Biden’s quarantine policy: a very hard blow to tourism


The confinement measure announced by the United States president, Joe Biden, who has established a mandatory quarantine for travelers from other countries entering the North American nation, has become a severe blow to the tourism industry.

With an approach that will undoubtedly delay tourism recovery much more, Biden promised last Thursday a mobilization as “in times of war” to face Covid-19.

The Democratic president dedicated his first day of government to his most urgent priority, the fight against the pandemic, in the country with the most deaths from the coronavirus.

By signing a series of decrees, Biden announced that “those who travel to the United States from another country must take a test before getting on the plane and quarantine when they arrive.”

The previous government had already ordered the requirement of a test, but isolation was only a recommendation.

Biden explained that this measure is due to the new strains of the virus detected in other countries, at a time when in the United States there are more than 400,000 deaths from the pandemic, a figure that exceeds the number of American soldiers who died during World War II.

The president also affirmed that he would ensure that scientists and experts can work free from “any political interference and that they can make their decisions based strictly on science.”

The new US administration thanked the World Health Organization ( WHO ) on Thursday for its leadership role in the fight against the pandemic and assured it of its financial support, a 180-degree turn from the strategy maintained by former President Donald Trump.

The United States, which announced its return to the WHO on Wednesday, “intends to meet its financial obligations to the organization,” immunologist Anthony Fauci said at a meeting of the UN agency’s executive council.

Determined to make clear the differences with his predecessor from the beginning, the 46th US president also issued an executive order to make the use of masks mandatory in federal buildings and to “extend the requirements for the use of masks in interstate travel, in trains, planes, and buses.”

In his inauguration speech, the president warned that covid-19 is about to reach its “hardest and deadliest phase.”

Dr. Fauci indicated in turn at a press conference at the White House that the numbers of infections continue to be “very high and that there is an increase in hospitalizations.”

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  1. Funny how they only care about new strains coming out and not the cases that they exported.


    • That’s the countries the Americans are going to concern. Why should the US care what policies other countries have at their borders when accepting visitors? A country’s protocol is not for others to dictate.

    • At least it shows that he cares Gaston protocols suggests white folks coming in don’t have Covid .Why blame them when your Government want money so desperately that they allow tourists to get off the plane and can go straight to the supermarket .Biden is doing what what Gaston should be doing “protect your people ” .

      • In defense of Gaston in this case, when did he ever suggest or indicate that white tourists don’t have the Chinese virus? People need to protect themselves and they absolutely know by now what safety precautions to take.

        • People cannot “protect themselves” when the government refuses to do so.

          There are people who need to work in the supermarket or drive taxis or work in resorts that cannot help but come in contact with all of these potentially diseased folks that the Antiguan government refuses to properly screen.

          The Antiguan government is supposed to work for the good of the country. So far, they are not doing that.

      • Tourists are not expected to go anywhere but their hotel. And the taxi driver should know that and take them straight to their hotel according to protocol. And the hotel also knows the protocol. If everyone follows the protocol in place we should be fine. But no we always have to work arround it. Nationals coming home as tourists, booking to stay in a hotel and are find all over the place liming wih friends and family. And then we blame the government for everything. If we lock down the country we will starve for sure.

        • Sometimes you talk nonsense.Tourists are walking and driving all around Antigua.There are no protocols that restricts any Tourists from leaving their Hotels.Some friends of mine came into Antigua on December 22,2020 and departed on January 2,2021.They stayed at a Resort in the Deep Bay area.They sent me pictures from all around Antigua.I told them to be careful.Wear their masks etc.There are no restrictions placed on Tourists. Because they would not come into Antigua and be bounded to stay on Hotels properties only. When they could stay at home and be bored.

  2. Number one reason why I like Trump was that there were no wars and he remove alot of regulations. Well our life is about to get harder now that the democrats are in the white house. Banking and tourism will be hit hard, just a matter of time before we are blacklisted and we cannot even use our credit card to purchase anything online. By the way ,does wire tranfers via banks still works?

  3. So busy in his first few days in office…. More like so many campaign donor promises to keep. One mans loss is another mans gain !

  4. Biden is tunnel focus. He is trying to save America from the debacle left by Trump who didn’t care how many people died each and everyday from Covid. I trust soon he will be made to realize that his policies have consequences for his neighbours. But we do need a healthier America and a more prosperous America. Cause when they prosper so do we.

    • Canada and the UK are implementing similar protocols to the US. What debacle Trump left behind? He left behind an economy recovering from the global pandemic and a vaccine to help fight the virus. Trump unlike his predecessors did not involve America in any major foreign conflicts.

  5. @From The “Waistline” Sidelines.
    Biden has to take of this Country,1st,2nd,3rd. Or else his old ass would be booted out of Office after one term,also.This is not like in Antigua and Barbuda.Where by a Political Party for nearly 7 years do absolutely nothing and wants to be re-elected.I am talking about the Gaston Browne Administration.That you do nothings,lazy fat asses, are a part of.The feeding pigs troughs are drying up.What would you and persons like you do then.

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