hollywood scene, the world was their oyster, and they did as they dam well pleased!

These were the white women that rushed in to show their freedom from racist behaviour as these exciting young black men became the stars of the shows and broke down barriers to desegregation.

Comics and the love stories of Hollywood were full of these ‘quaaludes’ which seemed to be part of their sex routine, and as drug use expanded to  other highs and lows, cocaine replaced the previous, as ecstasy and opioids today.

Hollywood allows the rich and wild to experiment with drugs and total freedom at their private estates. And the  young gifted and black and Bill Cosby had the rush.

His career moved on and so did he with a black wife and a celebrated sitcom which showed a loving American family that just happened to be black taking the world by storm. His fame and fortune grew as he became America’s most famous TV Dad, and now his age began to show.

A rich old man, he became grizzly and his belly dropped and he really was not the young strapping young buck that the bevy of white girls remembered giving themselves to Cosby in exchange for prestige and the gossip of sharing his details.

Women look back at the fancies of their youth with great chagrin – when older, and some often with regret, much more these white chicks now old(er) and wiser and for the most part poorer than that grizzly pot-bellied man who ‘took advantage of them!’

Those who outed themselves clearly intended to get some of that hate-earned money that ‘the grizzly’ had stacked away.

Returning to their positions of racial privilege decades after the white women cry ‘Rape!’ And the black man was sent to jail because they could not stand the fact that they absolutely desired that man, and with all the uninhibited desires released by the Quaaludes and other drugs gave themselves lasciviously to that black grizzly old man!

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  1. Please!!! Sydney Poitier was there first, Morgan Freeman second, Bill third.
    Harry was a voice

    • Bill Cosby was always innocent to begin with, he was falsely accused by an arrogant lesbian white woman. He was also falsely accused by various white women that ‘visited’ his homes alone, at night, and after drinking……some women just like to cry ‘victim’ to get $ after they have regret about the bad personal choices they make in life.

      So happy the Supreme court recognized this and freed the man.

      • The Court didn’t overturn the conviction because they deemed him to be innocent. He is guilty of his actions. They overturned the conviction because he had made a ‘sweetheart’ deal with the former prosecution which prevented him from being tried in the future for these crimes. He is guilty AF, but he was released on a legal technicality. Do your research before making such blatantly racist and sexist statements.

        • Dr. Cosby is innocent has he is entitled to the presumption of innocence under the U.S. system. He has not been found guilty in any court, and his constitutional rights were violated. This was not a technicality. Do your research on the U.S. constitution before you comment.

          • Did Mr Cosby spend the past few years in jail for his own pleasure? No, a jury convicted Mr Cosby of three counts of aggravated indecent assault because he was found guilty of those crimes. The Court did not toss his conviction after the discovery of new, exculpatory evidence, nor did it weigh in on his guilt. His conviction was overturned because of a procedural issue that is irrelevant to the facts of the crime. Mr Cosby had a “non-prosecution agreement” with a previous prosecutor, a sweetheart deal. So yes, it was a technicality.

        • Wrong, wrong, wrong. The trial never happened and the conviction never happened, so yes, Dr. Cosby is innocent. The controlling issue isn’t an agreement; it’s the violation of Dr. Cosby’s 5th amendment rights.

  2. You totally run the train off the track .
    The total number of accusations against Cosby was 60 . 60 women DATING BACK ALL THE WAY TO THE 1960’S . SOME FRIENDS NOW SAY THEY SUSPECTED HIM OF SUCH . Women of all colors and backgrounds some with very established careers , some who have married and with children who decided to come forward with these details which could put a strain on some relationships . Cosby even blatantly AND REGULARLY made standup comedy jokes on stage ABOUT HE HIMSELF PUTTING THINGS IN WOMEN DRINKS AND DRUGGING THEM A PART OF HIS COMEDY ROUTINE . I GUESS ALL 60 THINK ABOUT THAT 60 WOMEN ARE LYING .

  3. What an unbelievably racist and offensive article. Why do ANR continue to publish this bile?

    Cosby was released on a technicality because of a deal he did with prosecutors, not because he was innocent. Your comments placing the blame on the “white chicks” are quite frankly disgusting.

    And how the hell are you making it about race? Everything you write is either overtly racist or has underlying racism. You clearly have issues that I think you should seek help for.

    • She is right in point that white women who have had sexual relationship with famous black men get buyers remorse. It had happened throughout history. He got them then drugs and they had sex, then there were given small movie parts. Unlike other black men he did not leave his wife. Look at the NFL and NBA groupies, they are predominantly white females looking for a come up. I have friends whose sons are athletes and had to be given the “no white trash” talk.

      Ms. Mikeal joins many like minded women who knows that Bill Cosby was publicly shamed for thinking that a rich black men could have the gall to own a major television network.

    • “Technicality my big toe”

      Dr. Cosby’s constitutional rights were violated. The right against self-incrimination is absolute, and that’s why the court barred the state from filing any new charges instead of ordering a new trial.

  4. I guess his fellow secret society members figured that he has suffered enough. So they instructed their people to free him.

  5. some of these people sound like they live with bill cosby and knows everything about his personal life.

  6. Why do people need to come back to this black and white bullshit? How will we ever become better people if we don’t move on and learn from our mistakes? The writer of this article sounds like if she is jilted maybe due to her companion running off with someone other than her own culture. I know my business can’t tell if it’s going inside someone of my own culture or a different culture. It’s how we connect we another person not their colour.

  7. Dear ANR, Just because someone writes a ‘letter to the editor’ doesn’t mean you have to publish it. You are giving voice to an attention-seeking, racist and (surprisingly) sexist opinion piece. What is the point of publishing this garbage? Does this serve the Public in any way?

    Ms Mikael, if you have the mic, use it wisely.

  8. Wow this woman is on a mission it looks. ANR I agree, wa mek iya publish sensless articles like this from this lady, it serves no purpose but to stir the pot and evoke racial and sexiest actions?? Somebody just give this lady some tool please and mek she hush she mout

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