Berle Wallace Charged with Murder


Berle Wallace Charged with Murder

The police have Charged 38 year old Berle Adolphus Nathaniel Wallace Jr of Villa in connection with the alleged murder of Christopher Smithers of Friars Hill Development.

Both men were allegedly involved in an altercation when he was fatally stabbed around 6:23 pm on Tuesday 1st March at St. Johns Street.

Wallace is expected to appear before the on Friday.

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    • ask eLIE Fuller. He vex that pickeyhead people get access to the offshore islands where they can earn a honest living by offering tours to locals and tourists.

      • I understand Eli is a very controversial person but I notice u keep calling His name at every opportunity and commenting on the offshore islands but now maybe it’s time for u to go seek some mental help, you have some sort of hang up that you need help in figuring out how to get over yourself, you seem to be a bit obsessed with it.

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          • Actually no this is not Eli, this is someone who reads your obsessive comments about Eli and realizes that you need help in overcoming your shortcomings.

      • My point exactly. We are all human and deserve a fair share of life. We may not be of the same race or color , but in every veins in our body we share the same blood color(RED).

    • @ . Dot Brain you always talk out of your ass .
      With . Dot as a name we shouldn’t expect much but there was little hope you could at least understand the story.

    • Would you be so angry if you didn’t mistakenly think the whiteman was the accused? Now who is the real racist here. I suggest you go have a good long look in the mirror.

  1. The picture shown is the victim, have some decency if you are going to comment on a post about a death. Dont be so dunce next time.

  2. You realize the man that was murdered is a white guy right(pictured)? I don’t know the skin colour of the murdered. But what difference does that make? Since when does skin colour determine rage amount? How insensitive to the family suffering. Do better.

    • @ Anna don’t hold your breath.
      Whoever that fool is usually says insensitive things with most tragedies because they get the response they crave.
      Truly a life with no purpose.

  3. Meanwhile…. we still don’t know who was charged for running into the stoplight in front of St. John’s pig pen.

  4. sad, land full of vagrants and mentall illness…..what really is the cause and triggers this mental disorder madness? drug abuse?stress/depression? poverty? abuse or trauma caused by slavery and other events? poverty and social status? is it hereditary?

  5. Who would read this article and think pictured is Berle Adolphus Nathaniel Wallace Jr of Villa. Chups.

  6. Cause of all this! Us keep voting for ABLP which has desire to build a proper society. We are governef by a group, driven so much by enrichment that they do not care to look at the country to see the years of decadence they have created and try to seek a better path.
    What Antigua and Barbuda needs now is a break. A serious break from what exists. Obviously it wiil all start, but not end, with kicking out this government.

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