Best Sports For College Admissions



Many wish to become the ultimate student athlete. Being accepted for your favorite sport depends on many factors. One of them includes the demand for sports. But also, the number of students interested in the particular spot is crucial. 

If you’re looking forward to admission, then you need to choose the proper sport. This article covers the best sports to increase the chances of admission.


If you are eager to check the brand-new Super Bowl Predictions, you must be keen on this sport. However, there is one thing to have in mind. As you know, football is the most popular national sport. Hence its vast popularity. But if you wish to enter college football, don’t forget that the competition is high.



Baseball is another hugely popular sport in the US. When it comes to college sports practice, you can go for any sport with a significant national league. Baseball is available for both genders, which is another great advantage. Don’t forget that every professional player once started as a college admission. Who knows, one day, you might take victory as a gift and represent the country. 



Wrestling for men is another popular option. However, keep in mind it is way more popular in high schools. And men’s teams are the only option in some schools.


Less competitive sports

We already mentioned the most popular sports for college admission. However, the vast popularity means high competition. If you wish to increase your chances of being selected, you might want to check the less competitive sports out there. They are still good sports to practice but have fewer competitions.



Fencing is an exciting sport whose goal is to win over the competitor in a duel with the pointy end of your equipment. However, it is essential to mention that not all schools adopt this sport in their program. The ones who do will accept one to two admissions per year. 


Women sports

Admissions are for both men’s and women’s teams. But colleges add women’s sports to balance out their football team. If you’re looking for an excellent option for women’s sports, there are a few available.



Squash is one of the popular sports for women in colleges. Its resemblance to tennis might make it popular, but there are other reasons the sport is highly requested. 



Sailing for women is one of the available options, ideal if you’re looking for a sport with less competition to enter. Although sailing might not be highly popular for admissions, it is still practiced. Ivy League schools recruit participants if they love the sport. 



Equestrianism for women is commonly found, as it is an excellent way to balance out the male teams in the school. Admissions for this fantastic sport are kept to only a few per year. But remember that the equipment for practicing this sport can be expensive. Even though the limited interest gives you an advantage, be sure you can cover such costs if you wish to participate. 


Final take

Many students dream of being accepted to their favorite school’s team. Schools have few options to choose from. Given your talent and dedication, you have a chance to enter the sport you like. Popular sports have a high number of open spots, but the interest in them gets pretty high. On the other hand, you might have more chances to enter a less popular sport. This article gives you general info about the factors. However, it is up to you to do research and find out more about the offers in your school. 

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