Bicycle stolen at gun-point from teenagers


REAL NEWS: A teenager reportedly is one of two youth who held up another young man and stole his bicycle.

The Police are now investigating the robbery, which occurred at about 10 p.m. on May 14 at Campsite.

Reports say the victim, a Clare Hall resident, reported to the Criminal Investigations Department that he had been robbed of his BMX bicycle by two males brandishing handguns.

The youth says he was riding his bicycle from north to south in the vicinity of Sign Pro when he saw the two males, one of whom he recognized as a 17-year-old from the village.

It is alleged that he called out to the teenager, who then held onto the bicycle and demanded that the victim hand it over.

When he resisted, the young man says, each male pointed a handgun at him. They then took his bicycle and rode off in a southerly direction.

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  1. And that youth with the gun will be treated with kit gloves because he is a “juvenile”! Juvenile my foot!! The Juvenile Court is NOT WORKING! Send them to Jail for these crimes! Police are not visible as they should be in the city! They all working trying to make an extra dollar with their sideline jobs. They sleep in casinos being locked inside the casino… but neither are they seen on the roads! But as I say several issues need to be looked at holistically as many of the officers mean well and willing to work; but are they being looked after? Is the Police Service Commission still looking after their friends rather than paying attention to who really deserves the promotion… should we get trusted civilians to work in offices and get police on the streets? Is the city that house the most members of the public day and night, policed enough! The work Force is NOT short in my view, but it is use of available resources that needs to be looked at!

    There is a high level of complacency; a change of Minister with responsibility for Police is something to consider… sweet talk cannot solve crimes! In some countries in the Caribbean from the rank of Assistant Commissioner have to sign a contract and if performance level is poor then….where is the Deputy Operations involvement in driving this aspect of the Police Force! What are the goals and how they can be achieved and assessed periodically to see if they on tract? Labour day and carnival we find plenty police but fridays and during the week, the City has none but a few traffic police. Some persons have 3 police vehicles parked in their yard and some departments are without anything worthwhile; and if a senior officer don’t agree with another senior officer… the Department get no transport… what really going on??? What happen to intelligence gathering? Police must be bold and exhibit a “presence”! Well don’t talk about Poot investigations!!! My god…. Perhaps now as a Defence attorney I am seeing it now more than ever… in every single case there are several loopholes; every! If you in certain departments and can’t vet files or see the pitfalls then it is time for you to be transferred period! Investigation is not keeping people in custody for 48 hours and public holidays as if the police station is a hotel of the worst conditions! The best time to get info is in that critical 24 to 48 hours… we focus on petty issues and the real serious crimes creating havoc is ignored… what happen to the forensic lab that Cutie Benjamin spoke of every year! Why are persons held at prisons breeding more criminals, than really necessary, why Doctor King not carrying out the evaluations when he suppose to? Why some magistrates recommending evaluation and nothing done for years while the prisons full up of persons waiting to be evaluated???? Why some magistrates feel they wield all the powers, refusing bails for no good reason nor giving any reason for the most simplest of matters… the Criminal Justice System is crying out for help, for mercy, for addressing; and simply NOTHING is being done. The police is the easiest scapegoat! But it must be a holistic approach, a real strategic exercise; a SWOT/TOWS analysis; a Brainstorming; or whatever strategic Managment tool(s) necessary!

    • Too sorry your criminal ass didn’t know this when you and your babboons was running the force and murdered people left right and center .. how much people you and your minions execute to look good?

    • Wait mrRobinson really write this, or did someone use his identity? Juvenile offenders can still be saved. Every Saint has a Past, Every Sinner, a Future.
      Look, if mrRobinson were the last lawyer on earth, I would not get him to represent me. . I would rather go to a legal practitioner who is more discerning, even if in the end, I am my own defence attorney. Some hardened adult-aged criminal minds need to be left to their fate.

  2. Is anyone safe in Wadadli? You may even ask the same of any business or home and where in Hell are all these guns coming from? At any time any where, by yourself or even walking with a friend, you’re not safe.

  3. I do not mind donating to this teenager to get another bike. But only if it could be done without revealing my identity. Just post your number on this article and I’ll arrange with one of bike shops to have you collect a bike

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